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Asked: 6 years ago

Help me find chazz?

Can anyone help me find Chazz? He disappeared after losing to Bastion. and i can't seem to spot him anywhere.....

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Wait until the school duel and he will become a slifer red beside your room.

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Yeah he'll come bak to d room beside urs and to get him giv him gd quality sandwishes n keep talkin to him wit pharoah wit u den he'll be ur partner b4 d tag force starts :)

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Yes he will be back after the school duel!!!!!

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After schoolduel go to room beside of your room and you can talk,giving sandwitch,and duel

p.s.=after school duel he is a slifer red

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While gone he's school at north academy and you cant find him

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You'll find him next to ur dorm after da duel academy and north academy duel.

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The game actually follows a certain flow of events pretty similar to the anime. So if you did watch the anime, you should already know that Chazz will return during the Inter-school duel as a representative of the North Academy. And eventually, after loosing to Jaden, he'll be back to the school this time as a Slifer Red student. So, I suppose by this time you can now talk to him instead of just being mean and drive you away like some whelp.

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Chazz went to North academy.
After the scholl duel he will be a slifer.

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