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What do I get defeating characters? 0
Can someone pleeeeaaassseee tell me where Pharoah the Cat is during the night? 2
How do I get Mindy's second deck recipe? 1
How do i get these deck recipes? 1
How do i unlock more packs???? 2
How do you get final countdown card????? 1
How to buy other player's sold out deck? 2
How to buy the sold out park? 1
I cant buy the'wave of the future' pack ? 1
I need help building a deck based on luck?! 1
Misawa booster? 1
Password machine? 1
What is the favorite sandwich of chazz princeton? 4
Where are the exodia pieces hidden? 4
Where can I "Maiden In Love" card? 1
Where can I find (Limiter Removal)? 1
Where can I find .....? 2
Where can I find Deck Recipes? 1
Where can I find exzodia cards? 6
Where can I find limiter removal? 1
Where can I find Lord of D/Flute of Summoning Dragon? 1
Where can I find Neo-Spacian Cards? 1
Where can I find the card named "JINZO"? 1
Where can I find the card packs that contains Zane's "Emperor's Glory" recipe? 1
Which booster contain polymerization? 4
Which booster pack has "magician of black chaos" and the ritual card "black magic ritual"? 3
how can I get Exzodia pack? and...... 3
How can i unlock the booster pack "Princeton Power"?? 1
How do i unlock pack: Skillful spellcasters? 2
How to get the three god card and the three scared beast.? 2
In what pack could I get the "Solemn Wishes" Card? 2
Where can I find ...? 1
Where can I find a card that can switch the ATK and DEF of 1 monster on my side of the field? 5
Where can I find card spirits? 1
Where can I find items for people to join me for the tag tournament? 1
Where can I find Nightshroud? 1
Where can I find Pharoh the Cat? 1
Where can I find sandwiches? 1
Where can I find those cards? 4
Where can I find those spell cards? 1

Other Help Answers
EU Game Saves I have action replay cheats for this game? 0
How to begin a free duel character vs character? 0
Booster Pack Cards? 1
Can i be friend with alexis? 1
Can i use fobiddden cards ? 2
Can i? 2
can some one create me a guy name is Raymond and have almost all the cards??? 8
Can someone help me create a EU save file ? 1
Can you get kagemaru as your tag tournement partner? 2
Can you make me the best deck ? 1
Challenge list? 1
Completed the game and..? 4
Different ways on how to raise Duel Ranking? 3
Do anybody know? 2
Downloading other cards and some question? 1
Duel Ranking? 1
finding Pharaoh??? 2
Help me find chazz? 8
How can i get a partner?? 2
How can I unlock the pack usedby Bastion Misawa? 2
How can i use forbidden cards ? 2
How do i get a good relationship with anyone? 6
How do i go to Obelisk Blue Boys Dorm/ Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm? 1
How do I unlock Fusion Time pack? 1
How do u get other peoples cards? 2
How does the partner system etc. work??? 2
How i can make my deck with more than 80 cards? 1
How many variant cards are there? 1
How to get a character receipt ? 4
Is this game the same as the ps2 gx? 1
My supposed to be partner got angry. Will you help me?? 2
Swordman of Doom Lithmus? 1
The Booster Pack Cheat? 4
What is Chumley's and Bastion's favorite sandwich? 1
What it's mean ? 2
What packs can you buy to make a removal deck? 1
Where Do I Find Nightshroud To Partner With Him And How Can I Partner Dorothy? 2
Where is the lab? 1
Where to find Yasmin, the Gambler ? 1
how can i get higher DP? 3
How do I get into ra yellow? 5
How i get all cards x99 ? 1
How many days does the 3 Phases of the game have? 1
How to increase Zane's affection rapidly?! 4
How to unlock atticus? 1
I'm stuck on a sunday can anyone help? 1
In part 2 who is the easiest to duel with Jaden and who gives out the most medals? 1
What types of sandwiches does jaden yuki like???? 2
Whats on part 1,2 and 3? 1
Where can i find the password machine?? 1
Where Do I Find Solemns Wish Card? 1
Where is the password machine? 1

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