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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat (Dragon Tyrant x2)?

I've gotten past Bloodbane on Normal quite easily, but the same team can't even get one of them to below 1/2 DME before the 10th turn passes. My setup is (most important entries):

Lenneth - Valkyrie Favor, Stun Check (for Fire-50%), Guts, Auto-Item
Arngrim - "Levantine", Stun Check, Power Bangle, Guts, A-I
Aelia: Great Spear "Dinosaur", Stun Check, Guts, A-I
Gandar: Ether Scepter, Fairy Ring, Sap Power/Guard, Might/Guard Reinforce

I've only recently started my Hard file, so I have no Flame Gems collected, but I want to beat them nonetheless. Should I try something else, or just patiently try them out with my buffed up Hard team?

Accepted Answer

From: Daaku_san 4 years ago

Already long done, but I think I'll clarify that. You NEED the Flame Jewels from Hard Mode to stand any chance against them. Go as deep into Seraphic Gate as you can without having to fight them, and open up as many Flame Jewel-locked doors as you can. With SG bonus characters (Brahms, Freya) and equipment (Razor Shaft, Bloody Duster, Nefarious, Holy Wand of Telos), you will do each of Dragon Tyrants in way before the Heal-ing turn comes up.

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Try using the dragon slayer type of swords that should help..or just use an the item called alchemy of something if possible...

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well those arnt possible well if u want to beat them real badly train ur characters first .One more thing those guys won't end dead every time u defeated them and come back again to that place again they will be there again

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