Question from Dahmer001

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find??? (possible spoiler)

How do you get either freeze?

Accepted Answer

From: z827 5 years ago

You mean Ether Laser in the Seraphic Gate?You need to have a Flame Jewel and it can be found in the Black Chamber section of the Gate.You need to go to the top of the Black Chamber and there should be two Teleportation orbs on either side of the room.Go to the left one and go into it.Look at the map,you should now be at the bottom area.Now move left and continue moving until you reach a door.Sacrifice a Flame Jewel,go through it and continue.You ought to find the best blade in the game(Until you get Angel Slayer that is) and Ether Laser is next to it.It enchances Freya's capabilities by a huge margin.

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