Character Guide and FAQ by Kashell Triumph

Copyright 2007 Philip Traylor

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Table of Contents:
1.) Legal Information 
2.) Purpose 
3.) FAQs 
4.) Characters		CTRL+F
	a. Valkyrie 	LNTH
	b. Freya	FRYA
	c. Arngrim	ARNG
	d. Jelanda	JNDA
	e. Llewelyn	LWLN
	f. Belenus	BENU
	g. Jun		JUUN
	h. Nanami	NANA
	i. Yumei	YUUM
	j. Janus	JANS
	k. Lawfer	LWFE
	l. Kashell ^_^	KASH
	m. Lorenta	LREN
	n. Lezard	LVAL
	o. Aelia	AEIA
	p. Mystina	MYSS
	q. Lucian	LCIA
	r. Grey		REGY
	s. Shiho	HOSH
	t. Badrach	RACH
	u. Jayle	JLYE
	v. Lyseria	LRIE
	w. Suo		SUOO
	x. Gandar	GNDA
	y. Brahms	BMSH
5.) Credits

(1*)Legal Information: First off, if you want this guide to be put on 
your web page or anything else, just email me and ask for my 
permission. Should I find out who took this guide without my 
permission, the law will deal with you.  The use of this guide on any web 
site is a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights are 
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Also let me know if I made a mistake. I am human, so I make mistakes at 
times. Yes I know it's hard to believe that the fabulous, glamorous me 
is human, but what can you do?

(2*) Purpose
Valkyrie Profile is back on the PSP. I decided, in typical Mr.
Triumph manner, to make a character guide. This guide will contain
information about all characters including history, moves, special
attacks, and when you are able to get them. Yes, there is going
to be plenty of spoilers in this guide, so keep that in mind as
you research your favorite character.

(3*) FAQ

Q: How many characters are there, total?
A: 25, but that's only if you play Hard mode AND play the bonus

Q: So, I can't get all the characters in Easy and Normal modes?
A: No, but that does not mean you should not stray away from
these modes if you are a first time Valkyrie Profile player.

Q: How are the characters effected in each mode?
A: In Easy mode, you only get a handful of characters who
have very little relevance to the story. Experience is gained
easier. In Normal, you are able to get more characters,
some of which are important to the story. They gain
experience at a moderate rate. In Hard mode, you are able
to get all characters, but they all start at level one
and gain experience at a slower rate. However, playing
in Hard mode grants you access to more dungeons with
much better equipment than any of the other modes.
In the end, it all balances itself out.

Q: So is Hard mode really that hard?
A: No. To me, I found Hard mode to be the most enjoyable.
Keep in mind that with more dungeons comes not only more
monsters and weapons, there is also more event points
for the Experience Orb. Thus, you can easily raise a
character's level from level one with little trouble. Also
I found that playing the bonus dungeon is FAR, FAR easier
when attempted on Hard mode. That is, of course, you
finished all of the story dungeons and obtained all 8
Flame Jewels.

Q: Do all characters have a specific ultimate weapon?
A: With the exception of Valkyrie, Freya, and Brahms, no.

Q: Is it better to give my characters weapons from Divine
Item or from what I find in dungeons?
A: Divine Items don't break. Thus, use those. However,
if facing a certain type of foe, then use the proper
weapon associated with that foe's weakness. (i.e. use the
Dragon Slayer against dragon-type enemies).

Q: Is there a good way to level up characters?
A: Use those dungeons. If you were gaining ample
experience points, then return to the dungeon of
your choice. Just be sure to watch how much time you
have left on your chapter.

Q: I'd hate to never see this character again! Do I
really have to transfer him/her to Valhalla?
A: If he/she meets Freya's requirements, yes. But don't
worry, because you can find other characters to fill
that void.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me!

(4*) Characters
I wrote these characters in their general order of 
appearance and on how soon you are able to get them. 
Keep in mind that no two games are the same, so you may
recruit someone in an earlier chapter on your first game, 
but not get that same someone until later in your next game.

Next, I described just how exactly their skills hit. So, 
if I say "1 Hit, Hits Left, +25 to Gauge" this means that
the attack hits one time, sends the enemy in the left
direction, and adds 25 points to the Special Attack Gauge,
respectively. Then, you'll see the character's Purify
Weird Soul (PWS) attack and how much it adds to the
gauge. After that, you'll see how soon you can
recruit the character. Finally, you have their innate
elemental resistances.


Valkyrie: Your lady protagonist. Her real name is 
Lenneth, and she is the middle child of the three
Valkyrie sisters who find the souls of dead warriors to
take to Valhalla. She carries out her orders no matter
what, however, should she get curious about her duties,
and her past, the true form of Lenneth will be discovered.

As the main character of the game, it's no wonder that
Lady Valkyrie is so strong. She is able to equip both
swords and bows, which allows you to play her in a 
versatile manner. She also has special armor that is
only available to her through Divine Item. You will
be playing with Valkyrie the entire game, so be sure to
become well acquainted with this goddess.


Bolt Slash, 1 Hit, Hits Left, +25 to Gauge
A simple, downward sword strike great for leading
attacks or finishing up the attack session.

Moment Slide, 1 Hit, Hits Up, +15 to Gauge
This sliding attack is what I use as Valkyrie's first

Vertical Raid, 2 Hits, Hits Up-Left Twice
+12/Hit to Gauge 
(24 Total)
A double slash sends an enemy upwards and is great for
setting up other characters for an attack.


Spread Shot, 2 Hits, Hits Up Twice
+10/Hit to gauge 
(20 Total)
A powerful arrow strike, great for starting a session.

Tri-Blast, 3 Hits, No Direction, +3/Hit to Gauge 
(9 Total)
Three arrows hit the enemy.

Infinity Blast, 4 Hits, No Direction, +6/Hit to Gauge 
(24 Total)
Arrows hit the foe in the shape of the infinity symbol.


Valkyrie is the only character who has a changing PWS.
Depending on her equipped weapon, she is able to perform
various levels of her special attack.

Nibelung Valesti, a series of the three sword or
bow attacks, followed by the enemy being levitated in the
air by holy spears. (Level 1, +53 to Gauge)

Nibelung Valesti, a series of the three sword or
bow attacks, followed by the enemy being levitated in the
air by holy spears. Valkyrie then leaps into the air
and grows angel wings. The feathers materialize into a
giant spear and she hurls it at the enemy for some extra
damage. This is the most common form of the attack that
you will see. (Level 2, +58 to Gauge)

Nibelung Valesti, a series of the three sword or
bow attacks, followed by the enemy being levitated in the
air by holy spear. Valkyrie then leaps into the air
and grows angel wings. The feathers materialize into a
giant spear and she hurls it at the enemy for some extra
damage. Finally, the explosion from the sphere forms a
cluster of holy bombs, all of which blow up on the enemy
for some colossal damage. This form is only available
if you play Hard mode or get a weapon from the Seraphic
Gate. (Level 3, +65 to Gauge)

EARLIEST AVAILABLE: You start the game with her.

ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Holy>Poison and Fire>Ice and


Freya: Known as the goddess of fertility, Freya will do
anything that Odin commands. Usually a cold and calculating
goddess, Freya is very friendly to Lenneth and instructs
her through her first Midgard adventures. With a fighting
style all of her own, Freya is the one goddess who you do 
not want to cross. Clearly, she must have a secret reason
for being so personable with Lenneth, right?

Freya accompanies you after you start the new game when you
learn the basics. It's a shame she doesn't stay with you
for the rest of the game. While she is difficult to control
due to the fact she has a one second pause before each of
her attacks, her power is unquestionable. 
Freya can only be obtained on hard mode and that's only 
during the Seraphic Gate AND if you have a Flame Jewel 
that grants you access to her chambers.


Critical Flare, 9 Hits, Hits Left, +4/Hit to Gauge 
(36 Total) 
A fan wave of powerful energy.

Aerial Burst, 3 Hits, Hits Down, +7/Hit to Gauge
(21 Total)
Freya teleports up and shoots three energy beams at her
enemy. This is the attack you'll be using when you have 
her in your party in the Artolian Mountain Ruins.

Thunder Sword, 5 Hits, Hits Left, +10/Hit to Gauge 
(50 Total)
Another beam of energy, only this time it hits the enemy 
with more concentration; perfect for bigger foes.


Ether Strike, Freya summons up as much power as she
can and sends it all down towards the unfortunate
enemy. Powerful as hel-er, Nifhleheim.
(+10 to Gauge)

EARLIEST AVAILABLE: Automatically joins in the introduction.
Can only be acquired in the Seraphic Gate if you completed
the game on Hard mode.

ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Fire>Lighting and Holy>Poison
and Darkness>Ice


Arngrim: Facing Arngrim in battle is surely not a good
idea. A man of great strength who wields a sword that would
make both Cloud and Sephiroth faint, Arngrim is a beast on
the battle-field. Despite disrespecting the king of Artolia,
he feels differently about the princess, Jelanda, and joins
Valkyrie at the last minute.

If you are playing on Hard mode, Arngrim will be with you
from start to finish, and even a little bit in the bonus 
dungeon. Other than that, Arngrim can be easily replaced
by other Einherijar. Arnrim's amazing strength is quite
reliable in the earlier parts of the game. His PWS adds
a whopping 80 points to the meter! 


Spinning Back-Knuckle, 1 Hit, Hits Left, +15 to Gauge
This is Arngrim's worst attack. Arngrim back-fists an enemy.
The fact that it is such a short-ranged attack is what 
inhibits it from being more potent.

High Wind, 1 Hit, Hits Down-Left, +30 to Gauge
Arngrim swings his huge sword down, knocking down a foe.
Much more useful than Spinning Back-Knuckle, and a great
way to lead an attack.

Wrenching Swing, 1 Hit, Hits Left, +25 to Gauge
Another powerful swing of Arngrim's sword, only this time it
swings horizontally, pushing a foe away.


Final Blast, Arngrim dashes towards an enemy as multiple 
volcanic eruptions arise from his steps, and then a final
eruption ends a deadly combination of refined swordsmanship.
Because it adds so much to the gauge, this skill is best 
saved as the third PWS in a row.
(+80 to Gauge)

EARLIEST AVAILABLE: Automatically joins in the introduction

ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Fire>Lightning and Holy>Darkness
and Poison>Ice


Jelanda: The princess of Artolia. To the public, she
appears as a demure, regal figure of authority, but in
reality, she is tomboy brat who will stop at nothing when
it comes to getting what she wants. Granted, that's not all
a bad thing because if someone were to upset her father,
she would step in and take care of business. However,
that attribute is what caused her untimely death.

Jelanda is the first mage you obtain. Mages are best used
in the back, under the O command. They do not have a 
designated PWS, but they are capable of using something
called Big Magic, which attacks every enemy on the screen.
Performing these attacks requires the mage to have a certain
weapon equipped. Until the game is about to end, most of
these weapons are fragile, and break very easily. It is
important to only use these attacks for special occasions.


EARLIEST AVAILABLE: Automatically joins in the introduction

ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Ice>Darkness and Poison>Holy
and Lightning>Fire


Llewelyn: An inexperienced archer, and a novice soldier
who lives in Crell Monferaigne. Drafted into the war, he
ended up leaving his betrothed, Lylia, with a promise to 
get married after his return. Unfortunately, his promise 
was never fulfilled as he was lost in a ship battle, and
his corpse was never found from the ocean.

Llewelyn is the first archer, next to Valkyrie, that you
will obtain. At first, he will seem lame and not nearly as
powerful as the other characters. Obviously, if you stick
with him, you'll see that he does have potential to be a
formidable fighter. Unfortunately, Freya requests an archer
at some point. If you have yet to recruit Janus, you are
going to have to send up Llewelyn.


First Shot, 1 Hit, No Direction, +5 to Gauge
An arrow strike. Nothing impressive.

Twin Shot, 2 Hits, No Direction, +5/Hit to Gauge
(10 Total)
Two arrows hit an enemy. Again, nothing impressive.

Aiming Wisp, 3 Hits, No Direction, +5/Hit to Gauge
(15 Total)
This is his best attack, mainly because it hits at a very
fast speed. I would use this when leading an attack session.


Layer Storm, Llewelyn focuses his energy into one arrow,
and after it gets released, the arrow explodes into 
millions of clusters. These clusters fly towards the enemy.
This is a great attack if the enemy you are facing is large.
If the enemy is smaller, the potential is wasted.
(+100 to Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Fire>Holy and Lightning>Poison
and Darkness>Ice


Belenus: Residing in Lassen, Belenus comes from a long
lineage of nobles. While Lassen is known for it's slave
trade, Belenus is known to take good care of all of his
workers. After an unsuccessful trip to the auction, 
Belenus's favorite servant, Asaka, loses her soul to the
vampire queen. Valkyrie performs the soul transfer ritual
and allows Asaka to live. Belenus then becomes an 

Belenus is usually the first character I received after all
of the introductions end. Most of the time, I send him right
up in Chapter 1. However, keeping him is also a good way to
start building a strong party. Belenus has amazing strength
and his only flaw is that he can become terribly boring as
you come close to finishing the game.


First Slash, 1 Hit, Hits Left and Down, +15 to Gauge
A quick cut to an enemy.

Rising Slash, 2 Hits, Hits Up, +12/Hit to Gauge (24 total)
This is a great attack that knocks an enemy up while 
hitting it twice.

Piercing Crusade, 2 Hits, Hits Left, +10/Hit to Gauge
(20 Total)
Another great attack in which Belenus charges right through
the enemy. This is the perfect attack session starting 


Extreme Void, Belenus summons green circles to confine an
enemy. Then, a massive sword comes from the earth and 
skewers the foe. This is a highly damaging attack, too bad 
it is so boring after seeing it the first couple of times.
(+30 to Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Holy>Lightning and Fire> Ice
and Poison>Darkness


Jun: Jun is a samurai who created a dual sword style that
is all of his own. His twin sister, Ai, was born without
the ability to see. He decided to look for a cure, but when
he was wandering in a cave in Hai-Lan, he became possessed 
by an ogre. After Valkyrie slays the ogre, Jun becomes an

Jun is one of the slickest characters in the game. His style
of fighting may be a bit difficult to control at first, but
after a while, he becomes quite useful. He has one of the
most entertaining PWS's.


Senko-zan, 2 Hits, Hits Up and then Left, +5/Hit to Gauge
(10 Total)
This attack is difficult to chain with other attacks if it
is used first. Jun will slash, and then jump a bit in the 

Koei-zan, 1 Hit, Hits Right, +5 to Gauge
A body tackle, nothing more. Jun goes to the other side
of the enemy to perform it.

So-enbu, 2 Hits, Hits Left, +12/Hit to Gauge 
(24 Total)
Two powerful sword slashes. For some reason, this attack
has always helped in breaking the enemy guards.


Senko-jin, Jun becomes a ninja as he slashes and gashes an
enemy from all sides with lightning quick cuts. He finishes
the combo with a rising sword strike through the enemy. This
attack is great, but it doesn't add much to the gauge.
(+30 to Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Lightning>Fire and Darkness> Ice
and Holy> Poison


Nanami: While not related by blood, Nanami was taken and
raised by a Shinto priest. In order to carry on the legacy
of these priests, Nanami attempts an ascension ritual, even
though it could cost her life. Her sister, Minayao, was the
one originally intended for the ritual, however she passed
away before it was her time. Nanami finds the sacred sword,
but a spectre of Minayo attempts to posses her. Nanami 
accepts this fate and switches places with the lost soul and
the spirit of Minayo lives on in Nanami's body.

Nanami is one of the first mages who comes with the Lightning
Bolt spell. For this reason, I used her for a certain duration
of time before she became lost in a sea of mages. Like other
spell-casters, she'll eventually get over-shadowed and can
be sent up to Valhalla.

STARTING SPELLS: Fire Storm, Lightning Bolt, Normalize


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Holy>Fire and Poison>Lightning 
and Ice>Darkness


Yumei: Half-mermaid, half-human, Yumei had a difficult
life growing up. Her nobleman father and mermaid mother 
lived a lifestyle that was unheard of by both races. After 
her parents died, she decided to look for the mystical 
Cerulean Lapis, which supposedly grants any wishes. In an 
attempt to find it, she meets Fuyuki and his father, but 
the lack of results discouraged Yumei and she swam into the
sea. Fuyuki ended finding the lapis, and was able to grant 
Yumei's wish for her.

Yumei is not a powerful mage, but her ability to swim is 
much needed in one of the chapters. One thing I like about
Yumei is how she turns into mermaid form when casting a 
spell. Still, when Freya requests someone who can swim, it
is time to send Yumei to Valhalla.

STARTING SPELLS: Frigid Damsel, Icicle Edge, Stone Torch


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Ice>Poison and Darkness>Holy 
and Lightning>Fire


Janus: Another archer from Crell Monferaigne. Janus went
into the knight-hood to make his parents proud, but when he
was asked to assassinate someone, he gave up his position.
He left the city for days, and came back regarded as a 
coward. When he came back to the knight headquarters, he 
was the one who became assassinated.

In comparison to Llewelyn, Janus is the better archer for 
both battle and Valhalla. Not only are his attacks generally
more powerful, he does not need a large enemy for his PWS to 
be successful. But, his attacks add very little to the gauge.
Still, by the time you get him, you should already have 
established a good party and are able to obtain 100 on the 
gauge no matter who you use. When Freya demands an archer, 
Janus is the one to be sent.


Diseased Needle, 2 Hits, No Direction, +1/Hit to Gauge
(2 total)
Two poisoned needles pierce an enemy. Janus is the only 
character in the game that can cause a negative status 
ailment just via a normal attack.

Tri-Stinger, 3 Hits, No Direction, +1/Hit to Gauge 
(3 total)
Three arrows are shot at an enemy.

Restrain Flame, 1 Hit, No Direction, +50 to Gauge
A fire arrow explodes on an enemy as Janus shouts, "Yeah!"
showing that he is one bad-ass archer.


Guilty Break, Janus fires a series of arrows that cause the
enemy to elevate in the air. He then shoots one more 
exploding arrow. A powerful attack, and great way to add 
some points to that gauge.
(+72 Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANE ORDER: Poison>Ice and Holy>Fire and 
Darkness> Lightning


Lawfer: Lawfer was a fellow knight with Arngrim in 
Artolia. However, Lawfer only got into his position because
of his noble lineage and the fact that his father was the
head of the knights. After the fiasco happened with 
Jelanda, Lawfer knew that something was amiss when Arngrim's
brother got arrested. Lawfer decided to free Roland and it 
was this mission that cost Lawfer his life.

Lawfer is the first pole-arms user you will obtain. His 
best attribute is the fact that his PWS can be used many 
times and requires very little purple gems for recovery. 
However, his PWS is on the weaker side, and his normal 
attacks are a bit awkward to use.


Smash Axe, 1 Hit, Hits Left, +24 to Gauge
Lawfer swings his spear and hits the enemy with the blade.

Prisoner Fang, 1 Hit, Hits Right, +30 to Gauge
Lawfer pulls the enemy closer to the party. This attack 
can be tricky to use effectively.

Triple Thrust, 3 Hits, Hits Down-Left, Left, and Up-Left,
+10 to Gauge/Hit 
(30 Total)
Three attacks to an enemy. Despite the direction that they 
strike, they barely budge most enemies. Also, this attack 
is not effective on smaller foes.


Justice Stream, After a series of spear strikes, Lawfer 
knocks a foe to his left and creates a whirlwind that 
slashes an enemy. I like Lawfer as a character, but not as 
a party member. His attacks, and especially his PWS, bore me
to death. They aren't especially powerful, either.
(+25 to Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Lightning>Darkness and Fire> 
Ice and Holy> Poison



Kashell: During an expedition in Camille Village, the 
mercenary Kashell and his partner Celia encounter something 
horrid. All of the villagers were not only turned into 
stone, but they were also broken apart. As they looked for 
survivors, they found a young girl still intact. However, 
the demon responsible for the petrifaction curse skewers 
Kashell before the antidote could be administered. Thanks 
to Valkyrie, the bottle does not shatter and Celia is able 
to revive the young girl from the curse. Kashell's noble 
sacrifice was not in vain.

Of all the heavy sword users in Valkyrie Profile, my favorite
is Kashell, but you probably were able to figure that out. 
His fighting style, his personal style, and his confident 
attitude shape him up to be a great character for both your
team and Valhalla. If you are tired of using Arngrim, or 
just feel like adding some extra power to your party, using
Kashell is the way to go.


Low Swing, 1 Hit, Hits Up, +10 to Gauge
A giant sword sweep that knocks the enemy up in the air.

Beast Tackle, 2 Hits, Hits Left and Down-Left, +15 to 
(30 Total)
A shoulder tackle followed by a downward slash. Be careful 
not to miss his second attack, because there is a brief 
pause after the body-ram.

Air Pressure, 1 Hit, Hits Up-Left, +15 to Gauge
Attack from above! Kashell storms at an enemy with his huge 
sword leading the way. This is a great Guard Break attack 
and also a great way to lead an attack.


Flashing Blade, Kashell combines Low Swing and Beast Tackle 
into a deadly combination, and finishes his attack with an
Air Pressure attack. At the end of the thrust, there is an 
explosion beneath the foe.
(+69 to Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Fire>Holy and Lightning>Poison 
and Darkness>Ice


Lorenta: One of the most highly loved and regarded 
instructors at Flenceburg Sorcery Academy, Lorenta is a 
very powerful mage. After her birthday, she came home to a 
disturbing surprise: her husband was kidnapped by her 
ex-pupil, Lezard Valeth. Because her husband took a dark
potion, he turned into a monster against his will and ended 
up slaughtering Lorenta.

Lorenta's story is a tragic one indeed. Luckily, her magic 
power is quite a welcome when you obtain her. She is the 
first mage to have Mystic Cross, which ultimately allows 
you to use the most powerful Big Magic: Celestial Star. I 
realize that by the time you get her, you will probably 
have a plethora of mages, but using Lorenta comes highly 
recommended by this time.

STARTING SPELLS: Mystic Cross, Heal, Invoke Feather, Fire 
Lance, Sap Guard


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Ice>Poison and Darkness>Holy 
and Lightning>Fire


Lezard Valeth: A necromancer with uncanny magic powers. 
Despite his genius, he uses his skill only for the purpose 
of making Lenneth fall in love with him. However, his 
knowledge can also become useful for those in need of 
information about the very fabrication of the gods. With so
much power at his disposal, it is no wonder Lezard could 
very well become a god.

While you can face off against Lezard Valeth in Normal and 
Hard modes, he is only playable in Hard mode, and that is 
during the Seraphic Gate. Still, he is the most powerful 
mage in the game, and his battle quotes are some of my 
favorites in Valkyrie Profile. Worth the wait? I think so.

STARTING SPELLS: Dark Savior, Mystic Cross, Shield Critical, 
Invoke Feather, Guard Reinforce, Poison Blow, Prismatic 
Missile, Stone Torch, Invoke Feather, Fire Lance

EARLIEST AVAILABLE: Can only be acquired in the Seraphic 
Gate if you completed the game on Hard mode.

ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Darkness>Ice and Lightning>Fire 
and Poison>Holy


Aelia: Friends with Kashell and Celia, Aelia is a woman 
who will not let anything take her down. However, she was 
captured by the evil wizard Gandar in order to obtain the 
Dragon Gem that sleeps within her. Refusing to give in to 
his demands, Gandar uses a final spell on Aelia which results 
in the loss of her life.

Besides having the sex appeal of diva, Aelia is another 
cool character to use in battle and to send up to Freya. 
Of the two spear users, she is the by far the better choice 
for battle purposes. My only complaint is that her Purify 
Weird Soul is slow, and can make battles drag out longer.


Roundkick, 2 Hits, Hits Up and Left, +3 to Gauge/Hit 
(6 Total)
Probably Aelia's worst attack, I set it so this one is last.
She does a double kick on an enemy.

Sonic Edge, 1 Hit, Hits Left, +9 to Gauge
Aelia chucks her spear at the enemy. This is the attack 
I use as her first strike. It is easy to hit with and use.
How does she get her spear back, though...?

Spinning Edge, 3 Hits, Hits Left Three Times,
+8 to Gauge/Hit 
(24 Total)
My favorite attack, Aelia charges at her enemy as a red 
whirlwind surrounds her spear, knocking the foe back three 
times in a row.


Dreaded Dragon, Aelia summons up all of her powers and turns 
into a gigantic dragon. The gem in her chest releases a 
mighty beam of energy on the foe. A cool attack for a few 
battles, but it gets repetitive to watch it later in the 
(+45 to Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Fire>Holy and Lightning>Poison 
and Darkness>Ice


Mystina: At the top of her class at the Flenceburg 
Sorcery Academy, Mystina has earned the respect of class-
mates and teachers alike. When she heard of the death of 
Lorenta, Mystina was jovial and decides to pay Lezard's 
castle a visit to see what else he has been up to besides 
murdering professors. In spirit form, what she finds are 
secrets and experiments beyond the comprehension of most 
mages. Lezard decides to explain to Mystina the results of 
research, but in the end, Lezard decides to let Mystina 
remain in sprit form forever as he freezes her body solid.

Another female mage to add to your list, but at least this 
one has higher stats and more attitude. Mystina plays a key 
role in the A Ending as well.

STARTING SPELLS: Dark Savior, Normalize, Sap Guard, Mystic 
Cross, Sacred Javelin

EARLIEST AVAILABLE: Chapter 5, only if you defeated Lezard 
Valeth in his tower.

ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Darkness>Ice and Lightning>Fire 
and Poison>Holy


Lucian: Lucian and Platina were best friends growing up 
in the isolated Coriander Village. However, after Platina's 
death, Lucian never was the same. He spent the rest of 
his years in Gerabellum, living the life of a bandit. 
However, when one of his friends went too far, nobles from 
far and wide began a massacre to wipe out the poor and 
those who steal for them. Lucian was hit by a stray arrow 
in the chaos, and Valkyrie recruited his soul. Lucian 
cannot help but to wonder why Valkyrie looks so similar 
to Platina.

Another key character in the A ending. If you want to see 
this ending, you will have to send up Lucian a chapter after 
you get him. While not a total loss, Lucian does have some 
skills that prove very useful in battle. I never liked his 
character, so sending him to Freya was no problem with me, 
despite his usefulness in some boss battles. By this point 
in the game, you will have so many sword-users that you 
may find yourself happy to get rid of one of them.


Air Slash, 1 Hit, Hits Up, +25 to Gauge.
A simple strike with an upwards motion, similar to 
Valkyrie's first attack with a sword.

Slanting Thrust, 1 Hit, Hits Up-Left, +15 to Gauge.
Lucian knocks a foe away with another upward cut.

Shining Bolt, 12 Hits, No Direction, +3 to Gauge/Hit
(36 Total).
An excellent attack, especially if the enemy is down. Lucian 
sends a lightning bolt from his sword to an enemy, which 
allows a huge amount of both experience crystals and purple 
crystals to appear. If your team is in need for some CT 
recharging, then Shining Bolt is a great skill to use.


Round Rip Saber, Lucian hits the foe from all directions, 
and then knocks the foe into the air. However, the foe is 
not airborne for long, because his final attack is a charged 
downward slash on the enemy. A good PWS, but nothing 
special. As I said, the only saving grace with Lucian is 
his Shining Bolt skill.
(+40 to Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Lightning>Darkness and Fire>Ice 
and Holy>Poison


Grey: At first glance, Grey looks like a living piece of 
armor, however that is far from the case. His love, Lemia, 
saved Grey's life via Soul Transfer. Grey's guilt got the 
best of him as he tried to save her life the same way. But, 
the laws of the gods would not allow for it, and the ritual 
caused him to lose his life.

Grey has one of the more depressing stories in the game. It 
is not because of how his life ended, but how he and his 
other mercenary friends (Kashell, Aelia, Lawfer, etc.) left 
Celia all alone. Anyways, Grey is the last heavy arms 
character you will obtain. Unfortunately, he is not as 
powerful as Arngrim and Kashell. However, if you are against 
a group of fire enemies, Grey can be quite helpful.


Razor Edge, 1 Hit, Hits Left, +15 to Gauge.
Grey thrusts the enemy full force with his giant sword.

Mortal Razor, 1 Hit, Hits Up, +25 to Gauge
Another sword thrust, except this time it knocks the foe 
in the air.

Energy Cannon, 3 Hits, Hits Left Once, +5 to Gauge/Hit 
(15 Total).
Once again, a sword thrust. However, Grey runs through the 
enemy and bits of ice energy trail behind him and slice the 


Icicle Disaster, Grey calls upon the powers of ice to 
perform a powerful thrust attack and which countless 
clusters of ice trail behind him. These form into a giant 
glacier that solidifies the enemy. Finally, Grey cuts the 
ice sculptor in half, causing large damage. An ice elemental 
attack is always fun, especially considering the cold 
atmosphere of the game in it's entirety.
(+58 to Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Poison>Ice and Holy>Darkness 
and Fire>Lightning


Shiho: The song-maiden of Hai-Lan. Shiho was born blind, 
but she has the power to turn men into fierce warriors with 
the sounds of her singing voice. However, she eventually 
reached her breaking point and refused to sing any longer 
for her comrades. As a result, the soldiers were destroyed 
by the opposing army, and Shiho was taken in by Suo. She 
thought that she found salvation, but she was killed by 
Suo's superior.

Yet another Hai-Lan sorceress. I did enjoy the fact that she 
was the first person who had Might Reinforce, but other 
than that bonus, she is another mage in the mix. It probably 
makes no difference at the point in which you get her 
whether or not you send her to Valhalla.

STARTING SPELLS: Might Reinforce, Guard Reinforce, Heal, 
Invoke Feather, Normalize


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Holy>Fire and Poison>Ice and 


Badrach: A loner thief who does whatever job he wants to 
do, just as long as the price is right. While he has no 
companions, he prefers money to friendship and has no qualms 
about making enemies. Over the years, he became too 
notorious for his own good, and an assassin from the Thieves 
Guild decided it was time for his services to end. While 
Badrach may not have been the most valiant of warriors in 
Midgard, he had one time to shine, which allowed him to 
become an Einherijar.

Yes, Badrach is an archer. However, Badrach is probably one 
of the worst characters in the game. Two of his attacks may 
hit multiple times, thus each hit goes up by an increment of 
one. For instance, if he hits an enemy five times, the gauge 
will go up by fifteen. However, his attacks are so erratic, 
so unpredictable, you're better off sticking with characters 
that are more reliable with their attacks. Not to mention, 
his voice drives me up a wall.


Flare Shot, 1 Hit, Hits Up, +15 to Gauge.
This is Badrach's only decent attack. He shoots a group of 
bullets from his crossbow that explode on impact.

Fifth Way, 12 Potential Hits, No Direction, +1 to Gauge 
Initially, but then increases by 1 after each successive 
A stream of bullets fans out towards the enemy. Since each 
attack is weak and not very effective for the gauge, this 
is better used on larger enemies.

Lunatic Shot, 15 Potential Hits, No Direction, +1 to Gauge 
Initially, but then increases by 1 after each successive 
Another crazy attack, only this time the bullets create a 
sinusoidal pattern. This is his most unreliable attack, and 
probably one of the worst attacks in the game.


Sphere Strike, Badrach runs around the enemy and sprinkles 
gun powder behind his trail. He then runs behind the party 
and ignites the powder, causing a circular explosion. Like 
everything else that Badrach has, this attack is neither 
powerful or useful.
(+30 to Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Darkness>Ice and Lightning>Fire 
and Poison>Holy


Jayle: Jayle's real name is Leticia. However, she went 
under cover as a male for the sole purpose of joining the 
knighthood. When Captain Graham finds out, he keeps her 
secret because he understands her reasons. She seeks 
revenge on the crafty Magnus, who has been tampering with 
forbidden arts. When Jayle finally encounters Magnus, the 
criminal summons Genevieve, the dark lady. Her spells 
hypnotize all of the male knights, and while Valkyrie gets 
rid of her, Graham ends up stabbing Jayle. Just as he comes 
to, Jayle utters her last words of happiness to him. Magnus 
ends up dead by Graham's sword.

I am not sure how Jayle was able to pass as a man with that 
style of fighting, but whatever. Jayle is another sword 
user. Her stats are nothing special, but if you previously 
sent up a sword user and need someone to fill the void, then 
Jayle is a great way to go. Her attacks are very quick, and 
require little practice to master.


Gleam Charge, 1 Hit, Hits Left, +25 to Gauge.
A charging sabre attack, that is both quick and effective.

Round Dance, 1 Hit, Hits Up, +15 to Gauge.
I usually set this as her first attack. Jayle performs an 
upward sabre strike that knocks the foe in the air.

Hind Edge, 1 Hit, Hits Up-Right, +10 to Gauge.
One of the more useful attack in which Jayle smacks her 
sabre when behind the enemy. It causes the enemy to get 
in the air, and it moves it closer to your team.


Eternal Raid, Jayle probably has the PWS that executes the 
quickest. That alone is a good reason to use her. Anyways, 
Jayle unleashes a flurry of thrusts from her sabre, and 
finishes her attack with a charging thrust. A cool and 
quick attack. It also gives a huge boost to the gauge.
(+56 to Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Poison>Ice and Holy>Darkness 
and Fire>Lightning


Lyseria: A woman shrouded in mystery. While a prophet by 
nature, she hated the fact that she was born with the 
ability to see into the future of herself and others. Due 
to her insanity, she sealed herself away into a giant 
crystal structure found in ancient ruins. Valkyrie was 
directly asked by Odin to find her. While reluctant at first 
to join Lenneth, Lyseria becomes an Einherijar after she is 
defeated by Lenneth in battle.

Lyseria is the only character in Hard mode that can be 
obtained in the main story. Why is this? I have no idea. 
She, as you may have guessed, is another mage in the mix. 
Odin specifically requests that she be sent up. You don't 
have to do this, but it is a good suggestion to do this. 
Thus, you have very little time to play around with her. 
But don't worry because she pales in comparison to another 
mage you will acquire in a later chapter. Furthermore, 
she can be used once again in the Seraphic Gate.

STARTING SPELLS: Guard Reinforce, Mystic Cross, Sacred 
Javelin, Invoke Feather, Might Reinforce

EARLIEST AVAILABLE: Chapter 7, Hard mode only

ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Holy>Fire and Poison>Ice and 


Suo: The mighty Suo comes from Hai-Lan. Before his 
faithful meeting with Shiho, Suo was a merciless killer 
in the army. His nodachi drew enough blood to re-paint his 
red armor. However, Shiho changed his views on war and the 
path that his comrades took. During a village assault, Suo 
became lost in a daze as he reflected on the deaths of the 
countless men, women, and children by him. The thought of 
Shiho ran in his mind, and he was finally stabbed by one 
of the survivors of the village raid.

Suo will be the last fighter you obtain in the game. 
At first glance, Suo seems like a potentially powerful 
warrior and for the most part he plays this role well. 
Unfortunately, his true weakness comes with his PWS, but I 
will explain more about that in the proper section. Since 
it will be a while since you last had Jun in your party, 
Suo is a great way to add some extra oriental flare to your 
team of fighters.


Shisen, 1 Hit, Hits Left, +25 to Gauge
A nodachi cut of terror. Ok, just a basic attack, but you 
get the idea. The perfect attack leader.

Hyo-rappa, 1 Hit, Hits Left, +10 to Gauge
Suo unleashes from his palm a blast of blue chi energy. 
This attack isn't as powerful as Shisen, nor does it 
have as wide a range.

Yasha-uchi, 2 Hits, Hits Right Twice, +8 to Gauge/Hit
(16 Total)
This is difficult move to pull off, but it is effective 
because Suo gets behind the enemy and performs a side 
kick and a stab with his nodachi. If you press the button 
to quickly, he won't move behind the enemy so you have to 
focus on your timing.


Hyoso-hojin, Suo's biggest weakness comes from this PWS. 
The warlord kicks the enemy to the left, and then summons 
up jagged icicles from the ground. This is an average PWS, 
but the problem lies in Suo's position. If he is too close 
to the enemy, then the enemy won't feel the full force of 
the attack and the Gauge will barely get a boost. Even if 
it does hit fully, the gauge only goes up by an average 
amount. Really, it's up to you whether or not this is too 
big of a flaw to disregard Suo.
(+48 to Gauge)


ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Lightning>Fire and Darkness>Ice 
and Holy>Poison


Gandar: The first time you see Gandar is when you are 
about to recruit Aelia. As you can probably tell, Gandar is 
not a nice person. While exploring the Palace of the Dragon 
near the end of the game, you'll see him again. A powerful 
mage from Villnore with a cunning attitude, Gandar will 
do anything to make sure victory is in his grasp. Many men 
have fallen to Gandar's magic, and when you finish him 
off in the Palace of the Dragon, many enemies will fall to 
his magic.

Gandar may be acquired late in the game, but he is probably 
the best wizard you can have in your party with the 
exception of Lezard Valeth. If you're playing on Hard mode, 
then you will be happy to see how much more useful he is 
than Lyseria. Furthermore, Gandar is a huge help in the 
final story dungeons like the Celestial Castle and the 
Arianrod Labyrinth. Since you get him so late in the game,
don't bother sending him up to Valhalla because you will 
need a  powerful mage for the end game scenarios.

STARTING SPELLS: Prismatic Missile, Sap Guard, Poison Blow, 
Fire Lance, Shadow Servant, Shield Critical

EARLIEST AVAILABLE: Chapter 8, boss battle in Palace of the 

ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Darkness>Ice and Lightning>Fire 
and Poison>Holy


Brahms: Brahms sits in a castle that only appears under 
the full moon. As the lord of the undead, Brahms has earned 
the fear and respect from the beings of Midgard and Valhalla.
Currently, he holds the youngest of the three Valkyrie 
sisters, Silmeria, captive. His relationship with Lenneth 
is shrouded in mystery.

Another character who you only obtain in the Seraphic Gate, 
and that's only if you decided to play the game in Hard 
mode. Like Freya and Lezard Valeth, Brahms is totally worth 
the wait. He has amazing power, and his PWS not only packs 
a wallop, it does not take too much time for it's full 
recovery. With a team of Brahms, Freya, and Lezard, the foes 
of the Seraphic Gate don't stand a chance.


Bloody Knuckle, 1 Hit, Hits Down-Left, +30 to Gauge
Brahms shows the foe how you fight in the underworld with a 
powerful, downward fist attack.

Deadly Raid, 2 Hits, Hits Up-Left Twice, +15 to Gauge/Hit
(30 Total)
A double upper-cut attack that knocks the foe in the air.

Immortal Blow, 3 Hits, Hits Down-Left Once, Up-Left Twice, 
+10 to Gauge/Hit
(30 Total)
This attack combines his first two attacks into one. Brahms 
first executes a downward knuckle attack, and then he 
strikes again with the uppercut.


Bloody Curse, Brahms unleashes his three attacks in quick 
succession. Once the foe is on the ground, Brahms punches 
the ground and red spikes of blood arise. These spikes 
mercilessly impale the foe numerous times. By far, one of 
the slickest PWS' in the game.
(+42 to Gauge)

EARLIEST AVAILABLE: Can only be acquired in the Seraphic 
Gate if you completed the game on Hard mode.

ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE ORDER: Darkness>Lightning and Ice>Fire 
and Poison>Holy

(6*) Credits

The fabulous, glamorous, and modest me, for writing this 

Tri-Ace, for a brilliantly created adventure.

Square-Enix, for deciding to port a great game.

Sony, for making the greatest portable system ever.

Caldrin for proof reading.

Akonite for pointing out that Lyseria does not have to be
sent to Valhalla.