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How do I beat (insane)?

HELP idk how to beat insane yet im using the cursed (orochimaru, sasuke) but it still doesnt work,
TIPS please


nhaokhi answered:

Don't use the Cursed more perfect using the Legendary Sannin if you mastered subsitution jutsu nothing to worry.
And one thing. When you play in insane don't use skill until you facing akatsuki (Itachi and Kisame)
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ray2134567 answered:

Dont use skills to end. You should pick Sakuke and lee and guy. They all decrease life and use at end.
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miko132 answered:

U should pick hinata tenten and guy,cause ten ten can heal a person in your team 30% 3 times,and hinata can heal all people in your team,so about the fourth turn u can use ten ten's skill,and about the 6th turns u can use it again,and if u need it use it again in 7th turn if u need and the 8th turn use hinata's skill and guy's skill
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pickmegm answered:

I got the BEST IDEA EVER and this is how i beat them SO EASY ....... first you need to smash the R1 button so you can subtitute....never throw a shuriken or kunai they will subtitute to your back and hit you real hard.....and ALWAYS USE THE LEGENDARY SANIN!!!! Tsunade can heal you at the last stage ..all of the members jiraya can hit all enemy 33%dmg and THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL IS OROCHIMARU actually wif orocimaru you can beat them like in easy mode because they can't subtitute when their chakra is sealed and ... one more thing. never use tsunade or jiraya as 1st member use orochimaru the skill (triangle then O) will seal their chakra for a while so use that time recharge your chakra (holding the down button) then beat them up like CRAZY! well thats all i can tell you and that is how i complete akatsuki invasion and unlock the 2 pros :D but i have to tell you itachi's sharingan suck
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izearlord answered:

I beat insane already and i used this technique:
Character selection: I prefer to use the ones with the skill who can seal chakra(e.g Neji or Orochimaru) so they cant substitute, use secret techniques and other jutsus. I also prefer to use people that increase HP(e.g. Tsunade). I also prefer to use Kakashi!!
Strategy: Rush to enemy and Extra hit ( X+X+any direction+OOO+direction of enemy+O) when he gets knocked down charge chakra if full wait till he stands up and use secret technique (▲+O) if you use any kind of attack and get countered you need to make sure if you get attacked before landing quickly tap R to substitute. When you attack and he uses guard, use a guard break (Down+O). If you get an item or like a bomb make sure you use it at the right time or youll get countered or you will get caught in the bomb. IMPORTANT NOTE: ONLY USE YOUR SKILL IN THE LAST STAGE IN THE BATTLE AGAINST AKATSUKI!! thats it.. if this doesnt work Im sorry
Goodluck =D
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minnundi1997 answered:

Use legendary Sanin or any character whom you are good with.Just remember one of them has to have the ability to seal chakra like Orochimaru
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fanron_kevin answered:

I think you must level up until five/end the legendary sannin because they are very strong if you beat the hard mode, and then the legendary sannin don't die until stage 7, if your character die you must do very hard. Oh ya you don't use strategi first, the strategi use after stage 7.
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Lucario_Dialga answered:

I did not play Insane for a long time after i beat hard mode ( it was hard without itachi or hinata or neji!).
I got 99 scrolls and trained myself by completing all rank missions except for 3 near impossible levels in S-rank (Super Special Butt-kicking opponents!). Then i tried insane with the maidens in love team (hinata, sakura, ino). I used ino in most of the levels as she can poison the enemies. i do not recommend using sakura until the 8th level coz she's just a normal ninja. Leave hinata until you reach the 8th level or when ino's defeated. She has byakugan (after you use her secret technique) which allows you to gain more chakra in a chakra replenisher: chakra ball, recharging urself, etc. items.
LEAVE ALL SKILLS till the 8th level (except for sakura's when you're short of chakra at the start of other stages...)

Maidens in Love- Recovers around 66% of health after finishing each stage for every member. Chakra recovery = more than usual = around 40-45% of chakra bar

This is my sequence of team for insane mode:
Stage 1-7

Stage 8

don't worry about the akatsukis. they're just normal insane opponents as long as you don't get hit by itachi's secret technique or kisame's after secret technique form which is shark form, that depletes ur chakra bar every time he strikes you, even when you're guarding urself!!!
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Lucario_Dialga answered:

to pigmegm -

skills of legendary itachi that 'pig'megm doesn't know that treats insane mode like hard mode=

1. secret technique changes him into tsukuyomi mode that slows down time for the OPPONENT only
2. as long as you hold the > button before the match starts till you hit the enemy with secret technique, tap the triangle button and o button right after immediately, you should get the enemy in a time slowdown mode, and everytime they recover from their fall ... slowly... you tap up, up+o button, which performs the clone explosion jutsu near the enemy, and they absorb the impact and fall again, and recover and you tap the buttons again, and the enemy falls again and recovers and buttons and... you get the drift... until you win the opponent.
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salman_khalid answered:


Always use legendary sannin because Tsunade heals all team members in stage 8 Jiraiya can damage their 33% health and most important skill is Orochimaru, she can seal their chakra so Akatsuki's won't substitute and you can easily beat them!!!
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