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"A great action game for the PSP"

Killzone: Liberation is a great action game, but don't expect it to be a FPS game though. Killzone: Liberation is made as a 3rd person shooting game, the camera is set up above your character, and that allows you to see your surrounding area, bird eyes' view. Killzone: Liberation is set between Killzone on the PS2 and the upcoming Killzone for the PS3.

Beside saying Killzone: Liberation is a sequel to Killzone on the PS2, I'm not going to spoil the story for you. I'm just going to touch on some of the aspects in this section. In each chapters there is a prologue for you to read at the beginning and ending of that particular chapter. It only takes less than a minute to read, the game gets to the point rather quickly. There are not a lot of cutscenes, but the cutscenes are done in real-time. There is only one CG cutscene, and that is the introduction of the game when the UMD is loading.

The controls work very well in this game, and it is easy to learn; however, if for some particular reason you don't like the initial controls of the game, you are stuck using that set up, because there is no control configuration option. How do you lock-on in this game? Killzone: Liberation has this feature called "Smart Aim," which allows your character to automatically aim at an enemy with your help of course. You might think that will make Killzone: Liberation too easy since the game auto aims for you, but it's really not that easy. You still have to do your part in order for the game to lock-on to an enemy. The only problem I found with the "Smart Aim" is that sometimes it would lock-on to one enemy when I wanted to shoot another enemy beside or closer to me, but it's actually my fault though, sometimes you have to be precise as to where you're facing when shooting enemies.

Replay Values
There are replay values in this game. After completing the game, you can go back and play through the game on easy, normal, or hard mode. There are many weapons and weapon upgrades for you to collect in the story mode. Each completed chapters, a challenge mode is opened up, and there are 6 challenges in each chapters, all of which test your skills. They are quite rather fun most of the time, and when you successfully complete a challenge by earning a medal, you can unlock abilities that can help you in the story mode, especially when playing the game on hard. If you want to reach 100% completion, then be sure to complete all of them, and play with a friend in co-op mode, that also factors to your completion. And when Guerrilla launch their server (which should be soon after this review has been posted), you can play against other players online all kinds of death matches.

This is a solid title for the PSP, and I would recommend PSP owners to buy this game. The graphics and sounds are very nice. Level designs are great and they are somewhat lengthy. The AIs are smart, they take cover and make use of their weapons. If one enemy is equipped with a shotgun, that enemy will try to shoot you at point blank for heavy damage. Enemies with RPG, sniper rifles or grenades will keep their distance from you. Sometimes I think the grenades work too well when thrown at an enemy, they can see the grenade flying that them, and they even shout "grenade!" or "****!" but they only start running when it lands at their feet. The story mode is very short, I'd say in the range of 7-10 hours to complete, but that's why this game has replay values. There are 4 chapters, each chapters have 4 levels, and 6 challenges. A 5th chapter is supposed to come out when the Gurrilla launch their server for the PSP, so more levels to come.

Great graphics and sounds
Many weapons and abilities
Good replay values
Easy controls
Hard boss battles, for those who likes challenges
Fast loading time

Story mode is short
Seeing dead bodies slowly spinning around on the ground kind of bothers me...
Online server wasn't launched with the release of this game
Hard boss battles, for those who don't like challenges

8 out of 10

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 11/13/06, Updated 11/14/06

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