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Can we buy a character in operation room? 1
Battleship problem?? 2
Gundam virsago/ashtaron? 2
What are the Four thing's you can increase when a suit levels up? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 5
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Do this game has English version?And if it doesn't,acn anyone gime a translation of japanese names of gundams..? 0
Can you create your own character in this game? 0
Who`s Gonna pilot the Destroy Gundam? 0
Stardust Memory Final stage? 0
Gundam skill? 2
About level up? 2
How do I get Impulse and Strike Gundam? 1
Character problem? 1
Evolving gundam dilemma? 1
Gundam move restriction? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 11

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