FAQ/Walkthrough by Ratchet12345

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 ___   ___  _____  ___        ____ _____   __|_    ___       ___
|   | |   |   |   |    |   | |       |    |  |    |    |    |   | |\   | | / 0
|___| |___|   |   |    |___| |___    |    |__|_   |    |    |___| | \  | |/
|  \  |   |   |   |    |   | |       |    |  |    |    |    |   | |  \ | |\
|   \ |   |   |   |___ |   | |____   |    |__|_   |___ |___ |   | |   \| | \ 0
     ___  _____  ___  ____            ___  _____ _____  ____  ___   ___
    |       |      / |      |\    /| |   |   |     |   |     |   | |
    |___    |     /  |___   | \  / | |___|   |     |   |___  |___| |___
        |   |    /   |      |  \/  | |   |   |     |   |     |  \      |
     ___| __|__ /___ |____  |      | |   |   |     |   |____ |   \  ___|

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CREATED 06/07/2007

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VERSION 0.50 FINISHED: 14/07/2007 (Never posted)

+ Finished up to Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
+ Titanium Bolts, Skill Points and Armour sets parts put in by ibrake4dragons

VERSION 1.00 FINISHED 17/07/2007 (First post)

+ Finished up to Clone Factory, Quadrona - all levels finished
+ Added version history
+ Added extra controls
+ Added more Armour Piece Location, Titanium Bolts and Skill Points info

VERSION 1.01 FINISHED 12/09/2007

+ Got name of Static Barrier upgrade
+ Fixed up some spelling/grammatical errors
+ Added "Easy Bolts Guide" section

VERSION 1.02 FINISHED 23/09/2007

+ Fixed Version 1.01 finish date
+ Added another Easy Bolts Guide
+ Modified PSP ASCII art

VERSION 1.03 FINISHED 17/12/2007

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+ Notified people about needing the remaining Chameleon armour locations
+ Fixed Version 1.01 finish date AGAIN

VERSION 1.04 FINISHED 02/01/2008

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VERSION 2.00 FINISHED 16/04/2008

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+ Added information for all Clank Challenges and Skyboard Races
+ Re-did ASCII art
+ Made guide PS2 compatible (need verification for the controls)
+ Completed Titanium Bolts Section
+ Enhanced Skill Point section
+ Added Cheats Section
+ Added information on The Treehouse

VERSION 2.01 FINISHED 25/06/2008

+ Got the Recommended star on GameFAQs - thanks to those recommenders out there
+ Added more information in Skill Point section
+ Added some Tips (send in more if you wish)
+ Added PS2 port skins

VERSION 2.10 FINISHED 21/07/2008

+ Added some Treehouse Clank Challenges
+ Fixed up some errors
+ Told people that I won't go to MySpace or Facebook

VERSION 2.11 FINISHED 08/08/2008

+ Added some things, not sure what

VERSION 2.12 FINISHED 08/09/2008

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+ Added the Multiplayer Guide
+ Added a whole heap of random hints and tips

VERSION 2.13 FINISHED 10/10/2008

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+ Added another tip on how to defeat Otto

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VERSION 2.18 FINISHED 19/08/2009

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This is a walkthrough for the game - it reveals ALL or the story line. DON'T
READ ON IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF! Even reading the contents ruins
the surprises!


1: What is this guide for?
2: Controls
       2.1: Where the buttons are
       2.2: Ratchet
       2.3: Clank
              2.3a: Normal
              2.3b: Botflinger
       2.4: Giant Clank
              2.4a: Space
              2.4b: Boss Battle
       2.5: Clank Challenges
              2.5a: Destruction Derby
              2.5b: Gadgebot Toss
              2.5c: Gadgebot Survival
       2.6: Skyboard Races
3: Characters
4: Weapons
       4.1: Weapons Info
       4.2: Mods Info
5: Gadgets
6: Items
7: Walkthrough
       7.1: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
       7.2: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus
       7.3: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
       7.4: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis
       7.5: Dreamtime
       7.6: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
       7.7: Technomite City, Challax
       7.8: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon
       7.9: Inside Clank
       7.10: Clone Factory, Quadrona
8: Titanium Bolts
       8.1: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
       8.2: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus
       8.3: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
       8.4: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis
       8.5: Dreamtime
       8.6: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
       8.7: Technomite City, Challax
       8.8: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon
       8.9: Inside Clank
       8.10: Clone Factory, Quadrona
       8.11: Skins
9: Skill Points
       9.1: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
       9.2: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus
       9.3: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
       9.4: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis
       9.5: Dreamtime
       9.6: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
       9.7: Technomite City, Challax
       9.8: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon
       9.9: Inside Clank
       9.10: Clone Factory, Quadrona
       9.11: Cheats
10: Armour
       10.1: Armour Piece Locations
       10.2: Armour Sets
11: Easy Bolts Guides
12: The Treehouse
        12.1: Treehouse Clank Challenges
13: Multiplayer Guide
14: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
15: E-mail.
16: Credits/Disclaimer/Copyright.

|1: What is this guide for?|

Hi, I'm Ratchet12345, and this guide is a walkthrough for Ratchet & Clank: Size
Matters. This is to help through the game, whether it be what a weapon does, or
how to beat a boss, this guide can tell you how to do it.

|2: Controls|

This is where all the controls are listed. If you're not sure what a button
does, or if it's a button at all, you've come to the right place.

|2.1: Where the buttons are|

PlayStation Portable:
   /  LS  _______________________    RS  \
  /       |                     |         \
 /   U    |                     |    /\    \
 | L   R  |                     |  []  ()  |
 |   D    |                     |    ><    |
 |        |                     |        . |
 \   A    |_____________________|       ,  /
  \     H   - +    PSP {} M S  ST     ____/

><: X
[]: Square
(): Circle
/\: Triangle
L: Left
R: Right
U: Up
D: Down
(The above 4 are referred to as the D-Pad)
LS: Left Shoulder (Referred to as L)
RS: Right Shoulder (Referred to as R)
A: Analog Stick
H: Home
-: Volume Down
+: Volume Up
PSP: PSP Logo (Not a button)
{}: Screen Controls (Tap for brightness control, hold to turn screen off)
M: Music Controls (Only when listening to music with headphones/earphones)
S: Select
ST: Start
.: Power Light
,: Hold Indicator (If Hold is on, pressing buttons has no effect in operation)
Analog Stick: Walk and Run/Strafe (depending on controls options)

PlayStation 2 -  Dualshock 2:

     L1 L2                 R1 R2
     _____        ||       ____
    /\____\       ||      /____\
   / /    \_______||_____//     \
  / /      \______________|      \
 / /   U         SONY        /\   \
| /  L   R                 []  ()  \
| |    D      SE  PS  ST     ><    |
| |      _       ANA        _      |
\ /     /\\  LA  ____  RA  /|\     \
 \|     | \\____/   \\____/ \|     |
  \     |                    |     /
   \____/                    \____/

U: D-Pad Up
D: D-Pad Down
L: D-Pad Left
R: D-Pad Right
><: X
[]: Square
(): Circle
/\: Triangle
LA: Left Analog Stick (Press down for L3)
RA: Right Analog Stick (Press down from R3)
L1: Left Shoulder Button 1
L2: Left Shoulder Button 2
R1: Right Shoulder Button 1
R2: Right Shoulder Button 2
SE: Select
PS: PlayStation Logo
ST: Start
ANA: Analog Toggle [When on, the light below is red]

NOTE: Yes, I am fully aware that I am not an ASCII artist, but be happy with
      what you've got.

|2.2: Ratchet|

NOTE: "+" means you hit the second button AFTER you hit the first button.
      "and" means you hit both buttons AT THE SAME TIME.
      Default options are always first in the controls list.


D-Pad: Strafe/Run (depending on controls options)
Analog Stick: Run/Strafe (depending on controls options)
X: Jump
[]: Swing Wrench
(): Use Weapon/Gadget
/\ and Analog Stick/D-Pad: Quick Select
L: Rotate Camera Left (Normal) or Right (Inverted)
R: Rotate Camera Right (Normal) or Left (Inverted)
Select: First Person
Select + Analog Stick or D-Pad: Rotate First Person
Start: Pause Menu
X(2): Double Jump
[] + [] + []: Multi Strike
X (Hold while in mid-air): Hover with Heli-Pack
X + []: Hyper Strike
/\ (Tap): Select Previous Weapon Used
L and R (Tap): Center Camera
L and R (Hold): Crouch
L and R (Hold) and []: Comet Strike
L and R (Hold) and X: High Jump With Heli-Pack
L and R + X Button While Running: Long Jump
Analog Stick/D-Pad (depending on controls options) + L and R (Tap) + X: Long
Jump With Heli-Pack


Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Run
X: Jump
[]: Swing Wrench
(): Use Weapon/Gadget
/\ and Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Weapon Select
Right Analog Stick: Rotate Camera
L1 (Hold): First Person
R1 button (Hold): Crouch
Start: Pause Menu
Select/R3: View Map
X(2): Double Jump
[] + [] + []: Multi Strike
X (hold while in mid-air): Glide
X + []: Hyper Strike
/\ (Tap): Select Previous Weapon Used
R1 (Tap): Center Camera
L1/R1 and []: Comet Strike
R1 (Hold) and X: High Jump With Heli-Pack
L1 and R1 + X Button While Running: Long Jump
Left Analog Stick/D-Pad + R1 and X: Long Jump With Heli-Pack
L2/R2 and Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Strafe

(Thanks to inoble and poipoipoi9)

|2.3: Clank|

|2.3a: Normal|


Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X: Jump
[]: Punch
/\ and Analog Stick/D-Pad: Gadgebot Quick Select
L: Rotate Camera Left (Normal) or Right (Inverted)
R: Rotate Camera Right (Normal) or Left (Inverted)
Select: First Person
Select and Analog Stick or D-Pad: Rotate First Person
Start: Pause Menu
X (Hold while in mid-air): Hover with Heli-Pack
L and R (Tap): Center Camera


Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X: Jump
[]: Punch
/\ and Analog Stick/D-Pad: Gadgebot Quick Select
Right Analog Stick: Rotate Camera
L1: First Person
L1 and Analog Stick or D-Pad: Rotate First Person
Start: Pause Menu
X (Hold while in mid-air): Hover with Heli-Pack
R1 (Tap): Center Camera

|2.3b: Botflinger|

PSP and PS2:

Analog Stick/D-Pad: Rotate/Aim Botflinger
() Pick Up Gadgebot
() (while holding a Gadgebot): Throw Gadgebot
Start: Pause

2.4: Giant Clank

|2.4a: Space|

Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X/(): Fire Plasma Bullets
[]: Fire Rockets
Start: Pause


Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X/(): Fire Plasma Bullets
[]: Fire Rockets
Start: Pause

|2.4b: Boss Battle|

Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X: Jump
[]: Punch
(): Shoot Rockets
/\: Throw Plasma Bomb
Start: Pause


Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X: Jump
[]: Punch
(): Shoot Rockets
/\: Throw Plasma Bomb
Start: Pause

|2.5: Clank Challenges|

|2.5a: Destruction Derby|

Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X: Main Attack
(): Use Power-Up
Start: Pause


Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X: Main Attack
(): Use Power-Up
Start: Pause

|2.5b: Gadgebot Toss|

Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X/(): Pick Up Gadgebot/Mine
X/() (while holding A Gadgebot/mine): Thrown Gadgebot/Mine
[]: Punch
Start: Pause


Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X/(): Pick Up Gadgebot/Mine
X/() (while holding A Gadgebot/mine): Thrown Gadgebot/Mine
[]: Punch
Start: Pause

|2.5c: Gadgebot Survival|

Analog Stick: Move Selector
D-Pad: Select Bot Closest To You In The Direction You Specified
/\ and Analog Stick/D-Pad (whilst a Gadgebot is aelected): Select Action
Start: Pause


Left Analog Stick: Move Selector
D-Pad: Select Bot Closest To You In The Direction You Specified
/\ and Left Analog Stick/D-Pad (whilst a Gadgebot is aelected): Select Action
Start: Pause

|2.6: Skyboard Races|

Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X: Jump
[]: Use Boost
[] and Analog Stick/D-Pad: Fly (once your boost is gone, you drop)
Start: Pause


Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move
X: Jump
[]: Use Boost
[] and Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Fly (once your boost is gone, you fall)
Start: Pause

|3: Characters|

Ratchet & Clank is full of goodies, baddies and uglies (mainly uglies).

Ratchet: He's saved galaxies he hasn't even heard of, he's killed bad guys you
wouldn't like to meet in a dark alley, and he's got yellow fur. That's right,
YELLOW FUR!!! Ratchet is the main character in Ratchet & Clank (duh, RATCHET
and Clank). He's given up the hero work for a little "me time", but that has to
wait so he can save the galaxy from the evil that resides.

Clank: The little chunk of metal hanging of Clanks back is a what, you ask?
Well, that's Clank. He may be small, but he can kick ass just as good as
Ratchet, providing the enemies are also small, cause otherwise they'll just
step on him!

Luna: Awww, look at da cute wittle girl, awwwwww. She may SEEM cute, but is she
hiding something? Nah! She's just a cute wittle girl!

Qwark: Qwark is a really annoying, self obsessed freak who stalks Ratchet and
Clank for no good reason. And that's why he's funny to watch - don't we all
love the people in our community that stalk us and never shut up?

Emperor Otto: Finally, the evil-to-the-core guy! He wants something, but what
is it? And is he in league with Luna, the cute wittle girl?

|4: Weapons|

This is where Ratchet and Clank shines; the ass kicking weapons! You can buy
these weapons and ammo at your nearest Gadgetron vendor, and you can mod them
at Mod Shops.

|4.1: Weapons Info|

Lacerator                                              Available from Beginning

This is your standard pistol, but this will be one of your main weapons.
Upgrades into Dual Lacerators.

Mods: Lock On, Kalidon, 5,000 bolts
      Double Barrel, Challax, 30,000 bolts


Acid Bomb Glove                                        Available from Beginning

If you have played Ratchet and Clank 1, you may recognize this weapon - it is
the upgrade of the Bomb Glove. After you it, on impact, it explodes in a flood
of acid, burning all enemies caught in the blast. Upgrades into Acid Detonator.

Mods: Acid Burn, Challax, 30,000 bolts
      Epoxy, Challax, 50,000 bolts


Concussion Gun                                         Available from Beginning
10,000 bolts

Standard shotgun, awesome damage, but not good at even medium range. Upgrades
into Concussion Cannon

Mods: Wide Barrel, Kalidon, 15,000 bolts
      Lock On, Kalidon, 5,000 bolts
      Charge Up, Challax, 50,000 bolts


Agents of Doom                                            Available from Ryllus
25,000 bolts

These little guys are also from Ratchet and Clank 1 - they're little robots
that aren't happy in the presence of enemies, and act on it - with our good
friend, VIOLENCE! Upgrades into Agents of Dread.

Mods: Launcher, Quadrona, 20,000 bolts


Scorcher                                                 Available from Kalidon
20,000 bolts

Like the Pyrocitor from Ratchet and Clank 1, this flamethrower burns enemies on
contact - something everyone should have! Upgrades into Incinerator.

Mods: Spitfire, Quadrona, 15,000 bolts
      Sunflare, Challenge Mode, 200,000 bolts


Bee Mine Glove                             Available from Medical Outpost Omega

This baby shoots out bee hives, and then bees come out and KILL EVERYTHING! No
insect repellent necessary. Upgrades into Killer Bee Glove.

Mods: Worker, Challax, 5,000 bolts
      Hive Bomb, Challenge Mode, 300,000 bolts


Sniper Mine                                              Available from Challax

Sniper rifle? These days, the Sniper Mine is all the long distance shooter
needs. Just zoom in with R (and out with L) and kill enemies without any hassle
or health loss. Upgrades into Deadeye Mine

Mods: Split Beam, Quadrona, 25,000 bolts


Suck Cannon                                            Available from Dreamtime

Another Ratchet and Clank 1 classic, this weapon sucks up enemies and uses the
sucked up enemies as ammo to shoot at other enemies, but it can only suck up
smaller enemies, and if you let go of () when you've got at least one enemy in
the cannon, it automatically goes to shooting mode. Upgrades into Vortex

Here's a tip from Chris Steinwinder:

Boxes can be used as ammo for the Suck Cannon - you still get the bolts too.

Mods: Bounce, Challenge Mode, 600,000 bolts


Mootator                                              Available from Dayni Moon

In Ratchet & Clank 1, 2 and 3, there was a morphing weapon - the Morph-O-Ray,
the Sheepinator, and the Quack-O-Ray. You've seen chickens, sheep and ducks,
but no farm animal can match up to: the COW! This weapon morphs enemies into
cows, but the bigger the enemy, the longer it will take to "Mootate" them.
Upgrades into Armoogeddon.

NOTE: You unlock this weapon by completing ALL Clank Challenges on Dayni Moon.

Mods: N/A


Shock Rocket                                          Available from Dayni Moon

What do you get when you cross electricity with explosive devices? A weapon
that owns anything it hits. The Shock Rocket is like an electric rocket - it
both explodes on contact, and shocks anything that comes near it. Upgrades into
Electro Rocket.

Mods: After Shock, Quadrona, 25,000 bolts
      Lock On, Quadrona, 5,000 bolts
      Multi-Launcher, Challenge Mode, 2,000,000 bolts*

*Need verification of price.


Static Barrier                                      Available from Inside Clank

Hardly a weapon, but one you'll love if you can level it up. The Static Barrier
is a shield, protecting you from enemy attacks. It will eventually run out from
taking it's limit of damage, but remember this goes up as you upgrade it.
Upgrades into Repulser Field.

Mods: Mirage, Challenge Mode, 1,250,000 bolts


Laser Tracer                                            Available from Quadrona

One of the best weapons in the game, the Laser Tracer fires a very powerful
laser, destroying any enemy you point it at quite quickly. Upgrades into
Optical Maser Array

Mods: Ricochet, Challenge Mode, 500,000 bolts
      Pierce, Challenge Mode, 1,250,000 bolts


RYNO (Rip Ya a New One)              Available from Beginning of Challenge Mode

And finally, the weapon that once purchased makes the boss WAY too easy - the
RYNO. This baby is a multi-rocket launcher, annihilating anything in it's path.
Upgrades into Rynocirator

A good way to level weapons is to visit Dayni Moon and continuously playing
through that level. The guns leveled up extremely fast for me with that method
so I thought I would let you know. (Thanks to Zachery Hoban)

Mods: N/A

|4.2: Mods Info|

The majority of this section was contributed by 401891. Thanks buddy!

Lock On                                 Lacerator, Concussion Gun, Shock Rocket

Allows you to lock-on to a target by holding L + R (PSP) or L2 + R2 (PS2)


Double Barrel                                                    Concussion Gun

Increases the guns rate of fire


Acid Burn                                                       Acid Bomb Glove

Enemies take damage after leaving acid


Epoxy                                                           Acid Bomb Glove

Enemies stick to acid


Wide Barrel                                                      Concussion Gun

Increases width of shot


Charge Up                                                        Concussion Gun

Allows the gun to be charged up by pressing and holding (). Release for a
powerful blast.


Launcher                                                         Agents of Doom

Equips your agents with back-mounted rocket launchers.


Spitfire                                                               Scorcher



Sunflare                                                               Scorcher



Worker                                                           Bee Mine Glove

Bees can collect health and bolts.


Hive Bomb                                                        Bee Mine Glove

Hive will explode when no bees are left


Split Beam                                                          Sniper Mine

Beam will split after hitting an enemy


Bounce                                                              Suck Cannon

Ammunition bounces when it hits the ground or a wall (need verification).


After Shock                                                        Shock Rocket

Enemies hit by a rocket will continue to be electrocuted for a few seconds
after the rocket hits them.


Multi-Launcher                                                     Shock Rocket

The Shock Rocket will fire more than one rocket at a time.


Mirage                                                           Static Barrier

Shields will display a holographic image of Ratchet, distracting the enemy.


Richocet                                                           Laser Tracer

Lasers bounce when they hit an enemy.


Pierce                                                             Laser Tracer

Lasers will go right through enemies, hitting any enemies behind them.

|5: Gadgets|

Hypershot                                              Available from Beginning

Another returning item, the Hypershot lets you swing from platform to platform
using green and yellow spheres to hook on to swing across.


Sprout-O-Matic                                            Available from Ryllus

This is a great gadget, and you'll use it a lot in the game. The Sprout-O-Matic
lets you water Mimic plants, and then these plants follow you around until you
water some Electrosoil, which makes them go to the Electrosoil and grow into
a jumping flower, a ladder, a bomb that can be hit to a particular area, or a
plant which throws you to an area when you hit it with your wrench. You can
tell which one it is via the colour of the Mimic plant.


Polariser                                  Available from Medical Outpost Omega

The Polariser is a special magnetic device, that lets you change the polarity
of magnets, to make them push or pull when you activate it.


PDA (Personal Delivery Assistant)                        Available from Challax
50,000 bolts

Now THIS is a gadget you'll want to pick up ASAP - you can buy ammo WHENEVER
YOU WANT!!! Great for the final boss, or when you forget to go to Gadgetron
when you arrive on a planet. However, the cost of ammo is multiplied by 5, and
you can't purchase new weapons with the PDA - that can only be done at a
stationary vendor.


Shrink Ray                                               Available from Kalidon

The Shrink Ray is vital in your quest to stop the ever so small Technomites. It
can shrink Ratchet and Clank so they can navigate the smaller places in the


Bolt Grabber                               Available from Medical Outpost Omega
5,000 bolts

This extends you bolt pick-up range, making the quest for money a whole lot


Box Breaker                                Available from Medical Outpost Omega
20,000 bolts

Another money making gadget, the Box Breaker breaks boxes (duh) when you do a
Hyper Strike. A must have!


Map-O-Matic                                           Available from Dayni Moon
50,000 bolts

Yet another blast from the past, the Map-O-Matic reveals the locations of the
hidden Titanium bolts that can be used to purchase special skins. This gadget,
although it completely ruins the "hiding" part of finding a Titanium bolt, it
is only a 2D location - it's height is always unknown, but this makes it a lot
easier to find those bolts.

|6: Items|

There are many items in the Ratchet & Clank universe. Here are the main ones.

Bolts: This is the universe's currency: use it to buy ammo, weapons, gadgets,
and most importantly, weapons! Bolts can be found in enemies (you get them when
you kill the enemy), boxes, and you can win them in challenges.

------------------         ______
|                |        /  __  \
------------------       /  /  \  \
      |    |            /  /    \  \
      |    |            \  \    /  /
      |    |             \  \__/  /
      |    |              \______/
      |    |
      |    |


Titanium Bolts: These are the rarest bolts in the universe. There are 20 in
total to find, and they are hidden (but if you get the Map-O-Matic, it tells
you where they are, thus eliminating the point of hiding them). These shiny
bolts can be used to purchase new skins for Ratchet (not required to beat the
game but still pretty cool).

|*        *    * |
      |*   |
      |  * |
      |    |
      | *  |
      |  * |
      |*   |


Boxes: These come in 4 types: Normal (wood), explosive (red), health (clear
with blue orb inside) and ammo (grey with the letter "G"). These are easily
opened with your wrench or any other weapons, and once you get the Box Breaker,
you're Hyper-Strike becomes a deadly... box opener!

|   /   /   /   /|
|  /   /   /   / |
| /   /   /   /  |
|/   /   /   /   |
|   /   /   /   /|
|  /   /   /   / |
| /   /   /   /  |

|7: Walkthrough|

This is how to get through the numerous levels in the game. The entire plot is
revealed as you go along, so beware!

My Way of Life:

Remember, this is only how I did it (and I got through using these methods).
You can go your own way if my methods don't work for you - it may be for the

Notes Are Taken:

I note where I buy each and every weapon and gadget, when my Nanotech and
weapons upgrade, and when continue points are [CP] so you can see if a new
weapon/gadget would work for you as well, or if you need to change your

Creativity is Nice:

I have made up my own names for the enemies - if you have a better idea for a
name, then feel free to e-mail me about it, but I can't guarantee I'll change

Normal is Normal:

All of this guide was written in Normal Mode; not Challenge Mode! I might add
a Challenge Mode guide in this guide later, but for now, just Normal Mode.

No Need to State the Obvious:

You will obviously have to break boxes to get bolts and ammo on your own accord
so I won't be telling you where boxes are or when to break them (the answers to
both are they're everywhere and break them ASAP)

I'm Not Perfect, But You Can't Say Anything if You Need This Guide

I got killed on more than one occasion, but it's not noted. This is because you
may die at any point in time. The weapons and health upgrades may seem very
close together, but most of the time it's because I've died. However, if you
need this guide, what can you say?

Here are some tips from Pablo Gomez:

When dealing with any enemy except the  big robot you first come across in The
medical outpost and the vile plants on Ryllus you can just get on an
indestructible platform above the normal height and they can't hit you so you
can kill with impunity.

Only use the PDA for boss battles, other than that your just wasting money.

Try to beat all the skill points and clank challenges during your first play-
through because everything much harder later (unless you have the RYNO).

Upgrade all your weapons to perfect before going to the next place as soon as
possible, it WILL help a lot when you don't have to worry about weak weapons.

|7.1: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru|

Note: Because this is the tutorial, I will tell you which weapons I used to
kill enemies, but I won't do this on any of the other levels unless I need to.

[Fight some robots]

After the cutscene, look behind you to see some crabs. Get out your Lacerator
and kill them both. 1 shot each should do on these crabs. Keep going and jump
over the log to see some more crabs. Kill them, jump over the rocks in to the
next area. Either high jump or double jump over the wall to find some boxer
bots. They take 3 shots of your Lacerator to kill, so kill him, then some more
boxer bots will come out of the 2 huts - 4 to be exact.

After you kill them, attach your wrench to the crank by pressing [], then turn
with the D-pad or Analog Stick. Once that's done, either long jump or double
jump over the gap in front of you, then use first person to shoot the target on
the door. Then go through the door to an area with a group of crabs - use your
Acid Bomb Glove to take them out, as it does good damage on groups of weak
enemies. If you run out of Acid Bomb Glove ammo, then just use your wrench to
take them down.

After that, high jump up to where Luna is, and then take out the 4 boxer bots
with your Lacerator. Long jump or double jump to the next platform then slide
down the sandy slide (weeeeee!) to end up facing some boxer bots. Use your
Acid Bomb Glove to kill the 4 of them, then some more will come out of the
huts, so kill each of the 8 that appear.

Then a door will open, revealing more boxer bots. Your Acid Bomb Glove is
probably all out of ammo at this point, so the Lacerator is your only gun that
you can use until you get to a Gadgetron vendor. Kill the boxer bots,
(Nanotech=6) then move on to a small beach, where some crabs jump out of the
water. Use your Lacerator on them (or you Acid Bomb Glove if you've got ammo).

Now take out the boxer bots with your Acid Bomb Glove or Lacerator, jump to the
sand platform, and turn the bolt crank to activate the bridge. Cross the bridge
to collect the Wildfire Body Armour. You are now back where you started. A
cutscene will play, and then play continues.

[Rescue the girl!]

After restocking on ammo, and killing the hover bot in front of you, go through
the hut that was blown up in the cutscene. You may have noticed that when you
killed the hover bot, a spider bot appeared. This happens about 75% of the time
when dealing with hover bots, so watch out.

[CP] Go up the hill and kill the 2 spider bots and the two hover bots (along
with the spider bots that appear). Another trip down memory lane brings us to
an all time favourite, the magnetic walls that can be walked on with your
gravity boots.

Once you're up the wall, kill the 4 hover bots and the spider bots, then go
down the zip line by standing under it and jumping. You'll arrive on a wooden
deck with some huts that crabs will come out of. Kill the 10 crabs with your
Acid Bomb Glove (Nanotech=7) and move on to the blue cave. Kill all the enemies
with your Acid Bomb Glove (or Lacerator if you're out of ammo) and move on to
collect the Wildfire Gloves. Restock on ammo and kill the crabs with your Acid
Bomb Glove.

[CP] Now get on the yellow raft. Get your Lacerator ready, because a dropship
will deploy some hover bots on the water. Kill them when they arrive,
(Lacerator V2) and you'll arrive at an island with heaps of crabs. Use your
Acid Bomb Glove to kill them, but more will come out of the water, so should
switch to your wrench or Lacerator to kill the rest.

Once they stop coming, get on the raft at the other end of the island to go to
another island. Kill the hover bots whilst on the raft to avoid being hit
later. Get back on the raft to go to a third island. Again, kill the hover bots
on the island whilst on the raft to avoid damage, (Nanotech=8) then get back on
the raft to arrive at some metal platforms.

[CP] Jump on to the platform and move up the platforms whilst killing the crabs
to end up on a wooden deck. Kill the 2 crabs, the 3 hover bots and the 3 spider
bots, and advance to the elevator. Get on to see another cutscene, and then
you're on your way to Ryllus.

|7.2: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus|

[Investigate the artefact]

After the cutscene, make your way down the stairs and kill the ninjas in the
small area as they appear, then make your way through the newly opened door
after killing the ninjas that are waiting behind the door. A lizard will now
appear, so kill him, but watch out for his spike attack. (Nanotech=9) Now move
on until you reach a cutscene.

Watch out for the bury blossom at the end of the path - it will throw dust at
you, so take it out quickly and turn left to find some lizards - kill them and
then turn the bolt crank to open the door. Kill the ninjas that appear, then
watch the cutscene.

[CP] Water the plant in front of you with your newly acquired Sprout-O-Matic
and it will follow you to some Electrosoil. Water the soil to make the plant
jump in and it will turn in to a bomb that when hit will fly into walls and
destroy them! Hit the plant with your wrench whilst facing the brick wall to
reveal away through.

Kill the 2 bury blossoms quickly (Nanotech=10) and get the plant from the room
next door to enter the soil where the blossoms were. It will turn in to a
ladder, so use it to climb over the wall to end up in an area with a plant, but
some ninjas will try to spoil your day, so once they've been dealt with, some
lizards will come along. Kill them, and the blossom, then get the plant to
follow you to the soil down the end of the path. It will turn in to a launcher,
that throws you to the next area. (Acid Bomb Glove V2)

[CP] (Concussion Gun) Use your Hypershot to swing to the next platform, then
kill the blossoms in front of you. Some ninjas will come out during your attack
but they won't make it much harder. Once they're killed, (Nanotech=11) go left
and kill the blossoms, then lead the plant to the soil where you were before to
get a bomb. Hit the bomb to get a hole in the wall - where you can't possibly

Now go to your right, but beware of the 4 lizards that appear. Kill them,
(Nanotech=12) then lead the plant to the soil where the bomb is. The plants
will switch, and now you have a launcher plant. Hit it to get thrown in to the
next area. Pick up the Wildfire Helmet and a cutscene will play.

[Unlock the temple]

[CP] You are now playing as Clank inside the temple. Have Clank step on the
button to activate the elevator, then go to the right. Kill the guard, then
free the 3 Gadgebots. They will do as you command by using the Quick Select.
Have one Gadgebot Wait on the button for the door to open, then you stand on
the button that is revealed and issue the Follow command to get the Gadgebots
back to you.

You will now bump in to some ninjas, but Clank can't defeat these guys on his
own. Command your Gadgebots to Attack, and once the 4 ninjas are dead, move on
to another room with 3 guards Have you Gadgebots Attack this group, then go up
the path to arrive at - a tricky situation.

Enter the Botflinger and use () to pick up a Gadgebot, and then aim where you
want them to land with the Analog Stick. Throw them by pressing () again. Do it
for the 3 Gadgebots, exit the Botflinger to join your group, then command your
group to Follow.

An entire wall full of guards is present, so command your bots to Attack. Once
the guards are all dead, head over to the Botflinger and you'll notice 2
buttons on the wall - throw a Gadgebot at each of the buttons to reveal a

You will now arrive at a path with arrows being thrown from your left. The
black circles are their targets, so once an arrow is thrown at the first target
move to the next safe spot (in between 2 targets). Once the next one is thrown,
move again. Some of you're Gadgebots may be hit, so you may have to go back and
do it again.

Once you're through there, you'll arrive in a room with 3 guards - have your
Gadgebots Attack then get in the Botflinger. You'll see a raised platform - if
you throw all 3 Gadgebots on the platform, the door will open, so do it.

Once the door is open, go through and rescue the 3 Gadgebots that are in glass
as well as commanding the other 3 Gadgebots to follow you. In this part, there
is a big rock that rolls down the path you must take to open the temple. Start
to go down just after a new rock appears, and go in the small room 2 ramps
down. Wait for another rock to pass, then go the rest of the way.

Now you'll see another Botflinger. There are 2 bot ports, and each requires 3
Gadgebots, so throw 3 Gadgebots at each port and they will automatically
enter. The temple is now open. Go down the path and step on the button to
have a cutscene play, then teleport back to your ship and go to Kalidon.

|7.3: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon|

[Win the Skyboard race]

Once the cutscene is over, start off by going down the stairs and to your right
to find a lone man standing. After the cutscene, press /\ and the Skyboard race
menu will appear. Here are all 4 races and their prizes.


Race 1: Learner's Permit         Prize: Shrink Ray, Grind Boots and 1,000 bolts

This race is pretty easy - just beat your opponents. Not too hard at all.


Race 2: Speeding Ticket                                      Prize: 2,500 Bolts

In this track, there are a lot more speed boost pads. Be careful not to hit
something, because your opponents will zoom straight past and you may never be
able to catch up. Don't go too fast, or you'll lose control and probably crash.
There are also these purple rings that you have to fly though the middle of, or
avoid completely - difficult if you ask me. There are bombs here too - they'll
slow you down heaps if you hit one.


Race 3: Tricky Air                                            Prize: 3500 Bolts

This track is quite different from your previous race - in the area with all
the acid that makes you slow down, there are now far less platforms on the
ground - they have all been elevated. There are also areas where pillars can
fall on you and crush you or block your path, and parts where you have to get
past a wall of gears.

Keep alert, and save your boost for getting over walls
and blue slow down pads. As for the gear walls, try and go under them when
they're raised, or between them when they're both lowered. Watch out for the
bombs - not oo many of them here, but they're still there.

There is a shortcut near the beginning of the race - when you reach the green
acid pit, there is a hollow pipe high in the air to your right that you can
enter by using boost (thanks to Will Sim).


Race 4: Master's Challenge                           Prize: Sludge Mk. 9 Gloves

This race has a bit of everything, and is really hard. Collect as much boost as
you can, and watch out for the massive walls - save your boost to get over
these, and to go through the purple rings, otherwise you're gonna lose every

There is a shortcut near the beginning of the race - when you reach the green
acid pit, there is a hollow pipe high in the air to your right that you can
enter by using boost (thanks to Will Sim).


You'll only need to beat Learner's Permit for now, but you can come back later
to win more prizes.

When you are racing for the first time, after you get past all the ramps and
you have to jump from platform to platform just before the finish line, you
jump to the left and glide to the finish line. You might fall, but that's okay
as it will restart you at the finish line and it will be lap 1 out of 3 or what
ever done. (Thanks to Nathan Willis)

[Explore the planet]

Once the Shrink Ray has been won, go down the path you didn't before. Kill the
3 spider bots and move on to the Hypershot target. Swing across and kill the 2
hover bots, then go up the stairs and kill the 4 spider bots. Now you'll notice
a blue pad with a lock - this is a Grind Lock, and you'll need to complete the
course to unlock the door.

Enter the lock by pressing /\ - you won't be able to if you don't havent won
the Skyboard race. Use the D-pad (left and right) + X to jump from rail to rail
and [] to swing your wrench to hit the red pads on either side of you - they
open gates so you can continue the course. You'll also want to jump over those
orange bombs. Once the door is unlocked, go through and kill the orb bots that
come along.

[Search the factory]

Now you'll be in an assembly room. Only 2 of the robots in this room will
attack you, so kill the 2 hover bots the workmen are making (you can also kill
the workmen for more bolts). Now go through the hallway [CP] and restock on
ammo. (Agents of Doom)

Once you walk on to the elevator, it will drop. You'll notice some doors on the
sides of the elevator - enemies will come out of these, and a lot of enemies
will come out over time, so get ready.

First off, 3 orb bots will come out. Kill them, and the elevator will go down
again. This will happen every time you defeat a wave of enemies. Now some more
orb bots will appear. Kill the 4 of them to have 2 hover bots appear. Kill them
(Nanotech=13) and some bombs will start falling - the yellow icons tell you
where they'll land, so don't stand on them or else!

After the bomb drop, some more hover bots will come out. Kill the 3 of them to
have 4 orb bots come out. After they're all dead, another bomb drop will
commence. Avoid the bombs to have 4 hover bots come out. Kill all of them, and
then 2 orb bots and 2 hover bots will come out. After you've killed all of them
(Concussion Gun V2) (Nanotech=14) you'll get a message to jump off the
elevator; do it or you'll die!

[CP] Activate the console by pressing /\ near it, and then some acid will start
to rise. Not good. But wait, some hope! A smaller elevator comes up to save
Ratchet! OMG! Jump on the elevator and it will take you to a platform. Jump on
the platform and make your way left until you reach the elevator again. Again,
the elevator takes you to a set of platforms. Make your way left again until
the elevator comes to get you again.

This time it'll take you to another set of platforms, and you have to make your
way left again, but this time the platforms spiral for a lot longer than the
last 2 times. Once you reach the elevator once again, it'll take you up to
where you jumped on the first elevator, but now you're on the other side. Pick
up the Wildfire Boots, and now you have your first full set of armour!

Continue in to the hallway to bump in to 2 more orb bots. Kill them and keep
going to see another assembly room. Kill the 2 hover bots, then swing to the
other side of the conveyor belt with your Hypershot. Now here, normally you'd
walk straight in to a trap, with the 4 hover bots on either side of you opening
their glass cases and attacking you, but because you read this, you are now
wise to their plan, and you should shoot the 8 cases so they don't attack you.

But they thought of that too, and you won't get an instant kill. They will
still try and attack you, but don't shoot them until they're out of their cases
cause otherwise the bullets will just ricochet and hit other cases, making
more hover bots come out.

Once the 8 hover bots are dead, (Lacerator V3) go down the hallway and get on
the elevator to be taken down to another assembly room, but this time it's full
of acid. Turn the bolt crank to reveal some platforms and some Hypershot
targets. Use your Hypershot to swing across the room, and then go up the
elevator to reach a hallway.

Go down the hallway to find another locked door, but before you unlock it, I
must tell you that another trap is set here. Some orb bots will try so take you
by surprise when you make your way to the door, but just kill them as they
come. 3 waves will come, so just kill the waves and unlock the door.

Once the door is unlocked, (Nanotech=15) kill the 3 hover bots and the small
yellow bot in the yellow room and make your way left to discover - a magnetic
maze! [CP] To get to the door, make your way down the path (killing any bombs
along the way) and then make a left at the first junction, then take a right
at the second junction. Then just keep going straight ahead to end up at the

Now you'll be in yet another assembly room. Make your way down the conveyor
belt (killing the worker bots along the way) and you'll be at a vendor. [CP]
Walk in to the arena for your first boss battle - against Mungo!


First, we should take a look at Mungo's attacks. His main attack will be trying
to hit you with melee, but it's easily avoided by strafing backwards. Keep
firing your Lacerator (and other weapons) until he gets to 3/4 health - he will
start to throw orb bots at you. Strafing to one side will help you to avoid
being hit. Keep shooting him until he gets to half health - he will now swing
to the other side of the arena and throw more orb bots at you until he gets to
1/3 health - he will now get a wooden log and try to hit you with it. When he
swings it at you, jump to avoid it. Keep shooting him until he gets to 1/10
health - he will now drop the stick and start jumping up and down, causing
fiery shockwaves - again, jump to avoid the shockwaves. Keep shooting him until
he's dead.

Go across the bridge to acquire the Sludge Mk. 9 Body Armour, but from now on
armour won't automatically equip - you have to pause the game and go in to the
Armour section to change your Armour. Keep going across the bridge to see a
cutscene, and then... something happens...

|7.4: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis|

[Survive Robot War III]

Uh oh. Where's Ratchet? Well, Clank doesn't know, but he'll have to get out of
Robot War III before he can do anything else! Here are all of the Clank
Challenges on Metalis:

Buzzsaw Blitz                               Prize: 1,000 bolts and next mission
Destruction Derby: Saw Torso                             Available from arrival

In the destruction derby challenges, you are in a vehicle (in this case the Saw
Torso) and you need to eliminate all of your competitors. The Saw Torso
requires you to be right next to your opponent to attack them, which is a bit
of a doozy.

There is also a power up box at one end of the field. Also, at the
other end of the field is a Nanotech box for regaining health. If you are
dangerouly low on health, I reccommmend going around the arena in circles,
collecting the Nanotech (and the power up too) on each revolution.

Simply kill all your opponents to win. Hit your opponent about 9-10 times to
kill him (more if they collect Nanotech). Notice the bar in the top left hand
corner of the screen. You can only attack when this is full, and even though it
recharges very quickly, you should take a glimpse at it when you want to attack
otherwise your strategy might be screwed before you know it.

[Win fabulous cash and prizes (optional)]


Little League                                                Prize: 1,000 bolts
Gadgebot Toss: 5 goals                            Available after Buzzsaw Blitz

In Gadgebot Toss, you have to score a certain amount of goals (in this case 5)
to win. In this one, you only have one opponent, but you will have more in
future challenges.

Simply pick up the Gadgebot, turn around and when the red circle is pointing at
the green goal, throw the Gadgebot to score. Repeat this 4 more times to win.
If your opponent gets the Gadgebot, either punch them, pick up the mine and
throw it at them or go straight for the goal and defend.

Watch out for blue circles, because if they show up a mine is going to land
there, which knocks the Gadgebot right out of your hands.

Brima suggests simply standing at the goal and waiting for the AI
players to score. When they do, you block their shot, pick up the bot and score
yourself. It works really well when there's only one goal, and can be used for
almost any Gadgebot Toss game.


Take Two For the Team                                        Prize: 1,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival: 5 bots, 3 saves                Available after Buzzsaw Blitz

The Gadgebot Survival games are kind of like Lemmings - you have to get a
certain amount of Gadgebots to the portal in the level to win. This one is
pretty easy - select the first Gadgebot, then hold /\ and select Detonate when
he's over the platform below to blow him up, and allow the other Gadgebots down

Once another bot is down on the platform, blow him up too, but this time blow
him up so the Gadgebots can fall on to the platform and walk in to the portal.
You can make no mistakes - all 5 bots must be utilized correctly.


CHARGE!                                                      Prize: 2,000 bolts
Destruction Derby: Ram Torso                      Available after Buzzsaw Blitz

This is like the original Destruction Derby, except this time you're in the Ram
Torso. As you may have guessed, to attack your opponents you ram in to them.
Drive up to an opponent and press [] or X to speed up and hit your opponent.
You don't have to be too close when you pres the button, but again, you must
collide with your opponent, or no damage.


Varsity Bracket                                              Prize: 2,000 bolts
Gadgebot Toss: 6 goals                            Available after Little League

The Gadgebot is right in front of you when you start, so pick it up and score
the first goal. Go around in circles, picking the Gadgebot up, scoreing then
going back to repeat. If your opponent gets the bot, punch them with [] or
throw a mine at them - the mine respawn point is near the Gadgebot respawn


Bridge The Gap                                               Prize: 2,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival: 9 bots, 5 saves        Available after Take Two For the Team

Make your first 2 Gadgebots bridges, and electrify the rest of them - easy.


Electric Boogaloo                                            Prize: 3,000 bolts
Destruction Derby: Electric Torso                       Available after CHARGE!

In this derby, you use the electric torso - you can zap your opponents from a
small distance. Not too long to recharge.


Collegiate Division                                          Prize: 3,000 bolts
Gadgebot Toss: 8 Goals                          Available after Varsity Bracket

This time, there are some barriers blocking your direct path. Getting around
them isn't a problem, but it can be irritating when you can't reach your
opponent in time because of the barrier, then they score. However, the AI isn't
as smart as you think, and can get stuck sometimes.


Of Trapeze and Teleporters                                   Prize: 3,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival: 8 bots, 4 saves               Available after Bridge the Gap

Make your first Gadgebot swing across to the other side, then after he drops
down a level, pick the second bot and have him swing over too. Then select the
first bot again and detonate him, but don't detonate him so the remaining bots
fall down two levels, or they will all die - detonate him a couple of steps
after he drops. Make all remaining bots swing across, then electrify them.


Showdown!                                                    Prize: 4,000 bolts
Destruction Derby: Ram Torso                  Available after Electric Boogaloo

Now you're going head to head against Smasherbot. This guy can be tricky,
especially since you're in a Ram Torso, but it's not impossible. If you get hit
by the hammers on either side of him, you will slow down heaps, and he'll
probably hit you 2 or even 3 times. Try and hit him when he's facing away from
you, then haul ass away from him, and repeat until you've won. You should also
take advantage of the weapon box.


Professional Level                                           Prize: 4,000 bolts
Gadgebot Toss: 9 goals                      Available after Collegiate Division

This is where it gets tricky - these guys are agro, and will beat the crap out
of you shoul you go anywhere near them with the bot. Also, there is a barrier
in front of the goal - it's easy to score from behind it, but remember that it
will make it harer to get back to the bot respawn point, and easier for your
opponents to stop you scoring.


Brain Trip                                                   Prize: 4,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival: 5 bots, 3 saves   Available after Of Trapeze and Teleporters

Have you first bot swing across, as well as your second and third bot. Then
select your first bot again and tell him to detonate after he drops down a
level, just before he reaches the arrows that will send him left. Make all
remaining bots swing across.


Smasherbot's Revenge                   Prize: 4,000 bolts and Crystallix Helmet
Destruction Derby: Saw Torso                          Available after Showdown!

It's a rematch against Smasherbot, and this time you're in a Saw Torso. It's a
little harder than the first Smasherbot derby, but if you follow the
instructions from before, you should be fine.


The Uber Finals                        Prize: 4,000 bolts and Crystallix Gloves
Gadgebot Toss: 10 goals                      Available after Professional Level

There are two Gadgebot respawn points, and two goals, so it's actually a bit
easier than last time. The barriers aren't much of a problem, but watch out for
your competitors - they're hungrier than ever for the prize.


Nigh Impossible                      Prize: 4,000 bolts and Sludge Mk. 9 Helmet
Gadgebot Survival: 9 bots, 4 saves                   Available after Brain trip

Despite the name, it's not actually impossible, but it is a challenge, one not
to be taken lightly. Make your first, second, third and fourth bots swing
across. By this time, your first bot should be going left towards the
teleporter. Electrify him, and the other three, and make your fifth and sixth
bots swing across, and electrify them.

Detonate your first bot when he's hedding right on the platform just about the
bot portal, and tell your seventh, eighth and ninth bots to swing across.
Electrify all 3 when they're on the other side. You can lose 5 bots, so don't
worry if it all seems a bit much.


[Escape the planet]

[CP] Well, if Ratchet won't come to us, then we're totally screwed, right?
Wrong - notice the shiny glowing pad on the other side of the junkyard? -
that's our ticket out of here. Get on the elevator and you'll go back to the
other side of the junkyard. [CP] Now go to your right and press /\ when
instructed. Clank will turn in to the awesome GIANT CLANK! and blast off in to

Now these space missions are like the space missions from Ratchet & Clank 2.
You play as Giant Clank, shooting all the enemies out of space. Use X or () to
fire your plasma bullets, and [] to fire rockets (when you have them). There's
a small bar below the number of rockets you have - this is how close you are to
getting another rocket - when it fills up, you get 1 more rocket. Heres some
tips on beating this part of the level:

Hold down X/() ALL THE TIME! You can't run out of bullets, so there's no harm.

The little red ships usually form themselves in a line. Moving in those lines
is an excellent way to get rid of enemies fast.

Rockets aren't for wasting - keep them for the boss (unless you're trying to
get the Terror Of The Skies skill point) or when lots of blue ships are

The boss has a ton of health, so I advise moving in large circles around the
edges of the screen whilst holding down X/()and firing rockets every now and
then - it may take a while, but you won't get hit much. You may have to change
the direction of your rotation at some point, so be ready!

Avoid obstacles - they will only hurt you more.

And most importantly, NEVER STAY STILL! This applies to almost any shooting
game - if you were Ratchet would you just sit there and fire? No, you'd jump
and move so the enemy doesn't have a clue about where you're going! The rockets
will go everywhere, and usually crazy movement makes up for poor accuracy in
the end. Note: If you were Ratchet and you had the RYNO, you could just stand
there and fire, and with the Laser Tracer you MUST stand there and fire, so it
isn't one of those "all the time" things, but here it's stupid to not move.

Once you take down the boss, you will receive the Electroshock Gloves, and you
will now be playing as Ratchet.

|7.5: Dreamtime|

Woah, this place is nuts! The screen's corners are blurry, you don't know where
you are, and it looks like you're high. What a combination. After the cutscenes
you'll be in a really weird looking place.


[CP] Walk across the rocks, and a wall will explode so some birds can fly at
you. Kill them (Nanotech=16) and jump through the hole to end up in a big area
with green clouds and yellow platforms. Keep traversing the platforms to run in
to a vendor. Restock on ammo (Scorcher, Suck Cannon) and then move on.

Get the plant to follow you until you get attacked by 4 birds. Kill the birds
and go to the soil. The plant will turn in to a bomb - a Qwark's head bomb.
Weird. Hit Qwark's head (something Ratchet's always wanted to do) to have a
Hypershot target, and then swing across it. Watch out for the red beam coming
from the eye - if it sees you, you're dead.

Once you're past the eye, jump across the 2 parasols and plant the 2 plants in
the soil to reveal 2 Qwark's head bombs. Hit them both at the gap that you
would come across if you were to go left at the fork you just went right at. It
will reveal 2 Hypershot targets, so go back and swing across them. You will now
be on Qwark's hat. Some birds will be coming towards you so kill them and move
forwards and turn right to see QWARK WITH A FRIGGIN' CHAINSAW! AHHHHHH! Kill
Qwark and move on.

[CP] Now turn left to see 3 moving parasols - jump across them and avoid the
eye. Now do you see something of some significance in the distance? Your ship!
You're saved! But once you get there, it disappears! Crap. Oh well, for now,
let's just avoid the chainsaws that are about to cut this platform in to 6
different pieces, OK?

2 Qwarks will now appear. This part is really annoying - small platforms and
enemies attacking you isn't a good mix - try and jump to and from platforms,
but if that's to hard, just dodge the chainsaw he throws at you, and then shoot
him, and repeat for the other ones. Kill both Qwarks and another 2 will appear.

Now Luna comes up - let's go to her platform and.. damn, she disappeared! [CP]
The platform is now moving, so face where it's going. Once it stops, swing
across the extremely large gap with the Hypershot and avoid the 6 eyes that are
there by running just as the first eye on the right turns away from you - it'll
be a close shave.

[CP] Now something happens (don't know what) but swing across
with the Hypershot and traverse the platforms until you reach a building - it's
Ratchet's small hut on Veldin (if you didn't know). See that mirror? Shoot it
and some birds will start to attack you. Kill the group (Nanotech=17) so the
door will open.

Now traverse the platforms until you reach a waterfall - a HUGE group of birds
will come rushing out, so kill them quickly (Acid Bomb Glove V3) and then go
over to your right. This is a wall jump area - if you face one wall, jump and
press X again as you hit the wall, you can go up the wall! Press X each time
you hit the wall until you get to the top.

Now get on the taxi, but be ready for those persistent Qwarks. One will appear
on a taxi near the building, so kill it (it's hard to avoid chainsaws on the
taxi but anyways). Another one will appear on a taxi away from the building, so
kill it and you will arrive at the building(Nanotech=18).

Now you'll be in Clank's apartment in Metropolis, and another mirror is here.
Shoot it as you did last time and some birds will come out again. Kill them all
and a door will open on your left. [CP] Jump on the elevator and you'll be
taken to... upside down? Anyway, you'll be taken to... not more birds!? Some
birds will come out of nowhere, and if you're like me, the first weapon you'll
take out is your Acid Bomb Glove - don't even bother - you're upside down, and
gravity hasn't flipped with you, so those bombs will just keep going down.

Use your LACERATOR to take the flapping idiots down, and then... MORE BIRDS?
WHY DOES RATCHET DREAM ABOUT BIRDS? Jeez! Anyways, take this group down,
you'll FINALLY arrive at... a big purple platform, of course (you're not upside
down anymore).

[CP] Woah, there are Clank heads everywhere! Not good. And now some more Qwarks
appear! Kill the 2 of them (Dual Lacerators) and yet another flock of birds
will fly at you. Kill the lot of them and now 3 more Qwarks appear - kill the 3
of them (if you have the Dual Lacerators it's quite easy) (Nanotech=19) and...
you guessed it, another flock of birds. Kill these guys to have 2 Hypershot
targets appear - swing across and restock on ammo.

[CP] OK, this is getting weirder by the second - step in to the blue circle to
be moved to a platform where another flock of birds attacks you - kill them and
another blue circle will appear. Step in it to be transported to another
platform where 2 Qwarks are attacking you - kill them so the next blue circle
appears. It will take you to another flock of birds, so after they're dead, yet
another flock of birds attacks you. Once this group is dead, the next blue
circle appears. And of course, this one takes you to more Qwarks - kill the 2
idiots to have the final blue circle appear.


Clank? He wouldn't hurt Ratchet, surely? No, but his butterfly minions will do
it for him! There are 4 types of attacks in this boss battle - the shockwaves
that you jump over to avoid, the bombs, which are avoided by just moving all
the time, the big burst of butterflies, which too is avoided by moving all the
time, and of course, Clank himself, which is also avoided by moving all the
time. Once this 1 minute and 25 second "battle" is over, Ratchet will collect
the Crystallix Body Armour, and finally wake up.

|7.6: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega|

I had the most evil dream! And you were there, and Qwark was there, and birds
were there, it was horrible! But for now, let's just find our guns, huh?

[Find your equipment]

Your Lacerator is right there at the door - the locked door. Unlock the door so
you can keep going. Kill the 3 spider bots and a nurse bot and 2 more spider
bots will come out of the door. Kill all 3, and then move on. Jump over the red
parts of this room - otherwise, a turret will come out and shoot you.

Collect your Concussion Gun (if you bought it) and kill the 2 spider bots and
the nurse bot. Then a trooper will come out of the door - he has a rocket
launcher, so watch out, Once the trooper is dead, jump over all the red parts
of the floor and have Clank get in the turret.

Shoot all the spider bots whilst Ratchet is opening the door. They will freeze
when you hit them, but they thaw very quickly, so once they thaw, shoot them
again. Once they have been shot 4 times, the spider bot dies. They don't take
damage when they're frozen. (Nanotech=21)

Once the door is open, [CP] avoid the red parts of the floor and collect your
Acid Bomb Glove. Kill the 5 spider bots and the 2 laser bots. Now a trooper and
3 spider bots come out - 2 of the spider bots get in to turrets, so take them
down first, then deal with the trooper (Nanotech=22)

Now a door opens, and a purple thing is inside - this will give you the rest of
your weapons back. But, now 3 spider bots and 2 troopers with shields (provided
by 2 laser bots) are after you! Kill the 2 laser bots shielding the troopers
first, then take the troopers down (along with the 3 spider bots) (Acid

[CP] Now restock on ammo (Bee Mine Glove, Bolt Grabber, Box Breaker) and have
Clank get in the turret. Do the same thing you did last time and then once the
door opens, kill the 2 laser bots before anything else, otherwise those turrets
will have shields. Now kill the rest of the enemies and climb the ladder.

Now this will be a big fight. Again, kill the 2 laser bots to prevent shields
on any enemies, then take down the troopers and then the turrets. (Nanotech=23)
Now go in the room to have a cutscene play, and then... GET US OUTTA HERE!

[Escape the medical facility]

You now have 4 minutes to escape from this hell hole! Collect the Crystallix
Boots, and then slide down the tube! Once the fun is over, [CP]have Clank
enter the turret. Do as you did last time, and then go through. [CP] Wall jump
to the top and then unlock the door. Go through and then you'll see your ship
completely surrounded by guards. Now this is going to be one hell of a fight!

Start be killing the laser bot - this will make the 8 troopers, the 2 turrets
and the other 4 laser bots come out to play! The troopers should be your main
target - with only  2 laser bots to share with shields, just bombing the place
with your Acid Bomb Glove, and then taking out your Scorcher (or Lacerator) and
burning or shooting the rest should get you through. As for the turrets, some
Agents of Doom should destroy them (or just shoot them with your Lacerator,
however the Agents allow you to concentrate on other enemies) (Nanotech=24)
(Agents of Doom V2).

[Rematch - Skyboarder racer]

Watch the cutscene, and then fly off to some floating parts of the remains of
the Surgical Factory. Talk to the Skyboarder, and then win the race to get the


Race 1: Interior Decorating                                    Prize: Polarizer

You're now on a completely new Skyboard track - composed of a blown up surgical
factory. It's a bit harder than the Challax track, but it's not impossible.
Notice how in the middle of the track are two seperate paths - you can transfer
to each path at certain times to get a better time. You can also use this
tactic to get heaps of boost, and to avoid obstacles. There are no bombs or
purple rings here either... yet.


Race 2: Danger, High Voltage                                  Prize: 5500 Bolts

This version adds a lot more speed modifier pads (both faster and slower) and a
lot of bombs. Keep your eye out, especially in the past parts of the track -
you don't want to crash there. There are also these blue oval glowing balls
that roll back and fourth - don't touch those either.


Race 3: The Vortex                                            Prize: 7000 Bolts

Now the vents have been modified to blow you away from your course - not good.
Also, there are a lot more slow speed pads, and heaps of walls and oval balls
blocking your path. This could take a while.


Race 4: Vertigo                                       Prize: Electroshock Boots

Here we are - the final Skyboard race. This is the toughest one of all - bombs,
purple rings, oval balls, and heaps of fast speed pads. That makes it tougher
you ask? It sure does - the track is filled with little walls and obstacles to
speed in to and crash, and most of them are on blind corners. Get to know the
track and where all the obstacles are - it'll help a lot.


Now go to Challax.

|7.7: Technomite City, Challax|

[Ride the hovercar]

So here we are, on Planet Challax. See the shiny car you almost threw? Go to it
and press /\. You'll automaticly shrink and the hovercar will taker you to... a
mini Technomite City? Ooooo...k.

[Explore the minature city]

[CP] Start off by restocking on ammo, and notice the PDA is on sale. BUY IT AS
SOON AS YOU CAN! It will help you HEAPS! But for now unlock the door so we can
use the elevator. Once you unlock the door and take the elevator, it will take
you down to an airport terminal. Now get out your Polarizer and use it on the
stereotypical looking magneton your left. This will blow luggage in to the
power supply and a henchman, thus allowing you to go through.

Now go to your left and there will be another magnet. Use the Polarizer on it
to deactivate  the laswer and kill 2 of the 3 henchmen, and then kill the
remaining henchman yourself (Nanotech=25) (Scorcher V2). Now go forward and to
your right, and 2 ships will appear. 4 enemies will come off the 2 ships, so
kill the 4 of them and then turn the bolt crank at the other end of the pathway
to turn the magnet around, and then use the Polarizer on the magnet to unlock
the door.

[CP] Now watch out for henchmen - they can come out of nowhere, so get that
plant in the soil ASAP, otherwise the henchmen will get you first. You may opt
to plant the plant iin the soil after all the henchmen are dead, but whatever.
(Nanotech=26) (Concussion Gun V3)

Once the plant is planted, climb the ladder and plant the plant up here to get
a bomb plant. Hit the bomb at the statue to have the statue fall over, and then
go back down to the statue and killl any enemies that may have come along after
you went up the ladder (Scorcher V3). Now run up it and unlock the door to get
to the next part.

[CP] Now step on the button to activate the elevator, but be ready for an
ambush! 4 henchmen will come in through the windows, so kill the 4 of them.
Once they are dead, the elevator starts moving again, and then some more
enemies come - 2 zappers and 2 henchmen - kill all 4 of them, and you'll
finally arrive at the top of the building. (Nanotech=27)

But now, 2 zappers will appear! Kill them both, and then go down the zip line
to arrive at the smokestacks. [CP] Go up the 4 initial stacks to have a
cutscene play. Now watch out for those nasty red circles - if you're in one of
them when the ship strikes, it's gonna hurt.

Jump over the 4 stacks and then keep walking along the leaves until you reach
the flowers. Jump over the flowers until you reach more leaves. These leaves
continue until you see grey leaves on a spider web. Once they stop, you'll be
on more green leaves. Along with the ship attacking, pillars will fall down
every now and again, so be on the lookout - when they fall, jump over them.
Jump over the flowers, and then more green leaves with pillars until you reach
a vendor. Restock on ammo (PDA) and go down the zip line.


Get some Agents of Doom on the ground, and start shooting the ship with your
Lacerator(s). Watch out for the zappers on the left and right of the
battlefield, cause they'll get you before the ship does if you're not careful.
Avoid the laser by simply jumping over it for the time being. Put out more
Agents of Doom each time more zappers appear.

Once the ship is at 1/2 health, the laser starts tracking you, firing in short
bursts. The zappers are still here, so put out Agents of Doom, and concentrate
on the ship. You might want to pull out a different weapon at this stage, to
see if it does any more damage, but as for me, the Dual Lacerators do fine

But wait, I ran out of Dual Lacerators ammo! But thanks to my trusty PDA, I
just got some more! Now just continue this strategy until he dies. Now cross
the bridge and pick up the Electroshock Helmet. Then go to the door, watch the
cutscene and you'll be on your way to Dayni Moon.

|7.8: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon|

This is a MOON, not a PLANET! Day and night switches frequently, night lasts
longer than day IMO, plants only work in the day, and for some odd reason, the
sheep turn in to monsters with red eyes at night, so be careful!

Brima suggests killing the sheep before night falls - they won't go
phsyco at you that way when it does reach night time on the moon.

[Catch Luna]

Restock on ammo and go down the path. Ignore the sheep and farmers (unless
you're a phsycopathic killer who hates farmers and sheep) and kill the trooper
down the bottom of the path (if you don't before you are put inside the
building, don't worry, you can kill it later).

You will now be inside the building with some EVIL SHEEP! Kill all 5 of them,
(Nanotech=29) and the doors should open. Now go back to where the trooper is
and kill it, and get the plant on your left so you can plant it in the first
lot of soil, then go back and get the plant on your right, so you can plant it
in the next lot of soil.

Now jump on the first flower and it will propell you higher and higher on each
jump, until you can go to the next flower, then do the same thing until you can
reach the platform. [CP] Now go forward until you see Luna! She pulls some
levers and some sheep start chasing against a farmer! Kill the sheep (the
farmer may get caught in the fight but whatever - just more bolts)
(Nanotech=30) (Incinerator) and continue up the path and through the building.

Now you'll see a trooper on your left - his rockets are now quite easy to
dodge, but he's hard to hit. Once he's dead, (Nanotech=31) continue up the path
until you see some hay stacks and soil at the far end of the platform. There is
a plant in between 2 hay stacks on your left, so plant it. It won't be usable
until day, but this gives you time to deal with the killer sheep that are
trying to kill you.

Keep killing the sheep until day time comes about, (Agents of Doom V3)
(Nanotech=31) and then use the launcher plant to get yourself to the platform
with the flower on it. [CP] Now us the flower to get to the next platform, then
use THAT flower to jump up high enough to hover down to the area below. There
are 2 troopers waiting here, so kill them first. (Nanotech=32)

Plant the plant on the left side of the building (the left side of where you
landed) in the soil closer to the building, and the other plant in the other
soil. The building contains a Titanium Bolt, so you don't have to unlock the
door. Once day time comes, use the flowers to jump up to the platform, and
collect the Mega-Bomb Helmet.

Now Luna will make the gears move. Go through just after the gears go back, and
you'll be fine. [CP] Restock on ammo (Shock Rocket), and get ready for a boss

[BOSS BATTLE: LUNA] ["Disable" Luna]

Part 1 takes us to a field. Luna is in a plane, shooting at you, and you have
to avoid her bullets. When she starts firing, run to the left or right. Once
that's over, day turns in to night, and now Luna's plane turns in to a
harvester for Part 2.

She will follow you, so keep running, and jump over the rocks - they will stop
you dead in your tracks (and half the time you end up dead because of the
mistake), but you also need to watch out for the sheep - because it's night,
the sheep are evil.

Once that's over, you will hover down to a platform, and Part 3 will ensue.
Just keep moving and don't head for the shadows (where the rocks will fall) and
you should reach a cutscene. After that, it's a showdown between you and Luna
in Part 4.

Pull out either your Lacerators or your Shock Rocket (if you've got it) and
keep firing. Luna will shoot lasers from the harvester a couple of times and
she will come straight at you. When she does, jump to avoid the harvester and
she'll do it again. Remember, there are health boxes at either end of the
battlefield, so use your Box Breaker if you need to.

When Luna is down to half her health, she will start throwing acid bombs at
you, and she might switch between shooting you with her harvester and throwing
acid bombs. Just keep doing what you were doing before and you should win the
battle. Watch the cutscenes, and then you'll be... Inside Clank? Man, this gets
weirder all the time!

[Win Fabulous Cash and Prizes (optional)]

Either before you attempt to find Luna, or once you get out of Clank, go from
your ship and go to the opposite end of the field. There is a teleporter on a
platform - use it to be taken to the Dayni Moon Clank Challenges. Here are the


Welcome to Dayni                                             Prize: 1,000 bolts
Destruction Derby - Ram Torso                            Avaliable from arrival

The normal destruction derby on a whole new map. Pretty easy - just disable all
your opponents.


HAY-re We Are!                                               Prize: 1,000 bolts
Gadgebot Toss - 5 goals                                  Avaliable from arrival

Gadgebot Toss, also in a new arena. You'll have to navigate your way around the
haystacks, but other than that, easy.

Two's A Crowd                                                Prize: 1,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival - 8 bots, 6 saves                      Avaliable from arrival

Make your first bot detonate when he's above the platform below the one he's
currently on. Electrify the next 3 Gadgebots, then leave it - you will win


Round Up!                                                    Prize: 2,000 bolts
Destruction Derby - Spike Torso                Avaliable after Welcome to Dayni

In this derby, we discover the new Spike Torso - when you press X or [], 8
spikes come out of your vehicle at 45 degree intervals. To complete this level,
simply kill the 3 sheep. Beware, they can and will attack you.


Tri-Bomb Tournament                                          Prize: 2,000 bolts
Gadgebot Toss - 8 goals                           Avaiable after HAY-re We Are!

3 goals, 1 Gadgebot. You'll have to be extra vigilant and search everywhere to
find any opponent who may have the Gadgebot, and it'll be hard to sop them with
3 goals to choose from - full on offense.


Reverse into Victory                                         Prize: 2,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival - 8 bots, 6 saves               Avaliable after Two's A Crowd

Detonate your first bot when he's past the stairs below him. Leave the next 2
bots completly, but the 2 bots after that need to be electrified. Do so, then
keep your eye on the last 2 bots. After they drop down and hit the arrows, then
electrify them. You've only got 1 bot in reserves for mistakes, so concentrate.


Variety is Shocking                                          Prize: 3,000 bolts
Destruction Derby - Electro Torso                     Avaliable after Round Up!

As suggested in the title, we have alittle of everything in this derby. We have
the sheep again, and the shepard as well. As usual, straight forward - kill all
opponents to win.


A-rooouund the Bend                                          Prize: 3,000 bolts
Gadgebot Toss - 5 goals                     Avaliable after Tri-Bomb Tournament

This will be nuts - 4 players, 2 Gadgebots, 1 hard to rach goal. You have to
get the bot, then go all the way to the other side of the arena to score. Try
to take the same route back to the bot respawn point that your opponents are
using to get to the goal with a Gadgebot so you can stop them, and stall them,
or steal their Gadgebot.


Emergency Bridge                                             Prize: 3,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival - 9 bots, 6 saves        Avaliable after Reverse into Victory

Electrify your first 3 Gadgebots, then leave them be - they will eventually
reach a portal. Electrify your fourth and fifth bots, and when they exit the
teleporter, tell them both to be a bridge. Tell all remaining bots to swing
across the gap.


Tom Sawyer                                                   Prize: 4,000 bolts
Destruction Derby - Saw Torso               Avaliable after Variety is Shocking

In this arena, the sheep and their shepards are after you! Not too hard, but
these guys can be difficult at times, and they like to move around in a group,
so watch out - you don't want to get mauled by angry sheep, do you?


The Thin Bouncy Line                                         Prize: 4,000 bolts
Gadgebot Toss - 6 goals                     Avaliable after A-rooouumd the Bend

2 Gadgebots, 2 goals. Between the Gadgebot respawn points and the goal, there
is a wall of bouncy yellow semispheres - watch out for them, as they give the
perfect oppertunity for your opponents to steal you bot However, should they
get stuck, take advantage and take their bot.


Leap of Faith                                                Prize: 4,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival - 9 bots, 5 saves            Avaliable after Emergency Bridge

Tell your first 2 bots to swing across, and let the rest of your bots fall to
the platform below. Once the first 2 bots have fallen off the arrows that tell
them to go left, tell them both to make a bridge. Just after that, tell your
third bot to detonate - he should be at the end of the platform, at the wall
block (this may kill 1 or 2 o your other bots, but don't worry, you'll still
make it). Leave every other bot be - you'll eventually win.


Smasherbot Returns                                           Prize: 5,000 bolts
Destruction Derby - Spike Torso                      Avaliable after Tom Sawyer

This is going to be tough - your last arena challenge, and an old foe returns
to kick your ass - unless you spike his first. There are no health pickups
here, so I advise doing a "drive-by" spike on Smasherbot - when you drive past
him, attack then speed off. He'll miss you with the hammer, and you can do this
over and over until he's dead.

If you drive up behind him and keep moving in circles, he will follow you. So
just keep his pace and you will constantly be behind him, in a zone where you
won't get hurt, because he can't see you! (Thanks to Tom Wells)


The Ultimate Showdown                                   Prize: Mega-Bomb Gloves
Gadgebot Toss - 8 goals                    Avaliable after The Thin Bouncy Line

This is actually quite an easy challenge when done right - you see, although
there is inly one respawn point, 2 bots can be on the field at any given time.
So, simply pick up a bot, score, then go back, get another and score at the
goal on the other end of the field - there are 3 goals, so it shouldn't be hard
to find one. It's like a relay - go back and fourth until all 8 goals have been


Infinite Improbability                                   Prize: Mega-Bomb Boots
Gadgebot Survival - 6 bots, 1 save                Avaliable after Leap of Faith

This may be the toughest challenge you may ever encounter in the Ratchet and
Clank series ever. But, it isn't impossible, unlike the title implicitly states
(and is, I think). Anyway, with your first bot, wait until he drops a platform,
then detonate him right next to the rope. For your second bot, when he drops
down throught the gap you just made by detonating your first bot, make him in
to a bridge. For your third bot, wait until he is on the bottom platform with
the arrows, and is going left, then make him in to a bridge as well.

Electrify your fourth bot, and then when your fifth bot appears, turn him in to
a bridge where the first bot detonated to restore the functionality to the
rope. Your fourth bot should have teleported by now - he'll be on the right
side of the screen. Turn him in to a bridge just before the edge of the
platform he drops on to, then quickly make your sixth bot swing across the gap,
and he'll enter the port.


|7.9: Inside Clank|

[Defeat all Technomites]

So, we've been in tropical resorts, lush rainforests, minature factories, and
inside your best friend who's a robot that's 1/5 your size. Wow, what a trip!
Anyways, restock on ammo, and remember: Clank isn't on your back, you're inside
him, so don't try any heli-pack tricks, cause they won't work.

Start by taking out your Sniper Mine and killing the 4 zappers on the platform
down below. If you don't have the Sniper Mine, then you'll have to go down the
zip line and kill them some other way. Once their dead, go throught the hall
and drop down to find some henchmen. Kill the 3 of them (Nanotech=33), and then
the door will open.

Go forward until 2 henchmen come out. This is how this segment works - enemies
come out of their hiding spots when you get close enough to alert them, so kill
these 2 henchmen, and then move forward until 2 more come out. Now just keep
going until the rest of the enemies come out. Once they're all dead, the exit
door will open.

In the next part, kill one zapper, which alerts the other 2, and then enter the
room and kill the other two. 3 henchmen should come out of the door while you
do this, so kill them afterwards. Once all the enemies are dead, go through the
door [CP] and restock on ammo.

Go through this door and some enemies will come down on the elevator. Kill them
(Nanotech=34), and another group will come. Kill them, and then you can get on
the elevator. Once it stops, get of and go down the hallway. Get out your long
range weapon (Sniper Mine, Shock Rocket or Lacerators if you don't have one of
the first 2), jump on to the fan and kill the 2 zappers.

Now stand on the button, and the fan will blow you up - hold the Analog Stick
or D-Pad in one direction until you land or are hanging on to the platform.
Once there, kill the henchmen and go through the hallway, kill the henchmen and
restock on ammo.

[CP] Now go through the door. notice the 6 doors - 3 on either side. Enemies
will come out of these on usually you'll be too busy dealing with other enemies
to notice, so keep your eyes open for opening doors. Once the door at the end
of the room opens (Nanotech=35) (Shock Rocket V2), go through and unlock the

[CP] Now kill all the enemies, and notice the pieces of metal lying around -
you are in Clank's heart, and you need to get all of the pieces of his heart
back where they should go, so get out your Polarizer and use it to lift pieces
up and put them in the right spot. The heart will send out waves, so jump when
it does.

When you've fixed Clank's heart, a door will open. Go through and step on the
button to see a cutscene.

[Escape from Clank]

[CP] So now we've got to get out of Clank before the anti virus program
activates and tries to kill us. Ratchet's no virus! We must leave! Start by
going down the hallway until you see a vendor. Restock on ammo and then go
through the hallway and kill the mini bots (Nanotech=36). Watch out for the
laser - it flashes on and off, so don't get hit!

Go through the fan and kill the mini bots, and then go through the laser and
use your Polarizer on the magnet - you will now be upside down. Go thriugh the
laser to the next magnet and use the Polarizer to get back to normal. Watch out
for the yellow spark - it goes around in a rectangle. Once you're at the
magnetic strip, walk up it and avoid the lasers to eventually come out on the
other side.

Restock on ammo (Static Barrier), and use the Polarizer on the magnet. Avoid
the lasers and you'll end up at another magnetm so use the polarizer on it to
get back to normal. Use your Hypershot to get across the gap, and then kill the
4 mini bots that appear. Avoid the sparks and then you'll come to a laser maze.
Watch for a while so you can remember the pattern, and then go through the
middle path.

[CP] Jump on the platform, and use your Hypershot to get to the other side of
the gap. Avoid all the lasers, and then use your Hypershot again. [CP] Now get
on to the magnetic platform and use the Polarizer to be taken across the gap.
Kill the 4 mini bots, avoid the lasers and the sparks, and then go down the

Now use your Polarizer to be taken to the other side of the gap and then use it
again to be taken to the platform. Avoid the sparks and you'll end up at
another Polarizer platform. Keep using the Polarizer, but plan your route to
avoid the lasers. Once you're at the hallway, collect the Mega-Bomb Body
Armour, and then go down the hallway to freedom!

You are now back on Dayni Moon. You can come back to this arena to go back
inside Clank. Now go to the Clone Factory on Quadrona.

|7.10: Clone Factory, Quadrona|

The final fronteir. Get ready for some close calls, and if you have the PDA,
get a nice fat bolt account - having a lot of ammo (and the money to buy more)
pays off BIG TIME!

Start off by going through the door and killing the 4 turrets that appear. At
some point, a clone will appear - kill it, and then unlock the door. Go through
and kill the nurse bots (Nanotech=37), and then the 4 clones that come out.

[CP] Go through the door and swing across to the next door. All the green doors
are cloning chambers, and clones will come out of almost every one. I STRONGLY
recommend purchasing the Shock Rocket for this, but if you're poor, kick ass
with what you have. Once you have killed all the clones (Nanotech=38), go
through the door.

Now jump up on to the platform. See the big cylinder that's coming down all the
time? You have to wall jump up to the next level BEFORE it comes down and hits
you.  Do that, and then do it 3 more times t be at the top. Restock on ammo
(Laser Tracer) and go through the door.

[CP] You will now be on an unstable platform. If you kill a clone from here, or
stand here for too long, the platform will collapse, so get off and start
kiling the 7 clones. Once they are all dead, unlock the door.

When you are on the grindlock that is after the platform that falls down when
you first start you jump to the left and you should jump on a lower rail.
(Thanks to Nathan Willis).

Now this part is HARD without a good weapon, so get one or you'll get killed.
There are 4 doors: the one you came through, the one that will unlock once all
the clones are dead, and 2 others. The clones will come from all 4 doors, in
groups of 2, 3 or 4. I recommend using your Acid Bomb Glove when the group
first comes out, then once they start to run in different directions, use your
Shock Rocket. Once all the clones are dead, a door will open.

This part is optional. You can either kill all the clones, press the button at
the end of the room and then go to where Otto is, or let one clone out, press
the button, and then run through the big door that has just opened with heaps
of clones chasing you. Either way, once you get there, the last battle against
Otto begins.


Part 1 involves you simply staying alive for 3 minutes. Quite simple - run
around the edges of the arena, avoiding the clones. Unless you're going for the
Skill Point "Elite Annihilation" (which means you have to kill 70 clones) don't
kill any - otherwise a big muscly clone with a shotgun comes out, and he's
harder than the initial clones that chase you. Anyways, after running in a
circle for 3 minutes, Part 2 ensues.

[CP] Now you're tiny and Otto is freakin' HUGE! He'll use the Shrink Ray to
make objects so big that they fall down or make parts of the floor smaller so
they fall in to the lava, making big holes in the ground for you to avoid.
Again, fairly simple. Just dodge the falling lamps and don't run in to big
holes in the ground. And you'll have to keep away from Otto, or he'll pick you
up and eat you or something. Once you're at the door, Part 3 will start.

[CP] Now you're Giant Clank. Otto will fire bullets at you, and then make 3 or
4 big groups of missiles hit the ground - don't stand in yellow or red markers,
cause if you do you'll be hit. The buildings have health and ammo in them, and
with Otto on a rocket rampage, he'll leave some ammo and health lying there
just for you. You should only damage Otto when he's on the ground, cause
otherwise you may be hit with a big group of missiles. Once you've caused
enough damage to Otto, the REAL battle will start!

Here's a tip from Chris Steinwinder:

Clank can't be hit by Otto's bombardments if he's airborne.  So... count one
jump when you see the crosshairs.

[CP] If you want, you can leave to get more bolts for weapons/ammo, get some
new armour or whatever, but once you start battling Otto, keep focused! Otto
has shields that need to be deactivated (A.K.A killed) before you can actually
damage Otto. I suggest using your Lacerators on the shields, and a much more
powerful weapon on him when he runs like the little spaz he is for another

Otto attacks you in 3 different ways - a low shockwave, a high shockwave and
clapping his laser hands on you. Jump over the low shockwave, duck to avoid the
high shock wave, and double jump to avoid the clapping hands.

You may opt to use the Laser Tracer, but that weapon is VERY hard to aim at a
moving target, and you can't move whilst using it, so do whatever you need to
do to get him down to half health, but once he is, the fight will only get

Now he'll throw spark bombs at you, and his hand clapping turns in to fist
punching, but you should still double jump to avoid the fists as you did to
avoid the hands. His shockwave attack is now a triple shockwave. He throws 2
lows and one high in 2 seconds, so be quick to jump over the first two and then

Otto no longer has his shield, and he won't run around like a spaz anymore, so
just keep hitting him and he should eventually die. If you are constantly
dying, try and use sheilds.

Once Otto is dead, you can press [] to go in to Challenge Mode, or press () to
battle Otto again. Your choice, but Challenge Mode has better armour, Titan
weapons, and the RYNO, so you should eventually go in to Challenge Mode.

Brima suggests using the Electro Rocket to kill Otto.

Here's a tip from Josh Maynell:

On the final battle there is a blue strip around the edge of the island thing
you're on, and if you run around that when Otto doesnt have a sheild the bursts
of three shockwaves can't hit you on the blue strip... could be a glitch

Here's a tip from Nathan Willis:

If you want to defeat Otto quicker, use the Titan Dual Lacerators to get rid of
his shield, then use the Static Barrier with the Mirage Mod to create a mirage
of Ratchet to stall otto. Now get the Shock Rocket and fire heaps of rockets at
him. Near the end of the fight use the RYNO.

Here's a tip from Alec Shoop:

When I was on the final stage of the Otto battle, I found that using the Laser
Tracer worked really well to take down his shield, but then not well for when
he was running around.

|8: Titanium Bolts|

Titanium Bolts are optional collectables hidden in each level, and you can
purchase skins with them once they're collected.

|8.1: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru|

1: After you walk up the magnetic wall, kill all the enemies on the platform,
then walk over to the zip line. Turn 90 degrees to your left from facing the
zipline and you'll see a small platform slightly hidden by the rock. Long jump
to this platform and you'll find the bolt.

2: Go to the island with the crabs on it. After the crabs are all dead, get on
the raft. Skip the first island you pass, but get off on the second one. Go
around the left hut to find the bolt.

|8.2: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus|

1: After getting out of your ship, turn 90 degrees to your left and walk until
you fall on to a platform. The bolt is on the platform.

2: When you reach the area before the temple, where you have the big grey wall
in front of you, get on to the other side with the plant, then when you land,
look behind you. The bolt is near the grey wall you just went through.

|8.3: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon|

1: When you get out of your ship, go and look off the edge of the landing pad
to find a ledge. Walk around to behind the landing pad to find the bolt inside
a small rock.

2: When you're at the first Grind Lock, facing the door (or room you unlocked
if it's open), turn 90 degrees to your let and walk until the edge of the
platform. The bolt is behind the small wall beside you - you should be able to
se it if you rotate the camera to look behind you.

3: When you step on the magnetic wall just before you enter the room with all
the magnetic paths, look up in first person - you should see the bolt. TO get
it, facing the room with the paths, turn 90 degrees to your right, and walk up
so you are now standing on the right wall.

Face the magnetic paths room again, and walk towards it. There is a path - walk
on it until you come to an intersection. Go right at the interection and keep
walking until you reach the platform with the bolt.

|8.4: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis|

1: Come back to Metalis as Ratchet. You must have the Polarizer for this to
work. Go to the grey metal circular vent behind your ship, and use your
Polarizer on it to open it. Go through the path, and avoid the spikey walls. Be
careful though - you're on a conveyor belt.

Jump over the 2 gaps, and you'll come to a Gadgetron vendor, as well as 3 hover
bots. Kill them, and jump over the fire walls to meet 5 more hover bots. Kill
them, then go to the circular pad behind where the bots were. Use your
Hypershot to get over all the gaps, and you'll come across even more hover bots
on a conveyor belt.

Kill all of them, then go through the path, and avoid the spikey walls. Keep
going through the obstacle course, and you'll reach a gap. Go over the gap with
your Hypershot, and you'll find the bolt on an isolated platform surrounded by

There will be a teleporation pad here to come back - you'll need to use it for
the Easy Bolt Guide relating to this area if you don't want to go all the way
through the course again. You'll teleport to near your ship with the pad.

|8.5: Dreamtime|

1: When you go to the three parasols that are moving, look behind you, then up
to find a Hypershot target. Jump on to the first parasol, facing where you
jumped from, and fire your Hypershot - you should go to the top of the
platform, and find the bolt.

2: When you are at the entrance to Ratchet's old home, jsut after the
checkpoint, go around the left side of the hut to find the bolt.

3: At the Gadgetron vendor where the first blue circle transporter is, there
will be a big bolt in front of you. Use your Lacerators in First Person to
shoot at it, until you see a flash on the screen somewhere. Get out of First
Person and use the boxes as platforms to jump over and get the bolt.

Here's a tip from Differus:

In Dreamtime, the last Bolt you find, you tell the reader to "Shoot at it with
your Lacerators until you see a flash". However, upon seeing my targeting
reticle turn red while a giant blue crab floated in front of the bolt, the game
told me to "Shoot its weak point for massive damage" (lol), so, I shot at the
crab with one shot, and the pathway appeared. So basically, all you have to do
is to shoot the giant blue crab that will appear in front of the bolt every few

|8.6: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega|

1: Go to the Dreamtime bed - the isolated broken platform near your ship,
opposite from the Skyboarder. Behind all the wreckage, you will find the bolt.

NOTE: This same titanium bolt can be found after the wall-jump place while the
station is exploding. Just turn around and there is a ledge you can jump on
(thanks to 401891).

|8.7: Technomite City, Challax|

1: There is a ledge around the landing pad. Drop down on to it, and the bolt
will be at the bottom of the ramp.

2: After you use the Polarizer to push the suitcases in to the machine to
unlock the gate, you'll go in to a room, then go to your left and in to a third
room. There is a baggage claim in this room, to the left of where you entered.
The bolt is on the claim. Wait for it to come out, then get on the baggage
claim and get it.

3: After planting the bomb plant in the sand at the top of the ladder, instead
of hitting it towards the statue, hit it towards where you found the plant in
the first place - there is a black wall there. When hit, it will crumble,
revealing a room with the bolt inside.

|8.8: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon|

1: After you've planted the first 2 plants, use them to jump up and get the
bolt, which is on a small ledge that's on the wall above the opening of the

You could also get on to the ledge near the building, double jump and glide
towards the platform to get the bolt - if you're on the edge of the ledge, look
towards the building and you'll see the bolt. It's easy to glide to from here.

2: Go to the big building you find after you glide over the big gap. Kill the
robot/s here, then go to the beck of the building. You will find a Grind Lock
here. Complete it to open the door. Plant the small spring plant in the sand
you find there, and jump on it.

There is a platform on the inside of the building, very high up, hanging over
the doorway. The bolt is on the platform. You will have to jump 3 or four times
on the flower before you will even see the platform.

|8.9: Inside Clank|

1: Go to the start of the zipline, but walk off the edge of the platform. Look
behind you and you'll see a ladder. Go to the left side of the ladder, right on
the edge of the platform. Look behind the ladder to find a platform with the
bolt on it. Jump around the ladder to get on to the platform and get the bolt.

2: After you kill the zap bots just after you use the zipline, there is a
small, dark hallway. Go to the end of it, and walljump until you reach a higher
platform. Jump on to it, and walk across to get the bolt.

There is also another way to do it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_0nYgV1_tY
showed me how to do this. Go to the start of the small dark hallway, and there
will be some lights on either side. Jump on to these lights and keep jumping on
to the one above you until you get to the platform.

Bud and Audrey sent in this strategy (it's long, but equally helpful):

The way we did it was to Double Jump (X button twice Rapidly) against the wall
(in the correct place) in combination with the joystick pointing in the
jumping-to direction.

So if Ratchet is jumping to the left, the joystick should point left.

Youre welcomed to update the guide with this info, if you choose  and if you
want to credit us, use Bud and Audrey; if you dont want to credit us, were
fine with that too.

You might also want to note that not all show the clear delineation of wall
color (grey to black / lighter wall to very dark wall) that the video shows.

I dont know whether its the game, the TV or the combination of both but ours
showed two sets of strips about 1.5 times the width of Ratchet of slightly
darker shaded wall.

One set (a strip on each wall) was closest to the platform we were trying to
climb to (this is the set we used) and the other was at the end of the hallway
closest to the blue pillar and the three critters that come up the circular
walkway to harass Ratchet.

|8.10: Clone Factory, Quadrona|

1: After you kill the four waves of Ratchet clones in the red octagonal room, a
door with open. Go through, but once you're in the room, stop and look to your
left - you'll see a pile of boxes. Go over to them, and go up the boxes to find
a platform with the bolt.

|8.11: Skins|

There are several skins you can buy with the Titanium Bolts you collect:

Wear Current Armour                                                    Default

Tropical Vacation                                              4 Titanium Bolts

Plundering Pirate Captain                                      6 Titanium Bolts

Ratchetzilla                                                   6 Titanium Bolts

Kanga Ratchet (PS2 Only)                                       2 Titanium Bolts

Hiro Ratchet (PS2 Only)                                        2 Titanium Bolts

Thanks to abc acb for the PS2 port skins - these use up the remaining Titanium
Bolts that you can't spend in the PSP version.

|9: Skill Points|

Skill Points are small, optional tasks in the game that you can complete to
unlock special cheats. The problem is that you only know the name of the Skill
Point, and not how to complete the task associated with the names. This list
tells you what task goes with what name - how to complete the Skill Points.
There is also a list of the cheats you unlock by completing the Skill Points.

Originally, I had a list from ibrake4dragons, but when I revamped the guide, I
made my own list. His strategies are still in here, I've just made my own list
with my own strategies to add to it.

|9.1: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru|

Train Faster: Complete the "training" portion of Pokitaru in less than 1:32.

If you've played the game before, this should be easy - you know all the
controls, so just go through as fast as you can. You may want to do it after
you leave Pokitaru, otherwise there will be more enemies to defeat.

Don't Rock the Boat: Complete the boat challenge on Pokitaru without taking a
                     single hit.

Also not too hard, but you should wait until you have really good, upgrade
weapons like the RYNO and the Electro Rocket.

Do Cows Get Crabby: Turn 26 crabs into cows with the Mootator/Armoogeddon.

This is easy to do in Chalenge Mode, when you first go through Pokitaru -one of
the islands is loaded with crabs, so just stay there Mootating crabs until
there are none left. You may need to Mootate some before then, but it's still
pretty easy. But if you have the Armoogeddon, be careful of the exploding bull
that may kill some of the crabs without counting towards your Mootated crab

|9.2: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus|

Bury the Pygmies: Get Bury Blossoms to eat 4 Pygmy Tribesmen (5 in Challenge

This is easiest to do near the grey wall you have to get flung through by the
plant. Go to the platform with the grey wall on it, and go close enough for the
Pygmies to roll out, but stay back so they don't whoop your ass - instead,
they'll just roam around near the 2 Bury Blossoms, and get eaten.

ibrake4dragons: I found that getting them to stop vomiting their stuff on your
and constantly jumping over the plants helps them calm down and not swing like
hell, killing nearby Pygmies; and that has sometimes helped them in forgetting
bout you and feasting like you want them to.)

Lights, Camera, Action!: Kill 10 floating cameras.

There are floating cameras all over the level - keep an eye out, and shoot them
with your Lacerators if you see one - one hit, one kill.

Ship It: Break all the crates on the level.

Quite self explanatory, and it's easy once you have the Box Breaker - jsut go
around Hyper-Striking at every given moment. You also have to get the boxes in
the temple with Clank.

|9.3: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon|

Explosive Ordnance Disposal: Clear all the remote bombs in the Gravity Boot

Get out your Sniper Mine and stand at the entrance to the sphere. Shoot every
single one you see - you should get the point. If you don't, you should go in
and look around - ther may be one hiding somewhere.

Super Lombax: Kill 25 enemies in a row without getting a single hit.

Easy with a weapon like the RYNO. I thing the bombs in the Gravity Boot sphere
count as enemies, and there's heaps of them, so follow the instructions for the
last Skill Point to see how to kill heaps them without getting hit.

You can use the Static Barrier as well (thanks to Karan Bahadoer).

Be A Cool Skyboarder: Win a Skyboarding race without using boost.

Just don't press [] at all and win to get the point. It's probably smart to do
the first race - it's the easiest.

|9.4: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis|

Shutout: Win a Gadgebot Toss challenge without letting anyone else score.

Again, do the first one because it's easy and only requires 5 goals.

Terror of the Skies: Get over 600 points in the Giant Clank Challenge (950 in
                     Challenge Mode)

A big misconception here is to still save your rockets for the boss - don't do
it! Use your rockets when there are tons of enemies on the screen for big
points! Use my method for beating the boss - you can do it without any rockets,
it just takes time.

Ultimate Gladiator: Complete all Clank Arena challenges.

Self explanatory. See my guide for how to beat the Clank Challenges if you're
having trouble.

|9.5: Dreamtime|

Friends Don't Hurt Friends: Get through the Giant Clank fight without getting
                            a single hit.

Just avoid all Clank's attacks - very easy.

Night Terrors: Defeat the waves of enemies on the last island in under 45

This 'last island' is the part of the stage where the Dr. Qwarks and birds all
spawn on the giant bolts, and you have to go through the black portals to get
to the next giant bolt: some have been confused on just where the area was.

Again, having the RYNO helps a lot here. You'll fly thorugh this point with it.

|9.6: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega|

Be An Awesome Skyboarder: Beat the master challenge in under 3:25.

You'll have to never fall of, and know that track like the back of your hand to
do this one - really tough.

Here's a tip from Chris Steinwinder:

You mentioned the Awesome Skyboarder skill point is really tough and a no
mistake approach is needed.  Need to save time?  Try this tricky-but-rewarding
mistake.  Race through the first and second parts of the race as best you can.
At the open space area, Watch the MAP, not the CAMERA view, and after the
or third asteroid make an absolute beeline, boosting, at the finish line.

The result is that you will start to fall when you get too far from the rocks;
dont worry about that, as you can keep boosting and recover as you pass near
one.  If you smack the underside of an asteroid, no worries.  If you did it
right, it will put you at the starting line when you respawn  shaving an easy
10-15 seconds off your time, and you can do it twice.  The effect?  I rammed
five walls and seven mines, and got a time of 3:15.  Easy peasy.

|9.7: Technomite City, Challax|

Take Them Down A Shock: Kill 23 Shock Troopers without dying.

Shock Troopers are the little guys that attack you on Challax. Just get through
the whole level without dying and you should get the point. It's probably
easier to do it on your first run through because there are more troopers.

Here's a tip from Austin Fuhrman:

All you have to do is wait until the end of the level where you fight the
dropship and when it goes back and forth with the laser let it hit the shock
troopers on the sides of the platform.  If you do this for a while it will get
you the skill point. It's a lot easier because you don't have to kill and
troopers; you can just let it do it for you!

High Tech Weapons Master: Beat the enemy segment without using the Lacerator,
                          Acid Bomb Glove, Concussion Gun, Shock Rocket, Laser
                          Tracer, Sniper Mine, or RYNO.

In other words, you can only use the Agents of Doom, Scorcher, Bee Mine Glove,
Suck Cannon, Mootator and Static Barrier to kill enemies - that's a good range
of weapons. The Armoogeddon (updraded Mootator) is really good here because it
has infinite ammo.

No More Varmints!: Get Over 1535 points in the Giant Clank challenge. (1950 in
                   Challenge Mode, thanks to Jackson Phoong for the correction)

Much like the Terror of the Skies skill point, this is hard. Again, don't save
rockets for the boss - use them on big groups of small enemies.

|9.8: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon|

Ultimate Gladiator: Complete all Clank Arena challenges.

Self explanatory. See my guides for the Clank Challenges if you can't beat

Wool Protest: Complete level 8 without killing any Angry Rams.

Remember, they're only angray rams at night, during the day they are sheep and
can be killed. Thanks to Chris Steinwinder.

ibrake4dragons: Pwning them with the Mootator/Armoogeddon does not count as
'killing' so you can still Mootate them and get the skill point, as well as
work on upgrading your Mootator if you haven't already at that time.

Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy: High-jump on a bouncy plant 10 times in a row.

You simply need to High Jump on the plant when you land on it after doing the
previous High Jump.

|9.9: Inside Clank|

Not the Shock of Me Now: Don't get hit at all while inside Clank's head.

This is a tough one, but is made easier by using the RYNO, and having the
Chameleon armour set - you can barely be seen by the enemy.

Using the Static Barrier/Repulser Field will make it easier to get the "Not The
Shock Of Me Now" skill point. The shield can take damage, and you can still
earn the skill point. As long as Ratchet does not lose any health, you can get
it. (Thanks to Negarro Uzumaki)

You can still get the Skill Point even if you take damage while navigating the
lock mechanism of the one locked door (thanks to Heather Watkins).

Ratchet... Just Ratchet: Beat the enemy segment using only the wrench.

ibrake4dragons: You may want to wait till your third play through to make this
much easier: the Stalker Armor set makes this point a breeze in getting, just
don't get hit a lot and you'll be fine. If you don't want to wait until then,
then may Thor have mercy on your wrench-loving soul.

The Fire-Bomb armor works well for the "Ratchet... Just Ratchet" skill point.
You can hit the Troopers while staying out of their attack range. (Thanks to
Negarro Uzumaki)

|9.10: Clone Factory, Quadrona|

Elite Annihilation: Defeat over 70 Elite clones during the Elite clone fight.

Again, easy with the RYNO, but another problem here is it's hard to stay alive
whilst heaps of crazy angry clones are chasing you. You'll need to have good
flipping skills to get this one.

Storm the Front: Complete the enemy portion of level 10 in less than 1:45.

Another skill point made simpler with the RYNO - just kill all the enemies
really quickly and it's done. The enemy portion is from the blue room where the
clones are fighting the Ratchet dummies to the room with the big red button
(all enemies must be killed in all 3 rooms).

Soccorchamp16@aol.com and Negarro Uzumaki both suggest that you kill all the
enemies in the passage, then go back to the start, then go through the passage
again, without the trouble of defeating enemies.

|9.11: Cheats|

This is a list of cheats that are unlock when you complete a certain amount of
Skill Points.

Big Headed Giant Clank                                            1 Skill Point

Self explanatory.


Big Headed Clank                                                 3 Skill Points

Self explanatory.


Big Headed Ratchet                                               5 Skill Points

Self explanatory.


She's On Fire                                                    7 Skill Points

Luna is now on fire when you do your tutorial on Pokitaru, as well as in some
cutscenes (thanks to flyersfan105).


More Cowbell                                                     9 Skill Points

Mootated enemies will now make a cowbell sound when killed.


Mirrored Levels                                                 10 Skill Points

Levels are now vertically mirrored - if you were to look at the normal level in
a mirror, that's the effect this cheat has.


Super Bloom                                                     12 Skill Points

Everything has a nice glow to it - items glow heaps more than they should.


Big Headed Enemies                                              14 Skill Points

Self explanatory.


Weapon Switching                                                16 Skill Points

Weapons will randomly switch every 5 seconds.


Bolt Confusion                                                  20 Skill Points

The control system is completely different.


Old Timey                                                       24 Skill Points

The game now looks like an old movie.


Moooo!                                                          24 Skill Points

Your enemies now sound like cows.


Hardcore Mode                                                   24 Skill Points

You can no longer save your game.


Climb the Tree House                                            25 Skill Points

Will take you to The Treehouse (the High Impact Games verison of the Insomniac

|10: Armour|

Armour is what protects you from enemy attacks. The better your armour, the
less chances you have of getting creamed. Again, the Armour Sets section was
written by ibrake4dragons, and any inquiries you may have can be either given
to me so I can forward them to him, or you can contact him on the R&C: SM
message board.

I wrote the Armour Piece Locations myself, and if you want to contact me about
that, see the E-Mail section.

|10.1: Armour Piece Locations|


Wildfire Helmet: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus

You will pick this up when you reach the temple (the part where you pay as

Wildfire Body Armour: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru

This is on the bridge that you activate with the bolt crank to finish the
training section of Pokitaru.

Wildfire Gloves: Jowai Resort, pokitaru

This is at the Gadgetron vendor at the place where you get on to the yellow

Wildfire Boots: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon

After you finish the elevator part, the elevator will go back up, and the boots
are right there.

|Sludge Mk. 9|

Sludge Mk. 9 Helmet: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis

You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "Nigh Impossible"

Sludge Mk. 9 Body Armour: Mechanoid Factory, Metalis

When you beat Mungo, a bridge will appear. The armour is on the bridge.

Sludge Mk. 9 Gloves: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon

You win this when you beat the "Master's Challenge" Skyboard race.

Sludge Mk. 9 Boots: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus

When you plant for first plant in the soil, the plant turns in to a bomb. once
you've bombed the wall, rotate counter clockwise just a bit less than 180
degrees, and then bomb the wall. The boots are inside the small cave.


Crystallix Helmet: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis

You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "Smasherbot's Revenge"

Crystallix Body Armour: Dreamtime

When Clank stops attacking you, this armour appears.

Crystallix Gloves: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis

You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "The Uber Finals".

Crystallix Boots: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega

You find this at the first Gadgetron vendor (after Ratchet opens the door).


Electroshock Helmet: Technomite City, Challax

After you defeat the dropship, a bridge appears. The helmet is on the bridge.

Electroshock Body Armour: Technomite City, Challax

This armour piece is in the space segment. After you beat the boss, you collect
the armour.

Electroshock Gloves: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis

This armour piece is in the space segment. After you beat the boss, you collect
the armour.

Electroshock Boots: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega

You win this when you beat the "Vertigo" Skyboard race.


Mega-Bomb Helmet: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon

This piece is found just before the room with the moving gears.

Mega-Bomb Body Armour: Inside Clank

This is found just before you exit Clank.

Mega-Bomb Gloves: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon

You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "The Ultimate Showdown".

Mega-Bomb Boots: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon

You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "Infinite Improbability".


Hyperborean armor is available from the first playthrough on Challenge Mode.

Hyperborean Helmet: Technomite City, Challax

Behind a grind-locked door near Otto's head in Challax (thanks to 401891 for
the correction).

Hyperborean Body Armour: Dreamtime

In Dreamtime, on the platform where the floor gets sawed up

Hyperborean Gloves: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru

On top of the magnetic wall in Pokitaru, a little bit ahead

Hyperborean Boots: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus

Right before the part where you play as Clank in Ryllus


Chameleon armor is available from the second playthrough on Challenge Mode.

Chameleon Helmet: Inside Clank

Beginning of Inside Clank

Chameleon Body Armour: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon

After defeating Mungo on Kalidon

Chameleon Gloves: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega

In the part where you have to wall jump, do the wall jmup and the armour is at
the top once you get there.

Chameleon Boots: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru

It's on one of the metal platforms after you get off the last raft, towards the
end of the level.

|10.2: Armour Sets|

NOTE: The 2 digit number in brackets with each armour set is how well it
protects Ratchet. The bigger the number, the better the protection (thanks to
401891 for this particular info).

Wildfire (28)                                               All Wildfire Pieces

Anything you hit with your wrench will be set on fire.


Sludge Mk. 9 (42)                                       All Sludge Mk. 9 Pieces

Your wrench will spill acid on enemies when used. He will also leave acid
footprints on the ground.


Crystallix (56)                                           All Crystallix Pieces

When you do a Hyper-Strike, ice crystals will appear, hurting enemies more than


Electroshock (74)                                       All Electroshock Pieces

Your wrench when electricute enemies when hit, and when you do a Hyper-Strike,
you will send ut an electric shockwave.


Mega-Bomb (84)                                             All Mega-Bomb Pieces

When you kill enemies, you gain energy. When your armour is glowing, do a
Hyper-Strike and an explosion will occur, creating splash damage.


Hyperborean (92)                                         All Hyperborean Pieces

When you hit enemies with your wrench, they will freeze for a short period of

Chameleon (96)                                             All Chameleon Pieces

When Ratchet is moving, he will go invisible, only leaving a still decoy every
few seconds.


Fire-Bomb (84)           Wildfire Gloves, Mega-Bomb Helmet, Body Armour & Boots

When you do a Combo-Strike, on the third strike, a small flame will fly out of
the wrench. The wrench also has increased damage.


Shock Crystal (64) Crystallix Body Armour & Gloves, Electroshock Helmet & Boots

The Shock Crystal Armor leaves a dark, electrified crystal behind when you
execute a hyper-strike. This crystal does not damage enemies, but instead
neutralizes any enemy projectiles that pass close to the crystal. If an enemy
walks into the crystal, it is destroyed.

Thanks to Negarro Uzumaki


Wildburst (36)      Wildfire Body Armour, Gloves and Boots, Sludge Mk. 9 Helmet

Your wrench will put buring acid on enemies, and when you do a Hyper-Strike, an
acid bubble will appear, grow and burst, sending acid everywhere.


Triple Wave (64) Wildfire Helmet, Sludge Mk. 9 Gloves, Electroshock Body Armour
                 & Boots

Your wrench will become electrified, and when you do a Hyper-Strike, you will
release a small item on the ground that sends out 3 (6 in challenge mode)
electric waves.


Ice II (92)        Crystallix Helmet, Hyperborean Body Armour, Gloves and Boots

When you do a Hyper-Strike, a wall of ice crystals will appear, shielding you
from enemies (Thanks to ramzeke4598 for the correction).


Stalker (96)      Wildfire Helmet, Sludge Mk. 9 gloves, Chameleon Body Armour &

When you swing your wrench, it will release burning, acidic, toxic poison.

|11: Easy Bolts Guides|

Quite a view people have been e-mailing me about getting heaps of bolts in a
short amount of time. Thankfully, there is a way. I did think of this myself at
first, but I am sure a lot of other people have thought of it before I have, so
credit doesn't go to anybody for this. Any claims to be the discoverer of this
awesome strategy will instantly be dismissed.

You must have the Polarizer for this to work (it helps if you've already
discovered the secret area of Planet Metalis allready. If you don't know where
I mean, check the Titanium Bolts section) and it's a lot faster in Challenge

1: Get your bolt multiplier to 12x (in Challenge Mode only).
2: Go to the secret area on Planet Metalis.
3: Smash all the boxes.
4: Go to Dayni Moon (or some other planet with boxes near your ship) and break
all the boxes near your ship.
5: Repeat steps 2-5 (if you get hurt, thus resetting your bolt multiplier,
repeat steps 1-5).

This easy bolts guide was sent to me by Dat Huu:

I've got a tip about how to make money. It's long but worth it. Go to Dayni
Moon, break all the boxes near your ship (is best if you use the Box
Breaker), then go to the Technomite City and fight all the monsters. Break
all the boxes and lamps too, even the small areas. Then fight the boss, go to
Pokitaru and do the same thing. It's also good to train your weapons and

This easy bolts guide was sent to me by Rory Stewart:

Go to the Treehouse, break the chairs by the Giant Ratchet then the chairs on
the balcony then the ones on by the bulldozer, then jump off, die and repeat.
Its about 50000 bolts a trip (that's when you're not in Challenge Mode).

Happy spending!

|12: The Treehouse|

The Treehouse is the High Impact Games version of the Insomniac museum. In
Ratchet & Clank 2 and 3, Insomniac had an entire museum set up to show you what
they left out of the game, and had some cool stuff for you to do, too.

Also, they had 2 methods of getting there - the normal method (beating the
game) and the cheating method (changing your system clock and using a
teleporter). The normal method in Size Matters is to get all 25 Skill Points,
and toggle the last cheat in the Cheat menu on. The cheating way is as follows:

1: Set your PSP time to 2:42 AM.
2: Start Size Matters.
3: Load a game with the secret area in Metalis unlocked (see the Metalis
   Titanium Bolts information for how to unlock the area.
4: Fly to Metalis.
5: Teleport to the secret area.
6: Go to the other teleport in the area.
7: You will arrive in The Treehouse.

NOTE: Don't use the Sprout-O-Matic in The Treehouse, as the game will freeze,
and you will have to reset and start over again at step 1 if you want to get
back there.

|12.1: Treehouse Clank Challenges|

In the Treehouse, there is a big TV in a room on the first storey. Press /\
when near it to play some tough Clank Challenges:

^_________^                                                 Prize: 10,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival; 9 bots, X saves                 Avaliable from The Treehouse

The gadgetbots are named in the order they come out G1 to G9
T is teleporter
First electrocute G2,G3,G4 at T1
Wait till they turn at 2 then detonate G2 at 3
Electrocute G3 at T4 then let him drop and bridge 5
Wait till G4 turns at 6 then electrocute at T7
Elecrocute G5 at T1 then bridge the gap at 3
Electrocute G6,G7,G8 at T1
Wait till they turn at 2 then detonate G6 at 8
Wait till G7 and G8 turn at 6 then electrocute at T7

Someone sent me this, but I have forgotten who. If you did do this, please tell
me as I don't want to piss you off and not credit you. I will know that it was
you because you also sent me a map, that I haven't included, so if you send me
the map and it verifies with the solution here then you will be credited
(without the map, I can't edit the solution so it can be used without a map).


(>'.')>                                                     Prize: 10,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival; 12 bots, 6 saves                Avaliable from The Treehouse

There are 4 platforms, I'll be refering them as #1, #2, #3, #4 from top to

I'll also refer the Bots as B1, B2, etc in order they come out.

Get the 1st 10 Bots to cross platform #1 (2 swings) and electrocute them at 1st
teleporter. all 10 Bots will be teleported to the left-hand side of platform #

While doing so, get the 1st 3 Bots to form bridges at all 3 gaps of platform #

Then, get B4 and B5 to electrocute at 2nd teleporter. these two will be
teleported to platform #4. get these two Bots to swing to the right-hand side

Electrocute B6, B7, B8, B9 at 2nd teleporter AFTER they swithed direction. get
B6 and B7 form bridges at the two gaps at left-hand side of platform #4. B8 and
B9 should go straight into left-hand side port.

At this time, the last two Bots (B11 and B12) should already come out. Let
those two jump onto platform #2 (don't swing them). Detonate B12 on the brick
just before it hits the 2nd teleporter. B10 and B11 should have switched
direction. Let them jump through the newly made gap onto platform #3 and into
the middle port. (Thanks to Mohd Suffian)


("\(.:...:.)/")                                             Prize: 10,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival; 12 bots, 3 saves                Avaliable from The Treehouse

Completely ignore the 1st teleporter.

Let the 1st Bot jump thru 1st gap of initial platform onto the brick island
below, and get it to form bridge next to that brick.

Get the 2nd Bot to form bridge at the 1st gap of initial platform.

Get B3 to detonate at the end of initial platform and let B4 jump through that
newly-made gap onto the platform below.

Get B5 to detonate beside (right-hand side) the 2nd Bot (B2) bridge.

Get the remaining Bots (B6 till B12) jump thru the gap beside B2 bridge, jump
another step down, swing onto middle platform, jump another two steps down, and
swing to the 3rd teleporter to be electrocuted to bottom platform. while doing
so, electrocute B4 at the 2nd teleporter AFTER it switched direction.

B4 will be teleported above the 3rd teleporter. Let it jump onto the lower
platform and get it to form bridge next to the 3rd teleporter. It should form
the bridge on time before B6 arrives.

Get B6 and B7 to form bridges at the bottom platform. Let the remaining
teleported Bots swing into the port. At this moment, you should have two extra
Bots. (Thanks to Mohd Suffian)


\m/>_<\m/                                                   Prize: 10,000 bolts
Gadgebot Survival; 10 bots, 3 saves                Avaliable from The Treehouse

Blow the first bot up just after he spawns so the all the remaining bots can
drop on to the stairs. Have the next 4 bots swing across the gap. Have the
first bot that swung over be a bridge when he gets down the second det of
stairs, and leave the second bot that swung over so he can go in to the bot

Have the third bot that swung over detonate so the fourth bot that swung over
can fall and hit the direction changer and go in to the bot port. Quickly go up
to the bots on the first set of stairs and have the first in line detonate on
the last step so the others can fall on to the direction changer. Have the next
one detonate as soon as he's off the direction changer.

Make the next two bots a bridge so the last bot can cross over the bottom left
bot port, change direction and go down the bottom right stairs and in to the
last port.

|13: Multiplayer Guide|

This guide was written by Negarro Uzumaki, and queries can be sent to him at:

Here is a list of the Multiplayer (Ad Hoc and Infrastructure) content:

Levels: Island Escape, Danger Valley, Mega Cannons, and Moon Cow Disease.

Unlockables: Dan Skin - Win five of each type of match.

Mode Descriptions:

Iron Lombax: Each level has a different IL challenge. Complete various tasks
before your opponents do to win the game.

Capture the Flag: Steal the opposing team's flag from their base and return it
to the designated location to score a cap, but watch out! If you die while
holding a flag, you lose it and it is returned to the enemy's base. Reach the
cap limit first to win.

Deathmatch: Kill or be killed. Reach the kill limit first to win.

Iron Lombax Challenges:

Island Escape: Your team is trapped on this island and the only way off it is
power up your ship. Collect nuclear power cores from the tower and deliver them
to your team's generators. Fill all generators to power up the ship. Once the
ship is powered up, activate the bolt crank next to it to launch. NOTE: If you
hold onto a power core too long, the radiation from it will turn you into a
mutant, killing you and leaving the mutant behind to attack anyone who comes

Danger Valley: To win, you must destroy the other team's force field generators
and base. Collect transmitters and attach them to a generator or base. The
transmitters attract hover mines, so keep moving. Attract more mines along the
way to do more damage. Once the two generators have been destroyed, you can
out the base.

Mega Cannons: Capture generators to charge your Mega Cannon. Use the Polarizer
to collect cogs (gears) to repair the Cannon. Once the charge level is full,
enter the Mega Cannon and use it to destroy the opposing team's Cannon.

Moon Cow Disease: To win, you must fill up both of your delivery trucks. Use
the Suck Cannon to suck up Martian Cows. Then, shoot them into the Converter to
form a meat crate. Use the Polarizer to carry the crate to your truck. It takes
3 cows to make a meat crate, and 3 crates to fill the truck. Note: If you think
you can cheat and use the Mootator to create cows, it won't work.

Upgrade and Mod Crate Locations
Island Escape:

I.L.: Upgrade Crate -  Next to jump pad behind tower. Mod Crates - On small
islands near bases and two-cell generators.

C.T.F.: Upgrade Crate - On small islands with turrets. Mod Crates - On small
islands near tower.

Deathmatch: Upgrade Crate - Inside tower. Mod Crates - On small islands near

Danger Valley:

I.L.: There is an upgrade or mod crate behind each tower.

C.T.F. and D.M.: Upgrade Crate - In center of level. Mod Crates - Behind the
tower on the left side of each base.

Mega Cannons:

ALL: Upgrade Crate - In the middle of the tunnel in the center of the map. Mod
Crates - Behind both of the rocks with manual turrets.

Moon Cow Disease:

I.L.: Upgrade Crate - On the platform with four cows behind the Converter. Use
Grind Rail to get there. Mod Crates - Take either of the Grind Rails that are
the far left or far right near the Converter.

C.T.F & Deathmatch.: Upgrade Crate - On the high beam in the center building.
Use the Hypershot targets right outside the building to get there. Mod Crates -
Take either of the Grind Rails that are on the far left or far right near the


During gameplay, taunts can be used to insult your opponents and give
instructions to a teammate. To taunt, hold /\ and R, then select which taunt
you want to use. Taunts with green icons are for ally communication, and taunts
with red icons are for insulting opponents. Taunts will work in all three match

|14: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)|

Q: Where is the Mootator? I can't find it anywhere!

A: The Mootator is found by completing ALL Clank Challenges on Dayni Moon.

Q: I can't get past area X. What is wrong?

A: If you can't get past an area, it's probably a glitch. Turn your PSP off,
   turn it on again, and do the area again in the game. If you still can't get
   past it, check your UMD/DVD for scratches. It may be smart to call Tech
   Support or something.

Q: Can I add you on MSN?

A: I'm not on MSN very often and delete all friend requests as my "Friends List
   is becoming far too long.

Q: Do you have a hacked/do you know how to hack a PSP?

A: I don't have one, but I would like to get one. However, my firmware is
   the official Sony one, V 3.90, so I have to use Pandora's Battery to hack it
   (search for it in Google to find out more).

Q: Will you come and see my MySpace/Facebook page?

A: No. Whilst I do have quite a large download limit each months, not a byte of
   the 66 GB I have will ever, EVER be used to go to such a stupid site. I
   despise MySpace and Facebook - no offense to people who use it out there,
   but I just hate it. I got 6 e-mails one day and four of them were invites to
   MySpace or Facebook. *Shudder shudder*

Q: Where can I download the soundtrack for Size Matters?

A: You can download all the Ratchet and Clank soundtracks (except Tools of
   Destruction and Secret Agent Clank) from this website: host.kg13.com/music
   About the legality of these downloads: if you own the game, then you own a
   copy of the music anyway, so it's not really piracy, but don't quote me on
   that one.

Q: Will you be making a guide for Secret Agent Clank?

A: Probably not - I'm buying games for my PS3, so I probably won't get the

Q: How do you upgrade weapons really fast?

A: Go to Dayni Moon and go through continuously killing all the enemies. Repeat
   this until your weapons upgrade (Thanks to Zachery Hoban)

Q: What is Challenge Mode?

A: Challenge Mode is available after you defeat Otto for the first time. You
   replay the game, but the game is more dfficult, namely due to stronger
   enemies (regarding both attack and defense). You do, however, get to keep
   your weapons (which can be upgraded even further in Challenge Mode), and
   some gadgets and items.

|15: E-Mail|

Feel free to send me e-mail. Tips, suggestions, even hate mail, I'll read it.
Just make sure it's got Size Matters somewhere in the subject, and don't send
me any attachments of any kind - I will not open it.

Also, no random crap, like invites to sign up for other websites like those
avatar things, or invites to go on MySpace or Facebook. You will simply be
ignored. It is getting on my nerves and I have enough friends in the real

Spammers will get the threatening and verbal abuse of a life time, so unless
you want my imagination to run wild, and to be sent a nice little virus I have
in my Quarantine chest, do not spam me.

One last thing - check the entire guide before you ask me a question or send in
a correction! I'm tired of getting quesitons that are answered in this guide -
read the whole thing, or search for what you're looking for, then if you can't
find it, feel free to ask me.

My address is: ratchet_12345@hotmail.com

|16: Credits/Disclaimer/Copyright|

This guide is copyright 2008 Ratchet12345. This guide may be read with no
permission, and with that the reader may not:

1: Distribute this guide in any form.
2: Put this guide in any material freely or restrictively accessed by the
public or persons other then the downloader.
3: Sell this guide.
4: Do any other things that are illegal with my guide.

Any illegal actions performed concerning this guide will result in legal

Credits go to:

Me (Ratchet12345): For writing this guide.

GameFAQs (CJayC and SBAllen especially): For making the best gaming site out

ibrake4dragons: For the Skill Points and Armour info. I have added lots more
                info than he had, but he supplied the basic information.

PS2Marinefan: For letting me use practically whatever I wanted from his guide,
              even though I only used the weapons and gadgets prices, and when
              some of the mods were unlocked.

ChickenBot: For letting me use his Hyperborean and Chameleon armour locations.

Marco Muyot: For telling me that the Static Barrier upgrades into the Repulser

Dat Huu: For giving me an Easy Bolts Guide

inoble: For most PS2 controls (Ratchet)

poipoipoi9: For some PS2 controls (Ratchet) and the 2 PS2 port skins

Brima: For sending in several tips

Soccorchamp16@aol.com and Negarro Uzumaki: For both sending in the "Storm the
                                           Front" tip

Negarro Uzumaki: For the Shock Crystal Armour description and the Multiplayer
                 Guide, as well as several other tips

401891: For a crap ton of info, including the mods info and the armour
        protection stats

Austin Fuhrman: For the "Take Them Down a Shock" skill point tip

Josh Maynell: For an Otto Destruct boss battle tip

Zachery Hoban: For his tip on how to upgrade weapons fast

Nathan Willis: For sending in several tips

Tom Wells: For the Smasherbot Returns tip

Mohd Suffian: For the (>'.')> & ("\(.:...:.)/") Clank Challenge solutions

Jackson Phoong: For the "No More Varmints" skill point correction

Rory Stewart: For an Easy Bolts Guide

Alec Shoop: For an Otto Destruct boss battle tip

Bud and Audrey: For the Inside Clank Titanium Bolt #2 strategy

flyersfan105: For the She's on Fire cheat information

Differus: For the Dreamtime Titanium Bolt information

ramzeke4598: For the Ice II armour set correction

Heather Watkins: For the "Not the Shock of Me Now" skill point addition

Will Sim: For the Kalidon hoverboard races shortcut info

Luis Felipe Lopez Mora: For the Chameleon Boots location correction

Karan Bahadoer: For the "Super Lombax" skill point addition

Bill Smith: For the Long Jump controls

High Impact Games: For making this kick ass game!

Any site wishing to have a link to this guide may e-mail me for permission.
(See E-mail).

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