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Where can I get camos and body armor? 3
How do you Auto- Headshot? 3
Where to get an Ocelot unit? 1
Is there a way I can get old snake? 6
How do I download saves? 1
How can i increase my tech lvl to 99 or 100? 1
Where can i get bandana? 1
Renaming a soldiers? 1
How can i recruit 200 soldiers? 1
Where can i get the saturnv blueprints? 1
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Silo Complex Key? 0
What is the effect of restart to the ranking? 0
[S&K] clan t/o? 0
Online play? 0
What happens if you reach 1972? 0
Enemies Hp/Stam? 0
How to use access point scan? 8
How can i kill an enemy with a choke hold? 4
Where is some tnt? 3
Where do I find the Knife in the Prison? 3

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