Question from HIROSHI_06

How do I solve light bulb puzzle in catwalk?

How can i solve the light bulb puzzle in the catwalk in the artaud theater?

LOVELESS_15 asked for clarification:

Can you type the watts of the lightbulbs?? and the instructions.


Wallsof_Jericho answered:

When you have the 4 bulbs and the file, once you get to the puzzle, read the memo and it will state the puzzle info, all you have to do is figure it out and put the bulbs in the appropriate places.
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Wallsof_Jericho answered:

Well its been awhile, but if i remember correctly, 125, 250, 500, 750. and the file tells you the riddle. its basically a math problem. its a rather long entry though, hopefully you have the file. just read it and work out the riddle, its not that hard at all. i just dont remember it exactly since its been along time lol.
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