Question from boo_crye

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I save?!?!

Is there a saving system in this game?!

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From: lotus_333 5 years ago

Well sometimes you can see some red triangles after that press X on it and then there you save your game

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Lotus_333 is correct the triangle there is a red eye in the middle

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Yup, Lotus_333 right..!!...if uwant to get a accolades(a costume) with a save 1times and U get a daredevil suit..

NOTE:the suit can be changed after u finished the game once

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The save points are bright red triangles that appear to be something like a miscolored yeild sign. Save points are also marked with a triangle on your map. you can also get an accolade or a costume by beating the game without saving which is pretty easy bc you can just put ur psp in sleep mode when not playing.

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