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HOW do you HAVE sex with HOOKER?


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IT is hard toDO

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From: kinnovittorio 5 years ago

Dude! good news! i learned how to do it and i will share it to you! first of all, get a cool car, two sitters, and make sure its not a truck type or a cheetah because they would not go inside your car, when you get a cool car, go to a side walk at night and drive slowly, press the down button (not the analog stick) then if your lucky, a stripper will go inside your car, now, press start and mark the place the little line going eats, in little haiti then go to that place and turn your radio off, soon you will only hear not see them having SEX, hahaha have fun and i hope you'll do it, good luck! ;)

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it is impossible but I believe you can do it in the newest one for ps3

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Find a private place to park at.

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Sory bud u cant do it in this GTA

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It's easy I've done it with every car in the game just drive real close to them and they should get in then all you have to do is find a place where the front or back of the car is a little bit hanging down and it will bounce and make a sound and if the radio is off and you listen real closely they should make sounds.

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