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"Repetition at it's mildest"

Lets get to this

Graphics- 8/10: These are, without a doubt, some of the best graphics on a psp game. Next to Monster Hunter and a few other gems, this is definitely a beautiful looking game. Enough Said.

Sound-6/10: Decent for what it does, but nothing that will truly blow anyones mind. "foleying" is decent, music is average.

Gameplay-2/10: I must be critical of this part. The initial idea and spirit of this game was supposed to be somewhat equivalent to an mmorpg in that you customize a party, and then go dungeon crawling for new items. I loved this idea, it seems more intricate than a random hack 'n slash, and the ability to customize a party anyway one wants is a plus. The first stigma for this game is the character creation screen. I got to it, named my character, set up his stats, and that was it. No editing facial features, body type, or anything to change the character model. I let this slide, because of course as the box said, there were thousands of armor pieces one could equip to customize their characters. Honestly, if one is playing a character that is a certain job type, most of the time you will just be wearing the standard uniform for that job class. As far as the gameplay goes, a melee character has two attacks. A two hit combo, and a special. Thats all. Lock on, partial hack and slash, and the occasional weapon skill.If one is a mage, simple job. Cast, etc. Anyway, the level designs are simple, each one is essentially the same skeleton idea, pull or push some sort of switch, go in a new door. Run into an enemy, spam attacks, repeat.

Storyline-2/10: The whole sacrifice for character customization stems from this idea of their being a set cast of characters for the main story. But my god! The only dialogue that EVER comes from a main character is "...", sometimes three times in a row! So, please understand, this game now has a combination of no character customization, plus a storyline starring a plank of wood. Pathetic

Controls-5/10: Low score for a lack of innovation and responsiveness. Just...pointless nuisences. I suppose controls don't have to be entirley responsive when only one button is needed for a combo.

Overall- 3/10: This game, at it's heart, encompasses all that is wrong with a standard rpg. A complete lack of intuitive customization coupled with a blase storyline and a main character with the emotional capacity of plaster.
Rent it or buy it? Burn it.

Reviewer's Score: 3/10 | Originally Posted: 06/11/07

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