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How do I defeat the two centaurs in the temple of tihocan??

How to defeat the centaurs at the temple of tihocan please answer quickly thanks.

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BerlinCat answered:

You shoot at it until it, I don't know the term... gets enraged, and then when it charges at you the screen goes into slow motion and you press the circle button at the right time. If you do it correctly and he's stunned, then you use your grappling hook to pull his shield away from him, then you use the shield to reflect his laser beam to turn him to stone. When he's stone, you use your shotgun. Done a few times he will eventually shatter.
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Nicholas240 answered:

Immediatly shoot at it once in range and run around it. It will be angered after a while then he will charge at you but thankfully the screen goes slow motion. Press the buttons at the right time and you will stun the centaur. Use your grappling hook to retreive his shield and then use it to reflect his rays, done correctly, he will turn into stone. He isn't stopped yet, take out your shotgun and go close up and start blowing him to peices. He will shatter.
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