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Artes question???

When I was fighting the magic knight cameo for the radiants it USED AND I QUOTE SUPER LIGHTNING BLADE AND GRAVE, but I can't use them I can't even obtain them as artes can SOMEONE anwser my question as 2 why???????


LightOfJudgment answered:

Many Artes in each class require the mastery of a previous arte related to them. I don't remember the specific artes that require mastery for Grave and Super Lightning Blade but you should master them all anyway so that you can learn your hi-ougi. Also, your level might be too low.
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renegadekain answered:

Unless you are playing a different version, magic knight does NOT get grave and super lightning blade. They do get lightning blade, but not super. They get the earth spells stone blast and air pressure, but not grave. Ive raised magic knight to level 177, mastered all artes and obviously obtained the mystic arte and neither of those have been learned. I believe Kratos is the only magic knight that learns those particular skills.
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azure12345 answered:

You should master some of your Artes (you should master all of them so you can acquire all the Artes of the job)and so you can get the Hi-Ougi but if you master all of your artes and dont show up it means your lack of level

Hope you understand
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Ureshii012 answered:

I thing there are some wrong translation because like stahn tech thunder beast [shinkou bakuraijin(in japan translate)] it should be firey beast[shinkou bakuenjin(the real one)] like symphonia.
That is my way of thinging
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x3laaawyx answered:

all u have to do is master two or three artes after wards an arcane or a spell will apear BUT if u masterd the combination after the level itll tell u above as for some master artes u need to master bases eg d. demon fang (hope i helped)
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SyronEcoris answered:

In addition, some magic Artes can't be obtained by any class, like Rutee's Maelstrom.
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Yanto1986 answered:

Try mastering all of your skill until lvl 55. most of skill is unlock until that lvl. when u reach that lvl. try to see your skill and master the skill that not mastered yet.if not gained. try see. character / class guide in the faq
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KazuoSahasa answered:

To have the super lightning blade you can reach your level to level 70-100maybe?
To learn the grave you must be mage.
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busstasjon answered:

you will never learn super lightinig blade or grave if youre a magic night it's imposible, my knight is at lvl 129 and i've mastered all the artes and i've seen a list of the artes and when you stop learning more check out faqs and charackter faqs and youl see :D
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