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Ex maps World Tree and Equipment Stats?? 0
General Tales Help?! 0
Why can't I get anymore Radiant equipment? 0
About artes? 1
About ninja invitation? 2
Artes question??? 9
Can I still get the Magic Knight even if I already have the Bishop invitations? 1
Can you do this combo when controlling Kratos Aurion? 3
Changing jobs? 1
Crap. hacker needed to regain lost data ? 1
EU game save please :S !?!?! 2
Europe data corrupted please help!!!?!!?!! 1
Exp Rate? 1
Gender story differences? 1
Help how to walk please reply fast? 1
Hex Editor Help? 1
How can i defete sthan past? 1
How can i go Doplund?? 6
How can I make my relationship with luke go up? 1
How can I recruit someone to my party? plss help 3
How can I unlock the Paladin Class ? 2
How do i et the lava golem to appear? 3
How do i get easy experience? 1
How do i get radiants? 2
How do I get the Blacksmith (Forge) title? 4
How do I make the Bishop class become available? 1
How do i unlock the unknown job? 1
How do tales characters do mystic artes? 1
How do you get all the jobs? 3
How do you preform a mystic arte during overlimit? 2
How to earn a Title? 1
How to use overlimit? 1
Is it possible to change your appearance? 4
Is there a grade shop at the end of the game? 2
Is there a job called "NECROMANCER"??? 4
Is there a way to walk around as another tales character? 2
Is there only 5 quest on the quest selection? 2
Is this game be online 4 player???? 2
Ive learned all the skill of magic knight but i still cant use mystic artes what will i do to learn it? 3
Jobs? 1
Lost Radiant Weapon? 1
Nid help....plzzzzzz (MK)? 4
So how can I learn tempest? 2
Treasure Hunt? (not the request) 2
Well i cant use the mystic artes can anyone help me? 3
What are the other hidden jobs is there a wizard? 2
What is an arcane skill??? 1
What is the difference when crafting weapon or armor? 4
What is the Tales of" series Boss Character Challenge Quests and how do I get them? 1
What should i do? 1
What to do next on the synopsis 39? 1
What town is next to gavada? 2
What's a good way to earn a lot of gald? 3
when/what lvl can I learn artes which Ache & Genis know? 2
Where is the best place to level up? 5
Which character do u usually prefer to used?? 7

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