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(How to unlock akantor?)

I need it

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You have to be Hunter Rank 6. Then go to the FAQs page and look up Guild Hall/HR FAQ and go to the bottom of the page. It will have the quests required to unlock the High-Rank (or G-Rank, if you prefer) Shen Gaoren. Beat Shen Gaoren and then you will have the Akantor unlocked.

I don't remember ALL of the quests you need to do in order to unlock the Shen Gaoren urgent, but I know you have to do a Black Diablos, Black Gravios, Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos. To unlock the Gold/Silver Wyverns, just kill a total of 100 wyverns; Kut-Kus, Plesioths, Cephadromes don't count, but Remobras DO.

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andro jeans.hehe nice one..and umm the blue sky pink earth quest and all the list of andro jeans quest...u will get to unlock gao ren..u must Kill gao ren to unlock akantor...not sure must kill or repel also can??

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Well how i got i was i went to fight it with my brother (b4 i had the quest) and then once i got done with it, i suddenly had an urgent and looked and i had akantor as a urgent, but i didnt even have hr5 and 6 done yet. thats how i got it atleast.

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Beat the HR 6 Shen Gao-ren quest...

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To unlock the ankantor you ahve to do the following quests-
- The Fierce Black Horn
- Blue Sky, Pink Earth
- Black Rock in the Swamp
- Deny the Silver Rathalos
- Find the Golden Phantom
- Attack of the Rathalos (Azure Rathalos).. all in HR6 then the shen gao ren

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To unlock the akantor you have to do-
- The Fierce Black Horn
- Black Rock in the Swamp
- Blue Sky, Pink Earth
- Deny the Silver Rathalos (kill 100 wyverns in total to unlock this-Yian Kutku, Yian Garuga, Gypceros, Rathalos, Rathian, Basarios, Gravios, Diablos, Monoblos, Khezu, Plesioth, Cephadrome, )
- Find the Golden Phantom (UNlock the same way as silver rathalos)
- HR6 shen gao ren( clear the quests above first)

Akantor is unlock after Gaoren

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you can either complete the quest in the front or youcan get it on gathering hall
for gathering hall clear gaoren HR6 and in the front finish rise your quest until u got the final urgent quest

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