Question from powerhuang

How do I beat the 2 star urgent quest khezu?

I'm using a bladed edge dual sword. Any tips or guide or something to beat it. Anything would help :D


huangkaixing answered:

Wear armor that has high thunder resistance and high grade earplug skill and that's hornetaur armor!!
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AllMetroids answered:

If you can use a greatsword cuz its easy you just dodge and attack after he does an attack.
Or you can use a bow and just shoot cuz his only long range attacks are the super slow electo blaster and his jump
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isparkz answered:

Actually thunder resistance is not that important.Defence is much more important than thunder resistance.Thus getting armor with high defence would be good.Next,you may like to be less offensive and avoid most of his attacks,so do not be greedy with your attacks.Weapon with fire element would be good against khezu.If you are a gunner,just gun him from a distance but remember to avoid his attack too.Next,khezu recover quite slowly from all of his attacks unless khezu is in rage mode,so when khezu is attacking,you can steal some hits or you can recover or sharpen your weapon.When khezu is in rage mode,you should keep aviod his attacks as it could be very dangerous.His scream can be very dangerous,since it left you open,thus getting armor with earplug like hornetaur armor but it got a lot of negative thunder resistance.So i suggest wearing other armor instead of this would be better.Hope tis helps.
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SoulandStarus answered:

If you are still at that level to do the 2 stared khezu quest, use the ravanger blade on his head.
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Themonsterhuntr answered:

Whenever it's head comes down keep attacking it. But a dual blade mite be a little hard to use but you could kill him. plus alway dodge him when he becomes electric all over. that usually kills me. Well good luck. :D
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monster996542 answered:

Its a bit tough do it took me 40 mins to beat it onli.i cant give u some tips bcs dat 1 my bri defeated it for me
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SUP4BEAST answered:

If you downloaded Trenya's boat, send it to the jungle until you get enough Fire Wyvern fluid, then make Wyvern Blade Fall, then fight . Just before it does it's electric shield thingy, use triangle+O which will attack it and make you move back out of range. Bring some psychoserums, don't forget to paintball it, and aim for the head and neck. Also, it sleeps in zone 3. If you don't want to wait to get enough fluids, try fighting it with bone katana shark or dragon.
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BlueSophia answered:

With a Bow, you can pretty much forget about any form of armor you have equipped because it doesn't matter anyway. The Khezu is such a blatnatly big target that its hard to miss (unlike those blasted Giaprey that are too damn thin to be able to get hit effectively).

The Kut-Ku stave I is the easiest to get (since the stuff you need is all farmed from Yian Kut Ku).

Basically your armor does not matter since a Khezu should not be able to hit you if you did it right. When you start off, throw a paintball at it. (remember to do this every time it changes areas because if you fought it early, it will have a habit of changing areas every few minutes due to you not being able to beat it in time.) Simply search out its location, (area 3 first the first time, area 7 or 6 if it is not).

From the getgo you should wait until it makes the first move before you paintball it. Do not worry about the Giaprey at the moment. Simply concentrate on getting that paintball to hit. Then draw your bow and keep circling it. The Giaprey WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW YOU which means that while you will dodge, the Giaprey will have a habit of getting killed by the Khezu (yes, its hilarious). Most of the time you simply have to wait until it attacks once to get an opening. Just avoid staring directly at it and you'll be fine. And since you are using a bow, keep your distance. Whenever he turns to face you, simply start running to the side so that the khezu will jump harmlessly past you. Plenty of chance to attack him so you don't need to get greedy. Just be careful of rage mode, when he jumps at you and slams you with an electrically charged tackle (oh yeah, that frickin hurts...) Just keep dodging in the same way and be wary of your surroundings and you'll do fine.

When you get him to suddenly stand still, give him a few more warning shots so that you can insure that he is in critical HP when he lands. Get to area 3, lay the trap (don;t worry about the Giaprey, they tend to die from the khezu more often yet again). Then give him a wake up shot of the fire bow and lure him into the trap. Once you do, 2 tranq bombs and you will have caught the khezu.
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skyfire777 answered:

I agree with BlueSophia. But instead of waking it up and luring it to the trap, set it between its legs. If you set it somewhere else, it will usually miss your trap.
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requimofnight answered:

video of me fighting a khezu

use prominence bow 1/2/3, or any fire bow
and don't forget... HIGH GRADE EARPLUG!!!

you'll find using a bow or long sword will make any wyvern easier then great swords or sns or gunlances.
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manticora5450 answered:

Get hornetaur armor. HGE is very good against its combos (that starts with a roar). Get a fire element weapon and attack his:

Legs- As mutch as you can

Head- when he... she... IT falls down (because of attacking the legs)

If the Khesu just instantly starts standing still, place a trap and capture it OR wait untill it flies and sleeps in area 3
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