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Where can I find Lg Lobstershell & Monoblos Heart?

Pls help me...
I really need it to make Frost Ripper..

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SoulandStarus answered:

If you take your cat (trenya) from your farm and send him to the jungle with a 1000 points you have like very slim chance of getting the lobster shells. or you can just kill or capture a green plesioth and probably get a lg lobster shell.(for higher success rate, get felyne skill mega/ultra lucky cat and pet your piggie)

for monoblos hearts the "best" way is to get a hammer and break a daimyo hermaitur shell twice and capture it.
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Bloody_style3X answered:

Well u don't have to capture it, since after u break the shell n the horn. In the reward u should get a heart, cuz i jsut got another one.
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Uther2005 answered:

SoulandStarus, whaddya mean by pet your piggie?
is that a joke? or it really does increase the chance?
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