Question from lonelieboyz

LG monster bone?

How do i get LG monster bone???


drago1uk2000 answered:

Fight "large" monsters (duh) this would be basarios, cephadrome, daimyo hermitaur, gravios, black gravios, monoblos and white monoblos.
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hunter_snoodle answered:

You can trade Dragonwood or Dragonmoss to the jungle elder.
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Halo_Bioshock answered:

You will get Large Monster Bones almost every time as a reward for completing the quest "The Land Shark". I'm not sure if you get them from the Village Chief version of the quest, but I know you can get up to 3 per completion from the Gathering Hall version.
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PS3Owner200000 answered:

Cephadromes have large bones
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Gomu5 answered:

I always get it from plesioth
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FaTe_EnD answered:

Kill a daimyo hermitaur thats what i usually do

just kill large monsters
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Markus_Hatake answered:

All you have to do is kill something big, like a crab (Daimyo hermitaur and Shogun ceanator) or a wyvern (Cephadrome, Plesioth or monoblos)
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Grammeth answered:

Fight the following monsters:

Daimyo Hermitaur, Plesioth, Cephadrome, Rathalos, Rathian. That's what I did.
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www004 answered:

Try to fight cephadrome or daymo hermitaur
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lukarejc123 answered:

I always get it from daymo hermitaur...
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