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How to use cw cheat?

I cant open cw cheat menu on my psp in any game of my psp (include my mohuntfreedom2), why? i hit any button on psp in any game, but there was nothin' happen(except in home, if i press select button there is 'm33 vsh menu')
in youtube it say just copy the 'seplugins' to root directory in psp. n its says something about 'recovery', i dont know what the meaning of this.
so what should I do n I press to active the cw cheat menu n the cheat itself in mohuntfreedom2?
please, coz i need money n item to improve my GS....

Accepted Answer

therocker15 answered:

Well then I say that you do it the old fashion way and go on quests to get money and the items.
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He_Who_Playeth answered:

I don't actually have it, but try L+select in the game
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