Question from mongju890

Asked: 6 years ago

How to unlock the HR1 rathalos and rathian???

How to unlock the HR1 rathalos and rathian???

because i nid to make a rathalos armor.....

Accepted Answer

From: ZekeP01 6 years ago

The first Rathalos is a guild hall quest. For a low level charter Rathalos is a difficult fight.

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I can't remember what quest are those but try finishing some guild quest 1,2 and 3 stars.Glad to help.

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They are in the HR 1 2 Star Guild Quests. I don't recall unlocking is necessary.

But just be aware that you don't get very good rewards for killing them.

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lenardcledera you do not need to do missions to unlock those they are already unlovked up to 3 star quest. DUH!

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I did it with fulll battle aromor and with Bone Katana "WOLF"

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They are guild hall i don't think u ahve to unluck them though
but i wouldn't recomend farming them since they don't give anything decent.
u probably won't get enough materials for the armor from them

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