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How do I beat tigrex with devil slicer?

The tigrex is one of the hardest monsters i have fought.every time i face him,i end up dying

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tigrex is easy enough just evade his charges then hit his once or twice then hit triangle + circle to move backwards make sure you do this sidewards facing his otherwise u'll just get hit by hist next attack

also flash bombs work on him

if all else fails try doing it with a high raw Gs and search on you tube tigrex GS charge guide and see where to hit (method i use and really easy just finishewd the dual tigrex hr5-6 ugernt using this method)

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i still say to myself every time it attacks "cross-over" to remind myself to stop wildly running in a circle and wait, gauge distance and it's "turnaround" then its either gonna lock on to you by turning left or right. i try to ALWAYS "cross" or do the opposite of its turn as not to get hit. really if u can master the distance to monster / cross past its attack line, u'll wanna slap urself everytime u get hit cause it's so much easier.
...and: never let a tigrex run away from u, u dodge and chase or dodge run in & attack. put up ur weapon and get back to runnin.
before u even think about sharpening or or potting think to urself how much time do i really have to stand around here...

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To defeat tigrex with devil slicer, i recommend you bought:
-2 Genprey fang
-2 Trap tool
-Shock trap
-Pit Fall trap
-5 Flash bomb
-2 Large barrel bomb+(large barrel bomb+scatterfish)
-Small Barrel bomb
-8 tranqualizer bomb(bomb material+tranqualizer)
and any other stuff like potions, paintballs, whetstones, etc.

The first thing to do is set the trap then throw the paintball. The tigrex usually just stand there and looking for you(if you throw the paintball from the back of its tail). Then attack when it is trapped. Just combine genprey fang with trap tool to make another shock trap. The easiest way to set the trap after you're spotted by the tigrex is by throwing the flash bombs at it.
If you're out of shock trap use the pitfall trap and after it is trapped, throw the tranqualizer bombs at it until it's asleep. Put the two large barrel bomb+ near its head then detonate it with the small barrel bomb. If you're at area 8(at snowy mountains) lure it to bite the mountain. Then attack it while it's stuck. At the snowy mountains, tigrex will rest at area 3. So there is nothing it can bite on. Just attack it while it's sleeping, then you closely look at its attack pattern.
The easiest chance to attack it is:
When it's taunting you can attack it safely.
If you're at area 9 (at desert) lure it to bite the small hill then attack. This area is the place for tigrex to rest, so you don't have to wait for it to taunt.

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FLASH BOMBS! These are the total helper, Tiggy gets dazed for a good 15 seconds. Leaving you a window to use your [ R ) attack.

Make sure you just throw it right at it's face when it is NOT moving.
And when it is charging for you always dive out towards the left or right when it is nearby you.

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I killed him with the Devil slicer, All blade user Obituary armor, 10X (Potions, Mega Poitions), 5X (Mega Juice Flash bombs, Paint balls), 2X (Max potions, hot drinks), Book of combos 1-3, Shock trap, Mega demon drug, mega armor skin,Genprey fang, and Trap tool. I used The Mega juice, 2 Rations, and Max potion rite away then i ran to his location Threw a flash bomb at him, then iset the shock trap, tricked over to it, combined the Genprey fang, and Trap tool, repeated, then i waited untill he did his charge attack and attacked him while he was down, now be sure to save at least one flash bomb for when he is limping away the run up to him and finish the deed.

P.S. Continue use of Mega juice if expired and the hot drinks are in case you run out of Mega juice.

Good luck, you will need it.

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