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FAQ Version History
24th of Feb 2008, ver 0.1
~ Posted main sleep bombing section on Skies of Crimson

24th of Feb 2008, ver 0.2
~ Added items section, added more to tactics

25th of Feb 2007, ver 1.0
~ Major additions including strategy, organisation of the FAQ and credits
  Ready for submission

27th of Feb 2007, ver 1.1
~ Some grammar correction, minor rewording.  Potentially more tactics to be 
  added in next update.

Table of Contents
~Section A~ Introduction and preliminary information

A.1 The Fleeting Shadow FAQ
A.2 What IS The Fleeting Shadow?
A.3 Kirin Moves and Attacks
A.4 Kirin status and element tolerances

~Section B~ Preparations
B.1 Preparations: What items to bring
B.2 Equipment

~Section C~ The Fight
C.1 The Quest: Two Kirins or one? Separating the Kirins
C.2 How to fight the first Kirin 
C.3 Tactics for Setup 1: Sleep Bombing
C.3a ***Sleep Bombing: Where to place the bombs?*** (Applies to all monsters)
C.3b Tactics for Setup 1: Sleep Bombing, continued...
C.4 Tactics for Setup 2: Good ol' fashioned "hit 'em til they die" SnS 
C.5 Tactics for Setup 3: Good ol' fashioned "hit 'em til they die" Hammer
C.* Tactics for other weapon classes

D.1 Kirin Rewards
E.1 Miscellaneous FAQs

F.1 Credits
F.2 Feedback, Conribution and Comments

G.1 Legal Info

A.1 The Fleeting Shadow FAQ

This is my very first FAQ ever, made for both GameFAQs and Skies of Crimson.
The purpose of this guide is to illustrate the method to complete The 
Fleeting Shadow (TFS) by separating the two Kirins so you can fight them
one at a time.

In addition to that, I will also explain the basic fundamentals of sleep
bombing, which can be used for every other monster in the game.  Also, 
tactics on fighting Kirin without sleep bombing using SnS and Hammer, and
open to tips and tactics from contributors with the other weapon classes.

Some parts of the FAQ have been borrowed from the original MHF Dual Kirin,
created by CloudMcPhroni, (actually Wyverns of Land and Sky & Thunder and 
Lightning by Peaceful as well) and I have been given permission to use the 
move description section to describe Kirin's moves and attacks, and a 
similar format as well.

A.2 What IS The Fleeting Shadow?

Fleeting Shadow is MHF2's version of MHF's Thunder and Lightning, where you
fight two Kirins at the same time in the large volcanic Battlegrounds.

To unlock TFS, you simply have to rank up to HR6, I won't get into that as 
there is a Hunter Rank Up FAQ specifically for that.

A.3 Kirin Moves and Attacks

From CloudMcPhroni's and Peaceful's combined MHF Wyverns of Land and Sky &
Thunder and Lightning FAQ:

Knowing your opponent's attacks and weaknesses is one of the ways to ensure 
a complete victory. So here goes:

 Attack List

 Charge: The white beast will lock on to you and attempt to run you down 
   by dashing towards you. This does small damage when he's not in rage. 
   However if you get hit by this attack when he's in rage while fighting 
   him in Thunder and Lightning, consider yourself dead.

 Frontal Lightning Arc: Kirin will summon thunderbolts in a 180 degrees 
   half-circle in front of him. At this moment, Kirin's body is vulnerable 
   for attacks. Make full use of this chance by attacking him 45-90 degrees 
   from his side with a full combo.

 Full Lightning Halo: Kirin will summon thunderbolts in 360 degrees 
   full-circle around his body in a random manner. It is best to move out of 
   the thunderbolts' range to avoid heavy damage. However, according to 
   Ronmaru, there's an opening for you to attack Kirin when he's doing this 
   Ronnomaru commented, "It's not entirely random, even though it may seem 
   that way in the first few times you fight Kirin. After the bolt on the 
   left side of Kirin comes down, jump towards Kirin's left back leg and 
   attack it (this doesn't work for the right side of Kirin, so only do it 
   on his left flank)."
 Horn Thrust: He will usually does this after his charge attack. Kirin will 
   jump and try to stab you with his horn. If he does this when you are near a 
   wall, he can corner you and pummel you to death. It's best to block to 
   prevent this from happening.

 Jump: Kirin will do this if he's charging too far away to the exit of the 
   next areas. He will rotate and jump back inside the current area.

 Kirin's Posture: Kirin brushes the ground with his hooves and breathes 
   hot air, leaving him vulnerable to attacks from all angles. Aim for the 
   head/horn to do massive damage or you can also use this time to sharpen 
   or heal.

 Lightning Shock: Kirin summons lightning bolt that falls onto his body, 
   surrounding and protecting him from your attack.

 Single Lightning Bolt: Kirin will summon a single lightning bolt that 
   falls in front of him. This is really easy to avoid and you can also make 
   use of this chance to attack the side of his body.

 Zigzag Prance: Kirin will hop around diagonally, making it hard for you 
   to dodge this attack. It's best to just block against this attack since 
   you take zero damage when blocking it, even with an SnS. The other option 
   is to roll of course, but sometimes you won't get out in time and still 
   get knocked over.
 Combat Notes

 When Kirin is in rage mode. His attacks are boosted by 50% and his 
   agility is boosted by 30%.

 Don't get too greedy with your attacks. Be prepare to cancel or roll in 
   between your attacks because Kirin is a quick creature.

 All of Kirin's lightning attacks have the ability to paralyze you.

A.4 Kirin status and element tolerances

*Elemental Damage
Fire: Weak
Water: Weak
Thunder: Immune
Dragon: Very weak

Ergo, get a weapon with high raw power like Onslaught, or Shining Wyvern 

*Status Ailments
Stun: Immune
Poison: Medium resistance,medium accumulative resistance, 2HP/second for 
        30 seconds (i.e. it's practically useless).
Sleep: Medium resistance, low accumulative resistance, lasts 40 seconds.

Flash Bomb: Immune
Sonic Bomb: Immune
Pitfall Trap: Immune
Raw Meat: Immune

For more in-depth details on the damage formula for Kirin, check the damage
FAQ, which also includes the status tolerance levels.

Please refer to DS31's melee mechanics FAQ for actual stats and values.

B.1 Preparations: What items to bring

**Setup 1: Sleep Bombing 
(assuming you eat Kirin Cheese and Goldenfish Brew for max HP and stamina)

You can bring up to 24 items, and note there'll never be delivered supplies
to the Battleground.

10x Potion
10x Mega Potion
2 x Max Potion
10x Energy Drinks (quicker replenishing animation than steaks)
5 x Cool Drinks
10x Whetstones (You won't need many, I use no more than 4 or 5)
1 x (Mega) Armorskin
1 x (Mega) Demondrug
Armor Charm
Power Charm
Armor Talon
Power Talon
(Note you don't need combo books if you have the Bomber skill activated)
10x Large Barrel
10x Gunpowders
2 x LBB+
3 x LBB
10x SBB
10x Scatterfish
10x Paintballs

Power Seeds: Not essential for sleep bombing

**Setups 2&3: One on one melee
10x Potion
10x Mega Potion
2 x Max Potion
10x Energy Drinks
5 x Cool Drinks
10x Whetstones (20 if you prefer)
1 x (Mega) Armorskin
1 x (Mega) Demondrug
Armor Charm
Power Charm
Armor Talon
Power Talon
10x Power Seeds
5 x Frozen Berry (in case you need both stamina and heat protection)

5 Mega/Power Juices if you are hammering and NEED the stamina.

**You may be thinking why did I list so many healing items.  I rather be
over prepared than under, and this FAQ is meant for newbs who need the extra
help. Kirin in rage mode can pull off some crazy things.

B.2 Equipment

These are set-ups I used to beat Fleeting Shadow, I prefer simplicity.

~Setup 1~
*Death Stench S with High Sandman Spike
-5 Bombardier gems, 3 Strength gems (Bomber, ESP, abnormal status up)
-5 Bombardier gems, 5 grinder gems, 1 Strength gem
(Bomber, ESP, abnormal status up, quick sharpen, health-10)

*Butterfly S/Obituary S with High Sandman Spike
-5 Bombardier gems (status attack Up, evade+2 [can be handy], Bomber)

~Setup 2~
~Screw bombing, I want to lock horns with them!
*Tigrex S with SWB (or high raw SnS)
*Ceanetaur S (SUUSS) with SWB
(watch the thunder weaknesses of these sets)
-Just pure power with quick sharpen

~Setup 3~
~Melee set 2 with a hammer
*Tigrex S with Onslaught (or high raw hammer)
*Ceanataur S (SUUSS) with Onslaught
(watch the thunder weaknesses of these sets)

While I personally would not use bows or bowguns against Kirin (Kirin training
school was enough), Kayin has recommended using Heavy Bowguns against Kirin,
particularly Blastion Cannon.

Sam (Xtag Sam_U.K.)from Skies of Crimson suggested a guard+2 with autoguard 
"Angry, I found that an SnS with Auroros Haku gemmed to give Guard +2, 
Guard Inc, Auto-Guard and Damage Recovery Speed +1 to be useful against 
Kirin. With this setup you will almost never get hit. I use SWB."

"Yeah, Auto-Guard proves to be very useful in this situation. Kirin's 
lighting call is almost instantaneous, so a manual guard would be too slow to 
put up. The Auto-Guard would block that and any zigzag tramples for you. It 
gives you more time to attack without worrying about getting hit as long as 
you don't get too greedy. With Guard +2 and Guard Inc you will not take 
damage from any of Kirin's attacks. The set up does not require any slots in 
the weapon, so you can choose what ever SnS you want. I just use SWB cause 
its got a decent amount of blue sharpness and high raw."

Note: I'm 99% sure lightning bolts do not require Guard Inc to be blocked.
Sam's set-up can be handy for beginners.

C.1 The Quest: Two Kirins or one? Separating the Kirins

To make this easier, I recommend that you use a Felyne kitchen meal that 
increases stamina before the battle, I usually use Kirin Cheese and Goldenfish 
Brew for max stamina and HP.

As soon as the quest begins, sprint north to the battle area, don't use any 
items like cool drinks or Armorskins just yet as it'll waste time.

As soon as you enter the area, run north towards the eastern side of the
central volcanic lake, you should be spotted by one of the Kirins and your 
hunter will cower. Now sprint towards the north western part of the map and 
hug the central lake as you go around the corner, remember to let go and 
re-press the R button now and then during the panic sprint so your character 
doesn't fatigue and slow down.

If done correctly, you'll reach the north western part of the map with only 
one Kirin attacking you.  So far, this has worked 100% of the time for me in 
both MHF and MHF2, just remember to get to the designated area as quickly as 
you can. 

C.2 How to fight the first Kirin 

Now that you only have to contend with one Kirin, it'll be much easier if
you keep it that way. Stay on the north western region of the map at all 
times and do NOT follow Kirin when it runs toward the centre of the map,
last thing you'd want is to catch the attention of the other Kirin.

It's very tempting to attack Kirin while it scratches the ground at the
centre of the map, but it's not worth the risk of alerting the other Kirin. 

**Important** Now you can take your cool drink and the necessary buffs like 
(Mega) Demondrug and Armorskin. The important part here is not to just
consume your items whenever, you basically use them during these situations,
and do NOT risk using items when Kirin is in rage mode in general.  

1. When it is scratching the ground. You should be hitting it, but if you 
   have taken some damage, it's better to replenish than to die and return
   to the area with the attention of both Kirins.

2. When it is performing any of it's lightning attacks a fair distance away.
   Use your judgment, and be aware Kirin can cover a lot of ground if it
   decides to straight charge after the lightning attack.

3. When it Zig zags away.  Again, use your judgment.

Now you can choose to attack ASAP and slowly take the Demondrugs, etc. when 
you get the chance.  However, I'll go against my own advice here and say take 
the Cool Drink the very first half chance you get. Nothing worse than waiting 
too long, accumulating a huge red bar and have Kirin take it all away and you
are close to being kitty-cart'd already.

Now, I have broken up strategies specific to the equipment choice.

C.3 Tactics for Setup 1: Sleep Bombing

With High Sandman Spike, attack Kirin with a couple to a few hits and roll 
away, do not be greedy with combos.  The beauty of setup 1 is you do NOT have
to hit the head all the time, status attacks do not discriminate against any 
part of the body and as soon as the sleep status is reached, it's bed time
for Kirin.

Please note a jump-in attack is either a running ^ attack from a sheathed
position or ^+O when the sword is drawn.

When should you attack Kirin?
- When it is scratching the ground, you can use a near full combo on it.
  i.e. Jump-in attack, ^, ^, O, roll away

- When it uses the frontal lighting shower, free hits to the hindquarters for
  you. Jump-in attack, ^, ^, O, roll away

- When it uses the central lighting pillar, a quick and short jump-in combo
  as soon as the attack ends. Jump-in attack, ^, O, roll away

- After it completes a straight charge.  When it charges from a far distance
  run towards the side to avoid it and quickly turn around for a short
  jump-in combo to the body. Jump-in attack, ^, O, roll away

When NOT to attack Kirin...
- Full lightning shower.  A lot of people are not aware of this, but the 
  areas where the lightning strikes are not random and actually follow a set
  pattern.  While it IS possible to attack it if you are in the right 
  position it is not recommended to do so if you are not confident against

- Zig-zag dash.  Block.  Just Block. Especially in rage mode, it actually 
  hits twice, during the dash and when it jumps into the next dash.  You'll
  usually block two hits.

Now, after landing many short combos, Kirin should fall asleep fairly 
quickly, it is time to place the bombs.  

C.3a ***Sleep Bombing: Where to place the bombs?*** (Applies to all monsters)
Sleep bombing is a method to inflict a lot of damage quickly and safely while
fighting a monster cautiously.  When a monster is asleep, the next attack that 
wakes it up will receive a triple bonus.  So blowing up a Large Barrel Bomb+
will be very painful, and activating the Bomber will add the x1.5 bonus. 
Again, check the melee FAQ for exact values.

Now, with the monster (Kirin) asleep, you can either choose to use 2 LBB+ or 
a LBB and LBB+.  Place the LBB+ near the horn but slightly further away, the 
second LBB(+) around the neck.  Now walk past the horn, past the LBB+ and 
place the SBB in a position to blow up the LBB+ and well away from the horn.  

This is to ensure the LBB+ near the horn will receive the triple damage 
bonus for an awakening attack and a guaranteed knock down. Place the SBB 
too close will mean the SBB will get the 3x bonus.  I also suggested the 2nd 
big bomb to be LBB because the damage difference isn't that great when
you have the Bomber skill, and it's not receiving the 3x bonus anyway.  You 
CAN use 2 LBB+s if you like, which causes the most damage, but Kirin will 
still die within 3 to 4 bombings either way.  It's up to you.

**IMPORTANT** Now, immediately after placing the LBB+'s, sharpen after 
every 2nd Kirin sleep, and REMEMBER TO COMBINE MORE BOMBS.  Have at least 
1 LBB and 1 LBB+ ready (or 2 LBB+s) for the next bombing. Remember that 
you have 40 seconds to do all this.

***Intermission: How to detonate?***
Another thing, some people may choose to use paintballs or stones to 
detonate the LBB+, while I do not have a problem with this method at all,
I recommend using a SBB because you can choose exactly where to place it,
and there's a chance you could miss the throw and wake up Kirin with the
projectile and inflict 3 points of wake up damage. :P

Some may save on both SBB and paintballs by block-slashing the LBB+.  I
do NOT recommend this as you'll reel back from blocking and miss free hits to 
Kirin's horn when it gets knocked down. Only do this if you run out of bombs 
or paintballs, you have no choice anyway.

As soon as you place the SBB, unsheathe your weapon in preparation.  Why?  
Because when Kirin gets that LOUD wake up call, your hunter may cower and 
you lose precious time to add more hits and add more sleep status to it's 
next nap.

C.3b Tactics for Setup 1: Sleep Bombing, continued...

As soon as the SBB blows up, the LBB+ with the triple damage bonus will 
detonate causing Kirin to horn-stagger and receive the damage from the second 
LBB as it flies back.  Now run up and full combo the horn and ROLL AWAY. Kirin 
will usually be in rage mode after each bombing and you'll want to be 

When in rage mode, you would need to be more aware of needing to block more
and attack less. Don't NOT attack, however, just attack less and take less 
risks, and watch the ground scratching moments.

Now just repeat the process, and note that Kirin develops a bit of resistance
against sleep after each successful sleep infliction.  After 3 to 4 sleeps, 
this varies with the size of Kirin, it'll get the big sleep.  Carve twice, 
sharpen and replenish stamina/health as necessary.

The rest of the quest will now be a breeze as you have the whole area for the
second Kirin and you'll feel more relaxed and more confident after fighting
the first one under stricter conditions.  Repeat the same thing again and 
you'll complete A Fleeting Shadow.

C.4 Tactics for Setup 2: Good ol' fashioned "hit 'em til they die" SnS 

Now, this section will not be as intricate as the sleep bombing section, as
you are simply hitting Kirin with your high raw damage weapon.  In a planned
way that is.  

With the equipment, it basically comes down to what YOU want.  The idea is
you come with a high attacking set and can choose from a combination of the
offensive skills like sharpness+1, RA+1/2/3, sharpsword, attack up S/M/L, etc
Due to decorations, there are many possibilities available and I leave it up
to you to decide what armour you like.  I've included some basic full armour 
suggestions that get the job done.

Kayin9988, a long time MH contributor and provider of up-to-date information, 
has excellent pages detailing many different armour set-ups and I highly 
recommend that you view his armour lists contributed by many other skilled 
and/or knowledgeable hunters.  

My weapon of choice for SnS is Shining Wyvern Blade, easier to make this time
compare to WoLaS back in MHF.  It has the highest amount of raw attack, and 
has decent blue and green sharpness.  It is generally considered to be the
ideal SnS for Kirin as Kirin has no elemental weakness.

Separate the Kirins as detailed previously, take you necessary buff ups, etc.

The idea here is simple with SnS:

1. Hit the horn when it is scratching the ground. Full combo to the head.

2. Always try to stay either behind Kirin or to the side of it.  When it 
   performs the frontal lightning shower, you can aim for the body and combo
   it with Jump-in attack, ^, ^, O, roll away.  

3. When it performs the lightning attack on itself, wait until it finishes
   then do the short combo Jump-in attack, ^, O, roll away.

4. When it charges at you, you walk to the side and let it run past your back,
   then you turn towards it's back and attack the body as it stops and turns
   around.  Again, roll away after the attack.

5. When it gets knocked down, that's a full combo to the head.

Again, as mentioned in the sleep bombing section, be extra careful when it
is in rage mode and block more, especially the zig zag dash.

C.5 Tactics for Setup 3: Good ol' fashioned "hit 'em til they die" Hammer

Hammering is a lot different to SnS in the sense that you cannot block, and
you're almost constantly charging for a super pound and rolling away after
landing one. Since you are charging a lot and waiting for a opening, Power
or Mega Juices may help if you need it.  Otherwise just keep your stamina bar
maxed out with Energy Drinks or Frozen Berries.

You can basically use the same armour choice as SnS, except for set-ups that
have guard+1/2 obviously.  My hammers of choice are Onslaught and Diablos
Chaos Broker, for their high raw ratings.

You would follow the same openings as described in set-up 2, but you'll find
you will knock down Kirin a lot more with a hammer.  The important thing is
to be ready for a knock down, and be very ready to triple pound the horn when
it is down.  

The risky thing with hammer is you cannot block, and it is especially 
dangerous when it is in rage mode.  You can actually keep charging and get
some super pounds in when the openings come up, but with point 4, you would
release the super pound a bit sooner to take into account the speed increase.

Be prepared to roll out of the charge to avoid getting hit, it's better than
losing health AND losing charge.  Also, watch out for the annoying zig zag 
dance in rage mode.

C.* Tactics for other weapon classes
To be added...

D.1 Kirin Rewards
I won't list the exact details for rewards and carves for Kirin, again, there
is a FAQ specifically for that.  I will, however, comment on Kirin equipment.

Kirin S melee armour has been altered and is not as useful as the MHF version,
where it gave sharpness+1 and item rec up.  In MHF2, Kirin S can potentially
give element attack up and All Res+10, as well as ESP if you obtain Sword 
Saint Piercing.  Plus female Kirin armour looks great, though not as good as 
female Khezu S gunner with Blango S cap.

The weapons are pretty decent, and with the exception of Thor's Dagger, 
they're not as powerful as the top tier weapons.  The Kirin weapons have high 
thunder element with moderate raw power, which is beaten by weapons with 
higher raw like Rajang weapons. Still, they are not affected by negative 
affinity and have a nice amount of blue sharpness.

Also, Kirin Azure Horns are required for one of the best bows in the game, that
is Dragon Bow Solar.

E.1 Miscellaneous FAQs

Q. OMG dis FAQ iz liek cl0udmc's!1! plegerizer!1
A. I've stated from the beginning that I have borrowed a section and elements
from his FAQ, and he has approved my FAQ before I submitted it.  I feel his
original FAQ was good, so I decided to go down a similar path.

Q. How do I stagger Kirin with LS repeatedly?
A. I don't use LS much in MHF2, nor have I tried to use it much against Kirin.
I will be more than happy to add the information and credit the contributor
accordingly if anyone has information. 

Q. Why are you called Angry Scapula?
A. Play Chrono Cross and find out.

Q. How do I get as much karma sa you?
A. Don't get modded, or get a time machine and create an account when GF 
first started.

~Will add more Q&A if others do ask~

F.1 Credits

I would like to thank GameFAQs for many years of gaming help and memories, as
well as hosting this FAQ.

I would like to thank Skies of Crimson, a great MHF resource and community and
for hosting this FAQ.

I would like to thank all of the members of the Twilight Hunters, to these
people in particular (in no particular order):
*CloudMcPhroni/VehemuZ, Crimson, Naijiao, Ronnomaru, Kayin9988 and many more

The many, many members of Skies of Crimson, some of the noteworthy users 
*Croda ("Great enough to have his own guide"), Mene, Zelda911 and many 
others I can't think of now.  Exhausted.
Harith Hunter is someone I would LOVE to thank especially.

On GameFAQs, those who are not necessarily on SoC:
*Grahf, DaiIchiban (NOT Dail), Boldrin, and King of MH amongst the MH Vets.  
While I did not know these users until MHF, nor have I interacted with them 
as much in since MHF2 was released, their contribution to the MH community 
is astounding and deserve thanks.
*DeathSlayer/DS31x for his MHF2 melee FAQ

Shout-out to the original FFX members: Split Infinity, Hakikev, Jobber, Ceebs
and Masamune3 

F.2 Feedback, Conribution and Comments

I do not have a gaming specific email at this time, so please create a topic
marking to my attention at GameFAQs or Skies of Crimson if you would like
to comment or contribute on this FAQ.

G.1 Legal Info
Copyright 2007 Edwin Tee (Angry Scapula).  All rights reserved.

This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal 
and/or private use. Except where explicitly noted, this text is entirely my 
own work.  Permission to use this text for personal use is granted.  
Permission to use this text for commercial or promotional purposes is denied; 
this includes printed and digital media.

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