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Jeanne d'Arc Walkthrough

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Japanese part of the names.



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--Table of Contents--

Introduction [INTRO]

System Explaination and Translation: [BASYS]
- Button Layout Battle [BATLY]
- Unit Management Menu Button Layout [UMMLY]
- Other Button Layout [OTHLY]
- Battle Menu 1 Translation [BM001]
- Battle Menu 2 Translation [BM002]
- Option Menu Translation [OPTTL]
- Settings Translation [SETTL]

Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the Legend
Stage 1 [STG01]
Stage 2 [STG02]
Stage 3 [STG03]
Stage 4 [STG04]
Stage 5 [STG05]
Stage 6 [STG06]

Chapter 2 - The Savior
Stage 7 [STG07]
Stage 8 [STG08]
Stage 9 [STG09]
Stage 10 [STG10]

Beastery [BEAST]
Consumables [CONSU]
Sword [SWORD]
Spear [SPEAR]

/------- INTRODUCTION -------\ [INTRO]

Jeanne d'Arc is released on 11/26/06 in Japan. Developed by Level 5 best
known for their work on Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest, etc. This game plays
pretty much like Final Fantasy Tactics, and also has some parallels to
Nipponichi's SRPG. Currently, it is only available in Japan and Asia.

The story is loosely based on the real historical Jeanne d'Arc. This guide
will give you hints and pointers in how to beat each mission, and the 
requirements for each mission. This guide will also eventually cover major
part of the game including equipment list, and beastery and so forth. As 
of now, this guide will focus on how to beat the game. Since this is in
Japanese, I'll breifly describe what's happening, thus spoilers are present
in the guide. If you don't like spoilers in walkthroughs, just wait for
English version of the game to come out. In addition, my knowledge of
Japenese is limited, and I am writing this out of my memory, some of the
names may sound weird excluded, and replaced with descriptions. Keep in 
mind, that the official English version may have change some of the names.
The names uesd in this walkthrough is how the Japanese sound to me. I also
dont' know what all the item is, so if you can tell me what they are
please email me.

In addition, this is based on my personal experience, if there is anything
wrong, please email me, I'll update it as soon as possible.

/------- System Explaination and Translation -------\ [BASYS]

Battles plays on grided fields. The layout should be quite familiar to
those who have played any SRPG at all. You move in squares. However,
different than other SRPG, after you've taken an action, you wont' be 
able to move. So you MUST MOVE first if you want to move at all.

All of the units have counter automatically. Counter rate is subjected to
accuracy penalties. The damage and accuracy system is very similar to
Final Fantasy Tactics. Accuracy increases when not facing the enemy
directly. KEEP IN MIND, that there are SKILLS in this game which will
allow you to counter before your enemy hits you, and SKILLS that allow
you to counter, PLUS cancel the enemy's attack.

Experience also work the same way as Final Fantasy Tactics. All actions
are reward with Exp. Killing an enemy will reward the most Experience.

Round Limits are imposed on most if not all of the battles. So you can't
really just take forever to level up on your own character. Also adds to
the difficulty of this game.


This particular take on Jeanne d'Arc is centered on the five legendary
bracelets. Throughout the story, you'll get members with the ability
to transform. Transformation is quite simple.

For characters that can transform, there will be an additional bar made
with "blue-jewels" in their status screen. Each turn you'll get 1 SP, or
one blue-circle light up. The max is 10. Each form can only be used
ONCE PER BATTLE. However, as the game progresses, each character will 
recieve more jewels to put into their bracelet, granting them power for
other transformations; which means that a character can transform multiple
times, but not the same form. 

Transformation usually lasts two turns, magic oriented user have three
turn limit; so take advantage of it in the short amount of time.

All transformation have one similar property, and that propert is that
when the transformed characters defeats and enemy, he/she will be granted
another turn, as if he/she has done nothing, so take advantage of this
feature. I find that the most effective use of this feature is to get
all enemies on low health, and have one character wipe them up.

The cost of transformation is usually 3, with higher/more powerful forms
cost more. So the minimum turns before you transformation is three turns.

Connection Guard:

New in this SRPG is the Connection Guard. By having characters bunched up
together will allow you to increase the defense of all the characters in
that huddle. The effective range is ONE SQAURE around the character, even
adjacent diagonal squares.

Burning Site:

After couple battle, Burning Site is introduced. When you hit an enemy
a shockwave is created and a burning Site will appear behind the enemy
AFTER THE ENEMY TURNS TO YOU. Burning Site will increase the damage
of the unit will do standing on it. A good strategy against the boss by
using weak characters to create Burning Site and have the strong units
use it.

            ( )

Spirit System:

Kind of like elemental weakness, but it also contributes to melee attacks
as well. It is said that all thing is governed by the Sun, Moon, and Star.
Each has its own weakness. Each character can equip one spirit type at a

Star > Moon > Sun > Star

Button Layout Battle: [BATLY]

x: Cancel
o: Confirm
[]: Zoom
/\: Select unused character
L + R: Rotate Left Right
D-Pad: Move Cursor
Joystick: Move Camera

Unit Management Menu Button Layout: [UMMLY]

x: cancel/previous
o: confirm
[]: Detail data
L+R: Switch characters
D-pad: cursor

Other Button Layout: [OTHLY]

On World Map:
[]: to see the next destination
R: to scrol map
/\: to bring up Menu

During Cut Scene/Convo:
Start: Pause
x: cancel
/\: skip

Battle Menu 1 Translation: [BM001]
When you selected a light up character, you'll see the following menu.


Battle Menu 2 Translation: [BM002]
When you select a square with nobody on it.

End Turn
Character List
Battle Status

Suspend will kick you out of the game, and save the current battle data.
Once you load it, it is gone.

Option Menu Translation: [OPTTL]


Settings Translation: [SETTL]

BGM Volume
SE Volume
Angle Control
  Up/Down Joystick      NORMAL REVERSE
  Left/Right Joystick   NORMAL REVERSE
  L and R Shoulder      NORMAL REVERSE
Message Speed           FAST MEDIUM SLOW

Unit Management Menu Translation: [UNMTL]

On world map, press Triangle, and you'll be greeted with the familiar
RPG style menu, where you can change equipment, and save, etc.


Equipment Menu Options:

Weapons and Armor
All Items

Save Menu Options:

Delete Data

Load Menu Options:

Load Suspended Data

/------- WALKTHROUGH -------\

Start a new game, and the scenes will play. There was a war between human
and demons. Though both sides lost heavly, but with the united force of
human, beastman, and other race, the demon king was finnaly sealed by five
heroes each holding a bracelet.

After the prelogue, you'll be in the current time. The little one is the
English King. Bentford (?) is a wizard who is most trusted by the little
Henry the Sixth. However, Bentford has his plan to destroy France. Bentford
plans to revive the demon king, and have him take over the body of 
Henry the Sixth. One of the bracelet owners comes attempting to save 
Henry the Sixth. He was no match for Bentford. At last, Henry the Sixth's
body was taken over by the demon king.

Now the scenes changes to the Village of Doremy, where Jeanne and her
friend Rias lived. Jeanne's father come to ask the two to do some misc
work over at the church, and thus the two went toward the church. Some more
scenes, and Jeanne will hear the voice of God commanding her to use the
power of the Bracelet to destroy the enemies.

------------------- Chapter 1: The Start of the Legend -------------------

Stage 1: Voice of the Sky ---------------[STG01]

Win Condition: All Enemies Destroyed.
Lose Condition: Jeanne is unable to battle.
Enemies: オーク X 2  オークナイト X 1
Turn Limit: 10
Rewards: 太陽のビン / いやしの薬草 (Medicinal Herb, HP Recovery)
Rather easy fight. As in all SRPG, the first couple fights are tutorial
fights. Just get use to the system.

Stage 2: The Armor of the Saint ---------[STG02]

After winning the first fight, a new character Roju will come. The three
will head back to the village only to find the village burned. They found
that the head of the monster is non other than British soldiers, and
a fight ensues

Win Condition: All Enemies destroyed.
Lose Condition: Jeanne is unable to battle.
Enemies: イギリス軍司令官 X 1 オーク X 5 オークナイト X 1
Turn Limit: 10
Rewards: いやしの薬草 / ヒール (Cure skill)
May seem hard at first, but after two turns, Jeanne's power will manifest
and she will transform ala Valkyrie style... seems Japanese have some
stuff for Valkyrie style garbs... After the transformation, it is basically
slaughter. Get behind or to the side of each enemy and start chopping
them down with Jeanne. You should be able to slaughter those blue pigs in
a hit with Jeanne, and doing so will grant you an additional movement and
action. Take advantage of Jeanne's transformation and move toward the
enemey commander. Have the other two go for the enemies toward the right,
you should finish the mission without much difficulty. The power of the
bracelet will end in two turns. From now on, there is a "bar" with blue
gems indicating her powerup. Every turn, it'll increase by 1, and when
you reach the designated number of SP for the specific transformation,
you'll be able to transform.

Stage 3: The Start of the Journey -------[STG03]

After you've defeated the enemies in the village, your crew will salvage
some equipments. Don't forget to equip your character with the new stuff.
The cure skill is especially useful. I equiped it on Rias. Rias is the
most magic oriented sword user out of the three, with more MP. Roju have
higher attack than Rias, and is on par with Jeanne. Jeanne is balanced in
both fields. After some scenes, Jeanne believed it is the gods word telling
her to save the French, thus she decides to enlist in the French army.
Being the sidekicks, the other two follow her as well.

The crew arrive at the French encampment. Jeanne claims that she has heard
the voice of god, and obviously the dude doesn't believe her. A soldier
comes in and interrupts the conversation and reports that a village is 
being attacked by monsters. Hearing the news, Jeanne makes some angry
remarks, and claims that she'll save France by herself, then rushes out
toward the village. The crew follows her. As they arrive at the scene
two more characters will join you. One is a spearsman, and one is a 
swordsman. Battle ensues.

Win Condition: Enemy Commander, イギリス軍司令官 destroyed.
Lose Condition: Jeanne is unable to battle.
Enemies: イギリス軍司令官 X 1 オーク X 2 オークナイト X 2 
リザードマン X 4
Turn Limit: 15
Rewards: カラチの実 (+3 Permanent ATK) / 俊足の薬 (+1 move, last
3 turns) / キュア
Hidden Treasure Location: (X10-Y11)  (X11-Y6)  (X17-Y6)
Though your objective is completed when the enemy commander dies, it is
probably not a good thing to ignore other enemies. Take your time and make
your war toward the commander on the top. The enemies at the top won't move
if you don't get in their vicinity, so just inch your way through. Also
take advantage of the Burning Site, it'll make the mission considerably
easier. There are some hidden treasures, but nothing too terribly good.
The coordinates is the based on overall map which you can pull up from
the battle status. Also, becareful of the turn limit on the top right
corner, when it runs out, you'll be greeted with Game Over. I also
recommand saving in a different slot before battle. You can also have
Jeanne transform at the end, but it is not neccessary. 

Stage 4: The Purple Warrior -------------[STG04]

After the battle in the city, Jeanne fails to save the two villager, after
killing off the enemies, and she will start sulking. And she finds out that
her power right now can't save France. Before heading further update some 
equipment, especially weapons for the sword users. equip the spirits if
you want, remember once they are equiped, your character will have some
handicap and advantage against certain other type. The spirit type of the
enemey is displayed next to their name. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CURE EQUIPED on
Rias. On the way to the next destination, the crew will meet some monster,
and two guys in the forest, and battle ensues.

Win Condition: Enemy Commander, イギリス軍司令官 defeated.
Lose Condition: The Noble Man is defeated.
Enemies: イギリス軍司令官 X 1 オーク X 2 オークリーダー X 3 メイジ X 1
ギューモス X 2
Turn Limit: 12
Rewards: ビッシュの実 (+3 permanent def) / いやしの薬草 / 
ファイアボール (sun type magic attack)
Hidden Treasure Location: (X8-Y10) (X11-Y6) (X17-Y6)


Ok, this one is probably the hardest battle you've faced so far. Not that
the enemies are much more diffcult or anything, but the noble man likes
to get himself killed. During deployment, Put Rias on the top right corner,
and put the rest of the crew in adjacent sqaures. As soon you enter the 
battle, have Rias reach the noble man ASAP... and I MEAN IT. If you are
lucky, the noble man will surive barely to have Rias be in range to
use Cure. If you are unlucky, it's 100% game over. Ignore that red pig
monster to the right, he won't attack you unless you hit him. Your Jeanne
should be at a decent level about 8-9ish, and have her solo those blue pigs
infront of her. and go onto the bridge to get a treasure. The rest of the
crew should rush toward the noble man asap. The magic user, and the 
commander will pose a bit of problem. The commander can take a huge chunk
of HP off any of your characters, most of the character will die in two
hits, meaning, an attack, and a counter attack. The magic user can
also hurt, but she is week. Your Jeanne should be able to rush her and
kill her in a hit from the back or side. Don't worry if you start losing
man, when the boss start killing them off. You'll have enough people to
get the boss down, and burning site really helps. Also, if you want to
get all the treasure, you'll have to kill the red pig that you ignored,
since he is sitting on it. Don't forget to heal, the boss does 35+ damage
a hit so yea... Also, if the young squire next to the noble man dies from
one counter attack, kiss your victory good bye. Just reload.

Stage 5 The Path to Chinon ------------[STG05]

After you've successfully saved the nobleman, you'll find out that his name
is Jiru. And with the promise he made, he'll bring you to meet the count.
As they meet the count, the count seems to be quite sincere, and believes
that Jeanne is really blessed by god. And in addition, he'll give you two
members to aid you on your journey. These two new members will play a very
vital role in later chapters, so please DO TRAIN THEM, ESPECIALLY the 
archer. The two new member is a thief/enginner class, and an archer. Their
names are Kore, and Maruseru respectively.

Then the Scenes, get shifted... Roju is having some bad dream about his
past. He wakes up, and seeing Jeanne sulking, and tries to comfort her and
says that "I'll protect you no matter what!" (I think it's kind of the
reverse... but oh well...). Also Rias is getting tiresome from the travel,
but when she sees Jeanne sulking, she also psychs up and promise that 
she'll never be bother by these minute details again.

As you continue to your destination, you are met with some old due in
golden armor. He is obviously to prevent you to continue your journey, and
battle ensues.

Win Condition: Reach the destination.
Lose Condition: Any member is unable to battle.
Enemies: タルボット X 1  リザードマン X 4  ダークエルフ X 2  ギューモス X 2
Turn Limit: 12
Rewards: クリョーマの実 / 命中の実
Hidden Treasure Locations: (X19-Y9) (X16-Y2)

With your levels about 10-11, this stage is pretty easy. If you feel like
it, you can also finish the boss before continue on. I suggest have Roju
and the Maruseru near the bridge, and take care of the monster, and the 
enemy archer. While, Jean, Kore, and Rias flank on the the top route, 
killing everything as they come accross... The enemies AI is not the best 
in the world, so utilize Rias' magic ability and hit the melee target that 
block your way, and he wont' even move. The boss is not that hard to take 
down, if you are in some trouble, just transform. If you have not notice,
transforming will recover all HP lost, and you get to keep the recovered
HP after the transformation. Keep that in mind. 

Stage 6 The Bracelet Hero -------------[STG06]

Continue on your journey, you'll be at the wind-mill hill...
You meet your friend and guess what? Battle time!

Win Condition: Defeatタルボット
Lose Condition: Jeanne is unable to battle.
Turn Limit: 9
Enemies タルボット X 1  オークナイト X 2  ダークエルフ X 2  メイジ X 2 
ギューモス X 2  ガゼリオス X 1
Rewards: ヒィカの実 / クリティカル薬 / いやしの薬草
Hidden Treasures Locations: (X9-Y5) (X10-Y9)

This level is not too dificult either. Focus on the right side. Ignore the
left. Also, don't get too close to the middle dividing creek, or the archer
on the left side will start shooting you. After a round or two, Jiru comes
and transforms. Take advantage of this, Have Jiru charge up and finish off
the magic casters; this is crucial because magic can't really be defended,
and it is long range. When you get closer to the boss, one of the enemies
on the left side, will start moving. He is not too strong, Roju can solo 
him with little help. Jiru is a spearsman, and take advantage of it. 
Also note that Kore is weak but his evasion is awsome. The best is to have
Kore, or Jiru setup the burning site, and have Rias (use magic), and Jeanne
(transformed) stand in them, and finish the boss. Your archer should also
play a vital role in killing off pesky little monsters. Also, take 
advantage of the elements of the enemies. Generally, long range soldiers
are moon element, close range sword enemies are sun element, and axe/spear
soldiers are star element. For tips and hints at utilizing element, I'll
discuss in another section. Dont' think it's too tedious, elements can 
give you huge advantage over the enemies.

------------------------- Chapter 2: The Savior ---------------------------

Stage 7 First Encounter ----------------[STG07]

After much detour, the gang arrives at Chinon. The prince, Charles the VII
doesn't believe that Jeanne is the real deal, so he tries to test her.
He blends himself into the noble crowds and see if she can really tell
who he is. But seriously... he looks so... ugly and distinctive, that will
catch ANYONE's eye... (In history, I think there really was an incident
like this, but he being so ugly might not be true...). After much 
commotion, Charles VII proclaims: "Look, she is the Angel that the God has
bestowed upon France to guide us to victory!" Shortly aftewards, the gang
is given the mission to liberate city of Orleans.

You arrive outside the city gate (Bourgogne Gate if my memory is correct)
of Orleans. Here, you make two more furry friends. Battle starts~

Win Condition: Jeanne arrives at オルレアン (Orleans) entrance.
Lose Condition: Jeanne is defeated.
Enemies: オークナイト X 3  リザードガード X 2  ソードファイター X 3  
ブリーストX1  ウィザードX1  ガゼリオスX2
Turn Limit: 12
Rewards: ゼアルタの実 / マナのかけら
Hidden Treasures Locations:  (X5-Y17) (X16-Y12) (X10-Y7)

This battle is made considerablely easier. To actually meet the win
condition, is a piece of cake. So to make it more challenging, I suggest
that you kill the enemies for some items, money, and exp. For the top 
two isolated enemies, I suggest using Maruseru (archer), and Roju to tank
for the archer. Shouldn't be a big problem, try not to move the archer too
much, since you want the archer to follow up with the main force later on
asap. Jeanne is a must, and Rias is a big help with cure and magic. I
suggest Jiru for the last member, since he can transform, and it's very
powerful. The two guest characters are powerful, but miss very often...
I suggest using them as tanks... Some people swear that the doggy is really
powerful, but I don't personally like uber strong characters, it's up to
you. Also, when in water, your mobility goes down, and it could hinder
your advance considerably. The battle field is pretty big, so beware of
turns. Once you reach the other side of the creek, I suggest that you
put Jeanne within 1-2 turn distance away from the goal before you start
masscaring the rest of the enemies. Also, if you don't like Roju, Kore
is also a good choice because of his high evasion and mobility. I am not
really fond of the two mercenaries so I dont' use them much at all.

Stage 8 The Birth of the Savior ---------[STG08]

In a meeting Jiru explains that the key to liberate Oreleans is to liberate
the surrounding forts. And the first of the battle takes place at
Saint Roux Fort.

Win Condition: All Enemies Eliminated
Lose Condition: All members are defeated
Enemies: ソードマスタ X 1  ソードファイター X 3  ボウファイター X 3  
ランスルジャー X 4
Turn Limit: 10
Rewards: いやしの種 / 月光のビン

In this battle, all the enemies are place strategically, especially the
archers on top of the tower with mass range. I suggest stick very close
to each other and definitely stay inside the Connection Guard. Have Kore
and Jeanne or Rias take the lead, or any one with high defense/eavsion and
HP. Have Kore lure enemies out, as you move little toward the end. Since
there is no high restriction for attack and spells in this game, it's a
good idea, to finish the archer on the top tower, with your own, and Ria's
magic. Also a good idea to equip Jiru, or Jeanne with some magic attack,
since they are not too bad with it. The boss isn't very hard, but combine 
him with the two archers, it could be a pain. I also suggest equip
Maruseru with the element strong against the archer so that he can take
them out fast. When at the right time, like when Jeanne and Jiru is low on
HP, have them transform and start the killing spree. But don't do it too
early so you don't waste it. At least clear out the inital wave of enemies
before transformation. I'll save Jeanne's transformation for the boss,
since Jiru's unique attack isn't too strong, but effective against pesky
soldiers. Dont' hesitate to transform Jiru if you are really in trouble,
even in normal mode, the boss shouldn't be a problem by himself.

After the battle, Jeanne will recieve her second gem: 紅蓮の宝珠

Stage 9 The Bloody Savior (?) ------------[STG09]

After the inital victory, Jeanne has gain a lot of confidence... During
the conference at night, Roju tells that Jeanne shouldn't be rushing ahead,
but Jeanne ignores Roju's advice with beautiful grace~~; Rias then
complains about Jeanne's attitude.

The following day, as if Jeanne wants to proof to others her ability,
selflessly bears the flag and climbs ontop of the tower shouting:
"Defeat the English Army!!" And tragedy follows, Jeanne gets shot right
in the heart - a fatal wound... (J/k :P)

The gang then immediatly brings their commander back to the camp, and
under the pressure, Roju releases his dark power, and cures Jeanne...
Immediatly, Jeanne is good as new again (tell me about cliche....), and
then as if nothing happened, she goes back to battle...

The dark power awakend within Roju gave Rias some discomfort... with some
more touchy dialouge that follows, Rias asks Roju: "You like Jeanne right?"
(... Am I seeing a triangle here!?) Of course... like any other Japanese
anime/rpg, Roju can't make up his mind, and chooose not to answer the
question. Back on the field (withtout the two), you are to take down the
Augustine Fort.

Stock up on some medicinal herbs, and change equips... I believe there are 
new weapons for Jiru...

Win Condition: defeat タルボット
Lose Condition: All members are defeated
Enemies: タルボットX1  ソードファイターX2  ソードナイトX3  ボウファイターX2
ブリーストX2  ランスルジャーX2
Turn Limit: 14
Rewards: いやしの薬草 / 星のビン / スキルをよこせ
Hidden Treasures Locations: (X4-Y11)(X20-Y19)

This battle will be a bit harder than the previous. You'll also discover
that Kore has the ability to build ladders, and bridges. So your first
task is to have Kore make a ladder. One is enough. And have everyone else
follow suit. I strongly suggest using Jiru, and Marusumaru. Especially
Marusumaru, which I'll explain later. And choose a tank such as one of the
beast dudes. You should exploit elemental weakness here to its fullest.
I suggest Marusumaru have Moon or Sun element. Jeanne, and Jiru with
Moon element, and your last with Sun. The sword soliders have very high
defense, and your Marusumaru will probably be not very effective against
them so I think he should have the Sun element to finish the spear guys
off fast. Now on to strategy; After the ladder is made, Kore should rush
up the tower, finish of the archer. Next bring everyone in through the
ladder, but don't goo to far ahead toward the stair down to the main
fort floor, or else the enemies will start moving. The whole fight should
take place around that stair, and you should use the stair to be a bottle-
neck sort of trap. Having magic attack on Jeanne will help considerablly.
Now have your Marusumaru and Jiru chip away (Jiru has two pannel attacks).
And your beast guy blocking on the lowest part of stair, and Jeanne right
behind him, so Jeanne have only one side being attacked while the beast
have two. The soliders on the other side won't engage you as long
as you stay close to that stair case. About half way through with those
soldiers, you should approach about 8-10 turns, so to speed it up,
Jiru should transform, and finish remaining soldiers. And save Jeanne's
transformation for the boss. Also, have Jiru make burning site, and with
Jeanne's second transformation's unique attack it can do mucho damage
to boss. Couple hits and he'll hit the floor.

Stage 10 Tarubotsuto's Plan -------- [STG 10]

After you killed Tarubotsuto (that old dude) once again, he changed his
plan... and that's to suprise attack... And our course of action is 
of course to repel the suprise attack, so battle time!

Winning Condition: All Enemies Defeated
Lose Condition: Jeanne is defeated.
Enemies: タルボットX1  ソードファイターX3  ソードナイトX3  アーチャーX1  
ブリーストX1  ウィザードX1
Turn Limit: 16
Rewards: 攻撃の薬 / ガドマーの実 / フォースダウン / 命中+5
Hidden Treasure Location: (X16-Y11)

First thing you should notice is the different deployment fields. And
as you can see, there is a very very advantegeous spot for you to deploy
your archer, and so do it. I suggest equiping the star element. The rest
of the group should be on the foot of the archer, to prevent people to
climb up and faint your archer. The first enemies to take out should be
the casters with low life. There are two outside the gate. Your archer
should be adequte to finish them off pretty easily. Don't engage the 
enemies actively, have them come to you. Utilize your range attackes, 
magic, spear, bow, and hurt them as much as you can. A strategy that's
good to use, is to get most enemies about 20-25% life, and have Jiru
do transformation to wrap them up, since you gain extra turn for defeating
an enemy. With 16 turns at your disposal, this stage shouldn't be
that hard at all. Last note, I suggest take out the priest before the
wizard, and don't let anyone get up to the tower to finish your
archer off.

To be cont'd