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How to get level up so fast?

I need some recommended action,... I''m losing a fight with mere monster cause my level to weak. How to get a better level fast?

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In chapter 4

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Alistor_419 answered:

Well, the enemies in chapter 4 range from level 9-17. The best way to level would be the item world. Get an item that is around Item rank 5, like a long spear, or an iron claw. Then go to the item world and clear as many floors as you can. By the end you should have garnered enough experience to have gone up a few levels. If not, get another rank 5 item, possibly a long sword, or pixie bow, and do it again. As a side benefit, this will give you weapons with a little stat boost, which will also help.
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Laharl_666 answered:

Where are you in the game
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Diclonius1 answered:

ok try this buy a few low level items that have like a 1 or 2 in strenth go to those item worlds and get just that one then once you have done this and got about 45-60 of extra strenth creature put them in your strongest persons weapon [ mind you if it already has a strenth in it do hot DO NOT COMBINE!!! instead keep them seperate so you can add it to a more powerful weapon later. becuase i found this out i was lv 370 by chapter 6 and had beaten the dark council twice.
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bahamut920 answered:

Well, if you can clear the first stage of Chapter 4 (Blazing Core - Road of Flames), try grinding on that level a bit. The green panels are Exp +100%, which makes that stage probably the best place to gain levels up to that point. As others have said, also, the Item World is a pretty good place to go, but I think that the best thing to do in there is farm Statisticians; actual grinding in there is fairly tedious and unrewarding.
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Siphion answered:

Um, i don't know about you guys but im sorta of the perfectionist i did was defeat that " Other Overlord " in chapter 6 by using a mage at level42(transmigrated of course) and using those "Omega" spells that can hit up to 7 of them at once, then i use a decoy character to lift that mage and put it back into the base panel, rinse , repeat. Oh, i used Laharl to Magic Boost my mage too. Works...for me, and my mage went to level 76 after that.( When i was training my mage, i was clearing chapter 4, Blazing Core . Road of flames, killing those on the green panels with exp boost. :D Hope it works out for you/all of you.
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Emonquente answered:

"I''m losing a fight with mere monster cause my level to weak"

No, you're losing because your equips suck :P

Buy new ones, or do the item world of the ones you have to make them better, getting to lv 30 should make you significantly more powerful.

Leveling before chpt 5 is pointless, and before 14 its still ungodly time-consuming.
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whatthepeeeeeep answered:

Why dont you try out cave of ordeal, demonhall mirror? its geo panel is good. by the way, to pass cave of ordeal 5, you need to have the item called hyperdrive.
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