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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (American Version)
Platform: Playstation 2
Version: 0.65
Last Updated: September 03, 2003
Originally Created: September 01, 2003
Author: David Lam, chibisage(at)chibiknights.com
Website: www.chibiknights.com

Table of Contents
(Titles below are printed EXACTLY as such in the walkthrough)

1. Introduction
2. Updates and Versions
3. Characters
4. Walkthrough (Under construction)
5. General FAQ
6. Transmigration
7. Geo Panels and Symbols
8. Classes, Skills, and Magic
9. Tricks and Tips (***Currently the pride and joy of this FAQ!***)
    [9.01] - Clinic Prize-Claiming Hoax
    [9.02] - Canceling-Out Trick
    [9.03] - Leveling Characters and Weapons
    [9.04] - Breaking Through Defenses
    [9.05] - Easy-Win Promotion Exam
    [9.06] - Etna's Diary
10. To Be Tested Later
11. Bugs and Rants
12. Credits

1. Introduction
Disgaea is a wonderful strategy/RPG game, which is very similar to 
Final Fantasy Tactics in terms of having multiple classes and 
battling.  It has more of an anime appeal to it, which gave it my 
vote before I bought it, and has somewhat more impressive skills and 
tactics to it that Tactics did not.  Although the story seems less 
intense or dark as FFT, it's still a great game.

The majority of time you will spend playing this game will be to 
level up your character and items.  I've been playing for over 30 
hours now, and I'm only in chapter 5 out of 13 that I've heard.  I 
may well go over 100 hours before I complete the game, though the 
back promises 40 hours.  If you are not a level intensive person and 
just want a good story, then I'd sadly say this game is not for you, 
though when it does have a story it's actually very comical or 
interesting to watch.

I've picked up a lot of little tricks while playing, and since no one 
else has posted them at this moment, I thought I'd write this FAQ to 
share them.

2. Updates and Versions
Version 0.65 - I added a section devoted entirely to Transmigration 
(and my hate for it).

Version 0.6 - I got a ton of e-mails from people contributing some sort 
of information to the FAQ.  Thanks to all who sent me their tips and 

I got two tips so far about Geo Panels.  I don't want to rewrite my 
stuff, integrate the new information, figure out where to throw credit, 
etc. since I have too many people writing already and not enough time 
testing. :P  So I put the suggestions (which are well worth reading) 
below my strategy.

Also added the `To Be Tested Later' section, since someone sent me an 
idea and I didn't test it out and neither did he, yet.  If anyone has 
any information for that, send it over to me.

PLEASE, if you send me something that you think was worth saying and 
therefore worth putting into the FAQ, then give me a nickname or 
something, unless you don't mind me using your e-mail name or first 
name & last initial.

I also want to point out again if you didn't read my introduction that 
I haven't played the entire game yet.  I'm only in chapter 5, so please 
don't ask me how to get past a certain area or for character 
information that I don't even know about yet. ^^;;  I will finish the 
game eventually, but please give me some time. (Stupid school, always 
interfering with gaming/anime time.)

Version 0.51 - I got two e-mails from people telling me that they also 
did not 
get voices for parts of the story, so I'm going to assume that it's a 
kind of thing.  Kind of makes Atlus look bad for being lazy if that's 
the case.

I got an explanation for transmigrate, which did make sense, but it 
still seems 
like a such a waste to go from level 20+ to level 1. ^^;;  Still, once 
far enough in the game and especially when you can power-level I guess 
it's not 
actually that big of a deal.

Version 0.5 - There isn't a real walkthrough yet (which is why it's 
version 0.5), I mostly posted this for the tips and tricks.  
Eventually this will be more complete, however.

3. Characters
Laharl - The prince of the Underworld, Laharl has been sleeping for a 
long time, so much that he slept right through the death of his 
father two years ago.  He intends to take his rightful place as 
Overlord of the Underworld by beating up anyone who stands in his 

Etna - Assistant to the prince, Etna leads the Prinny Squad in doing 
her master's bidding, though she seems to have her own mysterious 
agenda to deal with.

Flonne - Angel of Celestia, Flonne is a light-hearted girl who is 
sent to the Underworld for a mission from the Celestia.  She stays 
with Laharl even after her mission is complete in order to understand 
demons, and to find love within their hearts.

Dark Adonis - This demon is nothing more than trouble to Laharl, whom 
the prince gladly dubbed 'Mid-Boss' and insults the Dark Adonis in 
any way that he can.

Volcanus - Archangel of Celestia, he is rather stubborn and 
aggressive when it comes to matters of the Underworld.

Lamington - Seraph of Celestia, he gives Flonne the unusual mission 
to go down to the Underworld.

4. Walkthrough
Under Construction because I haven't finished the game yet.  Sorry!!

NPCs of the game (I assume their names are always the same):
Estel - Teleports you to the battlefields
Rosetta - Head of the Item World
Hilde - Head of the Netherworld Hospital
Pelinair - Guide for the Dark Assembly
Elfir - Head of the Weapon Shop for the Rosen Queen Company
Lancelot - Head of the Battle Depot for the Rosen Queen Company
Longinus - Tells you about the different weapons in the game
Esmerelda - Mentions about the features in the game
Zommie - Gives a new random comment every chapter of the game
Ghoss - Gives a new random comment every chapter of the game
Gargo - Gives a new random comment every chapter of the game
Dratti - Gives a new random comment every chapter of the game
Manty - Gives a new random comment every chapter of the game
Goleck - Gives a new random comment every chapter of the game

Areas of the game:
Vyers Castle
Frozen River
Dinero Palace
Blazing Core

5. General FAQ
Q: Your e-mail chibisage(at)chibiknights.com doesn't work.
A: Change the (at) to the appropriate symbol.  I'm trying to avoid 
spam since I got a ton of it for my KOTOR FAQ.

Q: Does Disgaea really come in Japanese and English?
A: Yes... and no.  The text is always in English, and from what I've 
seen, so are the battles (the warcries are in English, although the 
cleric sounds like she's saying 'Hai', which is 'yes' in Japanese).  
During the story, it's in Japanese though.

Q: What does taking the promotion exam do?
A: When you pass the exam, your rank goes up.  This gives the 
character more options to appeal to the Dark Assembly with, as well 
as increases the range of influence that the character can have on 
the assembly.  For more details on the range, check out '[8.02] - 
Canceling-Out Trick' under the Tricks section.

Q: Is there a penalty to using Mr. Gency's Exit in Item World?
A: From what I saw, yes.  If you leave in the middle of the dungeon, 
when you finally complete it, you will be penalized in that all of 
the levels you completed before exiting won't count, so the 'Levels 
Cleared' bonus will be taking a dive depending on when you exited.

Q: How do you use Geo Panels and Symbols?
A: See Section 6 of this guide.

Q: Why is it that male characters can transmigrate into female ones, 
and vice-versa?
A: I don't know, but it bothers me, lol.  At least they're kind 
enough to let you rename your custom-made characters at any time.

Q: How does leveling weapons work?
A: As you attack monsters or even allies, your skill in the weapon 
you used goes up.  I don't know all the details, but the rank (S 
through E) only seems to have an effect on how quickly your skill 
goes up, not on what skills you get with the weapon.  It might have 
an affect on damage as well, but I'm not sure.

6. Transmigration
Q: Should I transmigrate my characters?
A: This is a hard question to answer.  If you don't plan on playing 
this game intensively (and I mean hours and hours of leveling), then 
no.  I'll explain the process of transmigration and my observations 

In order to transmigrate, the character needs to be rank 3 (by taking 
the promotion exam 3 times).  Once you do, you'll need 100 mana to 
start the transmigration.  You can pick the new class that you want to 
be, then you'll also have to choose your inheritance level.  
Inheritance is another mana cost, which determines how much of your 
abilities and/or stats are brought over to your new character.  The 
higher you pay, the better the inheritance.  Then you can rename your 
character (which, once you pass the naming screen you can no longer 
cancel out of the transmigration process), and your character is now 

From what I can tell, rank does not have an affect on the cost of 
transmigration or the inheritance cost.  The character's level prior to 
transmigrating also seems to have no affect.

Inheritance is affected by two things: first is the level of the class 
you're choosing (cleric versus priest, for example), and second is 
whether or not you're promoting your character to the same class but of 
a higher level.  I found that if you're already a scout, and you try to 
transmigrate again to scout or any class above that, the cost of 
inheritance nearly doubles.

The cost of inheritance for a class of the 1st level is as follows.

Title: Mana Cost, Stat Bonus, Inheritance %
Good-for-nothing: 1, -4, 15%
Incompetent: 10, +2, 30%
Average: 50, +4, 45%
Skilled: 200, +7, 60%
Distinguished: 1000, +9, 80%
Genius: 5000, 11, 95%

The cost of inheritance for classes 2 and 3 are as follows. (Note that 
the stat bonus and inheritance % are the same.)

Title: Mana Cost for level 2, for level 3
Good-for-nothing: 1, 1
Incompetent: 13-15, 16
Average: 65-75, 80
Skilled: 260-300, 320
Distinguished: 1300-1500, 1600
Genius: 6500-7500, 8000

I don't know why, but as I was checking the costs, my scout+former-
warrior paid more to become an archer than for the rest of the classes 
(he had some bow skill already, maybe that was why?), and this is the 
cause of the price range for level 2.

And the price to upgrade/downgrade my current class for genius level 
was 10000 for level 1, 12000 for level 2, and 14000 for level 3.

I had the idea that perhaps if I just transmigrated between all of the 
classes that I could learn all of the base magic skills and then focus 
them all into one class.  Wrong.  Without high level inheritance, your 
skills will go down or if they go below 0, your character will lose 
them completely.

So unless you have a source for ton of mana or unless you level all of 
your skills greatly, transmigration is essentially completely worthless 
for the first half of the game.  You might be able to do master two to 
several classes towards the first half of the game if you work them 
hard enough before transmigrating or get a huge load of mana, but 
otherwise don't bother.

Does it get better later?  I'm only in chapter 5 right now, and I'm 
definitely not getting anywhere near close to 10,000 mana from battles, 
so it certainly isn't good now.  Whether it actually does get easier 
later, I don't know.  Personally, I think transmigration really is a 
junky system, but if anyone has any comments or tested ideas, please 
let me know.

7. Geo Panels and Symbols
*** [7.01] - Intro to Panels and Symbols ***
While the instruction manual and game do cover most of this (though 
maybe you lost your manual), I'll go into detail about how to use Geo 
Panels and Symbols.

Only specific boards have panels, and they come in 6 different colors 
from what I've seen: red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and sky blue (or 
cerulean, whatever!).  Use the triangle button on the map and the 
menu of commands will come up, as well as the description of the 
stats of all the panels.

If a symbol of ANY color is on any panel, all of the panels with the 
same color as the one that the symbol is on will gain that symbol's 
power.  For example, if you place a blue symbol with a %50 exp 
ability on a green panels, all of the green panels will gain the %50 
exp ability.  The color of the symbol is irrelevant.

*** [7.02] - Symbol Abiltiies ***
I haven't recorded all of the abilties, but here are the ones you'll 
need to know the most.

Clone: Creates an exact copy of any unit that is on a panel for more 
than one turn (meaning a unit was on a clone panel after the turn was 
ended), working for monsters and allies alike, HOWEVER, any ally that 
steps on a panel will make a copy on the ENEMY side, so keep your units 
off Clone panels.
Warp: Teleports a unit that is on a panel for more than one turn to a 
random spot on the board.  This can be a good thing, sometimes.
No Lift: Anything that is on the panel with this effect cannot be 
lifted, including symbols.
Invulnerable: All units, friend and foe alike, are immune to attacked 
damage and will not take any drops in their HP bar (although you will 
still see numbers as if you were taking damage), but WILL take damage 
from panels with Ally Damage % symbols (thanks to Blackflare for that).  
Even if you or a monster does more damage in a single attack than their 
maximum HP, they still will NOT die.
Def +/- %: While a unit is standing on the panel at any time, 
his/her/it's defense will be increased or decreased accordingly.
Atk +/- %: While a unit is standing on the panel at any time, 
his/her/it's defense will be increased or decreased accordingly.
Ally Damage %: Any ally unit standing on this panel for more than one 
turn will suffer the damage based on maximum HP (not current HP).  
This does not have any effect on monsters.
Regenerate %: Heals a unit based on their maximum HP.  This DOES work 
on monsters.
Exp %: I haven't experimented with this yet.  Either the monster 
standing on it will give you more exp when it dies, or you get more for 
killing a monster while standing on it.

*** [7.03] - Clearing an Area of Panels ***
To clear an area of panels, you'll need to look for the following 
1) The number of symbols on the board must be 1 less than the number of 
colored panels.  This does NOT include a Null Geo Symbol.  So for 
example, you must have 3 colored symbols to clear a 4 colored panel 
2) If you have 1 less colored symbol than panels, the geo symbols ALL 
must be placed on the color of the panel that does NOT have a similarly 
colored symbol, including the Null Geo Symbol.  So if you have red and 
blue symbols, and red, blue, and green panels, you must put the symbols 
on the green panels.
3) If you have an equal number of symbols and panels, places all of the 
symbols on a single color panel.  This includes the Null Geo Symbol.
4**) Check for symbols that are No Lift.  If any symbol has this status 
and is NOT on the remaining colored panel, you cannot clear the board.  
For example, if you have a yellow No Lift symbol on a green square, but 
the extra colored panel is red, you cannot complete the board.
5**) If you have any symbols on the board that are invulnerable, you 
cannot complete the board simply because you can never destroy all of 
the symbols.

For features 4 and 5, please read the contributions at the end of this 
section for ways to bypass the No-Lift and Invulnerable symbols to 
complete any board.

So how does it all work?  From now on I will use color abbreviations 
(Red=R, Blue=B, Yellow=Y, Green=G, Pink=P, Sky Blue=S, Null=N).  
Let's take 5 colored symbols (RGBYP), 1 Null Geo Symbol, and 6 colored 
panels (RGBYPS).

The color panel that doesn't have a symbol partner is S, so place all 
of the tiles on the S colored panels.  Then after they're all moved, 
simply destroy one of the colored symbols to create a chain, and after 
the Null Geo Symbol does it's job, the board should be cleared.  All of 
the symbols should have been wiped out during the first chain, and at 
some point the Null should kick in and delete all the panels.  As a 
note, if a symbol is detonated on a panel of the same color, there will 
be no reaction or chain.

Panels will change color according to the order in which the symbols 
are destroyed.  So if you start with red and the chain first hits a 
green, you'll go from making all of the tiles red, then all of the red 
tiles on the board will change to green, and so on.

Why are we putting all of the tiles on the same color?  It's more 
efficient and creates a longer chain for a better Level Bonus.  Suppose 
we had RB symbols and RBG panels.  If you put the R symbol on the green 
square and the blue panel on a red square, then set off the R symbol, 
all of the green panels will turn red.  But then the blue symbol is 
untouched because the chain never went back over the red panels.  So 
you'll break the chain and spend another turn creating a new chain.

To make the longest possible chain, place all of the colored symbols as 
close to the starting point of the chain, and place the Null symbol as 
far as possible.  And of course place all of the symbols on the same 
colored panel.  I'll make a diagram below.

| R             |
|       P     N |
|  G            |
| B  Y          |

It doesn't matter which you detonate, but because Geo Panels are 
somewhat random when they're changing, you don't want to start with P 
in case it hits N before the rest of them.  So pretending all of the 
symbols are on S panels, detonate the red one.  As all of the S panels 
turn red, you'll hit the B, G, Y, P, and N symbols.  Then the B chain 
will start, and all of the red panels on the entire board will turn 
blue.  This goes on and on until the N kicks in, and all of the colors 
have been exhausted, and all of the panels have become colorless.  By 
this time, your bonus meter will be flying, the enemies are all 
probably dead, and the stage will be clear.

When setting off panels, try as hard as you can to set the first one 
off from a colorless space, as not all panels are colored when you 
start a board.  Also make sure any allies are also on colorless 
panels or that they have jumped back into the home base (unless you 
want to make points with the clinic).  If you don't, chances are that 
while it's chaining away, your allies will get hit at least once if 
not through the entire chain of X-amount of colors, and you may end 
up with a dead ally.

*** [7.04] - Geo Contributors ***
From Mi: There is a way to destroy and activate "Invincible" Geo 
symbols: You pick it up, and throw it on a monster that is on the color 
panel you wish to destroy. It destroys the monster, the Geo Symbol and 
changes the color of the panel.

From Ryan I.: 6.03 (4) and (5) aren't really true. You can use special 
abilities to move the panels in a lot of cases.

For example, I had a board that was two colored (red and green) with a 
red symbol and a null symbol. The usual way to clear that would be to 
put them both on green and blow up the red symbol--the catch is that 
the null symbol had Invicibility, so you couldn't put them both on 
green because then the red symbol would be invincible.

Here's how I solved this:

E = Etna
B = Brawler with Triple Strike
R = red geo symbol (def +50%)
N = null geo symbol (invincibility)

[x] = non colored space
rxr = red colored space
gxg = green colored space

g g g g
gRg rNr
[E] [B]

I queue up the following attacks:
Etna attacks red geo symbol. She's strong so she'll do enough damage to 
kill it.
Then my Brawler does Triple Strike on the null symbol (which is 
invincible, so it won't get hurt).
Then Execute.

The red symbol dies. Then my brawler triple-strikes the null symbol, 
moving it on to the green panel. Then the chain starts, and it DOES 
kill the null symbol (even though it's on an invincible panel).

You can use this technique with a weak guy to move symbols off of "no-
lift" spaces--as long as you don't kill the symbol, it'll move. You 
might want to shield it first and/or heal it afterwards if you have to 
do this multiple times.

Also, I think if you lift/throw a panel at an NPC, it'll kill the 
symbol, even if it is going to an invincible space.

Finally, I came up with the following system for blowing up all the 
panels, in a nice pleasing chain, without putting them all on one 
color. First you put two symbols onto the color that doesn't match any 
symbol. Let's say you put red and green down, and you are going to 
start by killing red. Then put the next symbol on the first of the two 
colors--so if you want blue next, put blue on a red square, and 
advance--"green and blue" now. So the next symbol (purple, for example) 
goes on green (now, "green and purple"), and finally the null symbol 
goes on green ("purple and null"). Nothing goes onto the purple. This 
solves the problem where you might blow up the Null symbol too early 
and not get the full chain.

8. Classes, Skills, and Magic
Please let me know if I've confused any Weapon/Class/Hero skills and 
put them in the wrong places.

*** [8.01] - Weapon Skills ***
Sword - Blade Rush, Hurricane Slash, Wind Cutter, Winged Slayer
Bow - Poison Arrow, Dark Flash, Delta Spirit
Axe - Boulder Crush, Skill Splitter
Scout - Tri-Burst, Rapidfire, Proximal Shot
Spear - Impaler, Sky Lunge, Asteroid Drop
Fist - Triple Strike, Tiger Charge, Lion's Roar

*** [8.02] - Class Skills ***
Fire Mage - Fire, Mega Fire, Giga Fire, Omega Fire, Braveheart, Magic 
Wind Mage - Wind, Mega Wind, Giga Wind, Omega Wind, Braveheart, Magic 
Ice Mage - Ice, Mega Ice, Giga Ice, Omega Ice, Braveheart, Magic Boost
Star Mage - Star, Mega Star, Giga Star, Omega Star, Braveheart, Magic 
Cleric - Heal, Mega Heal, Espoir, Shield
Scout - Dark Cannon, Geo Change

*** [8.03] - Hero Skills ***
Laharl - Blazing Knuckle, Overlord's Wrath, Meteor Strike
Etna - Prinny Raid
Flonne - Power of Love, Holy Arrows
Hoggmeiser - Spinning Slash
Prinny - Prinny Barrage
Maderas - Chaos Fire, Chaos Swarm, Chaos Force

Thanks to BigRay, im superior for some of the ability additions.

9. Tricks and Tips
*** [9.01] - Clinic Prize-Claiming Hoax ***
If this is your first time playing Disgaea, you'll notice that if you 
go to the Clinic to claim a prize out of a list of prizes that the 
option to claim disappears.  What is actually happening is not that 
you're getting the item that you picked, but ALL of the items on the 
list, at any time.  If you collect a prize early, the list does NOT 
start over, it only continues to the next prize level.  Most of the 
time, unless you have a lot of injured or dead party members, you can 
limit yourself to getting only one item on the list at a time.  Using 
the 'Canceling-Out Trick' in 8.02, you can help yourself to getting 
only rare or maybe even legendary items from the Clinic.  Rare items 
from the clinic almost always double in stats compared to when 
they're ordinary.

*** [9.02] - Canceling-Out Trick ***
When you cancel out of a menu and re-enter it, you can often get 
different results.  There are several places in which you can use 
this trick, primarily in the Dark Assembly menu, the Clinic, and the 

For the Dark Assembly, you can alter the amount of influence a 
character has to some extent.  Pick a character and take a look at 
their influence rating, cancel back out to the character selection 
menu, and then pick the character again.  For a rank 5 character, I 
was able to get numbers between 300 and 1450.  That's quite a jump.

For the Clinic, you can essentially choose the rarity of the items 
you get.  Go to 'Claim Prize' and if the rarity is too high, cancel 
back out, then go to 'Get Healing'.  Cancel back out and go back to 
'Claim Prize', and the rarity will be different.  If you see a rarity 
you want and accidentally cancel back out of the Claim menu, as long 
as you don't leave the Clinic entirely or go to the Healing menu, you 
can go right back to the Claim menu and the item will retain the 
rarity.  I've gotten a lot of rare items this way, though I don't 
think I've ever seen a legendary there.

For the shops, you can change the inventory of the shops by exiting 
out completely and talking to the shopkeeper again.  Note: Canceling 
out to the Buy/Sell menu and/or going into the Sell menu doesn't 
work.  You have to exit out entirely.

*** [9.03] - Leveling Characters and Weapons ***
The best places to level character and weapons are places that have 
invulnerability tiles, especially in Chapter 5, area 3.  To level, 
you can stack monsters by throwing them on top of each other which 
combines them into stronger ones.  To level weapons, just attack 
anything on the board, even allies.  Your weapons' experience will 
still go up.

From AngryIrishman: Another great place to level up is 7-1. It has 
Exp+100%, and HL+50%. You fight about 13 zombies there. Even if a few 
characters die at first, they will quickly level up and you gain levels 
a lot faster than 5-1(It isn't nearly as tedious). You always get 
around 11,000 HL for the level, plus whatever you get from the bonus 
gauge(my bonus gauge is always on 2 or 3). This is a great way to level 
up if you are at a high enough level to fight them(18-20 should be 
fine) and it will get you around level 30 fast.

*** [9.04] - Breaking Through Defenses ***
If you're playing in Chapter 5, area 3, you'll notice enemies can 
sometimes get too powerful to take damage.  There's two ways around 

The first is to use magic attacks, which usually does anywhere from 
20 to 70 damage for low level mages.  You'll need a lot of mana for 
that, but if you have lots of rare SP-items from the clinic combine 
it with the second method, you should have no problem.

The second is a bit unusual and I can't say there's any reason behind 
it.  If you do a single chain of attacks for all of your characters, 
you'll actually get high damage hits in.  By a chain I mean assigning 
all of your characters to attack physically or magically (or a mix) 
all at once, and then executing.  It is important not to break the 
combo by attacking or buffing a different unit in the middle of the 
chain.  Either do those first or last, but not in between.  It's best 
to use all 10 characters for more damage (a combination of gunners, 
archers, and casters work well since 5-3 only has two spaces for 
close combat).  For the first 2-5 attackers, you'll notice they all 
do next to no damage (depending on their levels), however as you 
approach the other attackers, their numbers will start going up from 
20 to over 100 damage each, as if the monster's defense just crumbled 
entirely over the hits.  A few rounds of this and the monster will be 
killed easily.

From Brian L.: I would like to add that higher damage bonus is not so 
much the enemy's defense crumbling as that of a combo bonus. While 
attacking, the text appearing at buttom of screen has a counter that 
keeps track of the number of combos done so far. Higher counter 
translates to bonus damages. 

*** [9.05] - Easy-Win Promotion Exam ***
For this trick you need a scout, or a character that has scout 
abilities, and so far as my scout is level 27, it has worked very well 
in getting him to rank 5 with no trouble at all.

'Dark Cannon' is a scout skill that summons what I believe is a neutral 
cannon, meaning enemies won't touch it.  When you first summon the 
cannon, you can target enemies with it, and by using the X-button, you 
can fire tons of shots into enemies to either kill them or weaken them 

From C. Robin B.: Just thought I'd point out that the Scout turret, you 
can just hold down the X button and it'll fire rapidly like its on 
turbo (like the old 3rd party gamepads).
WARNING: Do not place the cannon right next to the stands because the 
cannon will be unable to compensate for the elevation levels and will 
just fire into the stands if it's too close, doing absolutely nothing.

The beauty is that once the cannon has stopped firing, when the turn 
ends the cannon will focus on the closest target.  Unfortunately for 
the first round that's probably you if you moved in to adjust the 
cannon's position.  In the second round, move your character away 
into a corner.  As long as you didn't aggravate the monsters to 
approach you in the very first round, then will stay where they are, 
and the cannon will continue to fire at them for the rest of the 
battle while all you have to do is 'End Turn' until they're all dead.

Whether or not the power of the cannon increases by levels or skill, I 
know, but by the 6th promotion exam and level 27 I was doing really 
small damage, so little that it would've taken maybe hours to kill the 
level 30 
monster.  I created a level 1 Ranger and tried him out in the levels, 
and he was only doing 1 damage per shot, so it is definitely related to 
skill or level. 

Since you can easily get to rank 3, you can transmigrate your scout 
to ALL of the classes, though you need 100 mana to transmigrate to a 
new class, but with just a small amount of time and battling, you 
could get your character started on all of the low level skills in 
the game.

*** [9.06] - Etna's Diary ***
If you check behind the chair in the throne room, and if you check 
the skull sitting on the counter of the Netherworld vendors, you'll 
find two switches.  Then go to the room in between both of them (with 
the three guys, one of which tells you all about weapons), go to the 
lower level, and inspect the upper corner.  Etna will tell you she 
needs to go to the bathroom, and from there you can see her diary.  
For checking the diary, you get a prize in the end.

10. To Be Tested Later 
From John M.: Second, you mentioned that you should keep your units off 
clone panels. This makes sense, but I thought of something last night 
and haven't tested it yet. Do your cloned characters have all their 
items? If they do, you could really steal some nice stuff that way.

11. Bugs and Rants
In some sections of the story, I see the characters talking, but 
there are no voices.  Either it's a bug, or Atlus just got cheap on 
those parts and didn't do any dubbing, although I play it usually in 
English.  Maybe in the Japanese version there are voices.  
- This was confirmed by 2 other people, so I guess this is just 
something we'll have to accept.
- The original Japanese version of the game was apparently on CD, so 
they didn't bother to add any dubbing in the American release.

12. Credits
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Thanks to Nippon Ichi for making Disgaea the awesome tactics game that 
it is! (and to Gel for pointing that out!)

Thanks to Atlus for translating Disgaea, as well as for all of their 
other wonderful games that I love!

Thanks to all of the contributors (AngryIrishman, BigRay, 
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