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Table of Contents
1. Introduction                                                 [DHInt]
2. Gameplay Mechanics                                           [DHMec]
3. Characters/Classes                                           [DHCha]
4. Walkthrough                                                  [DHWlk]
   Chapter  1                                                   [DHC01]
   Chapter  2                                                   [DHC02]
   Chapter  3                                                   [DHC03]
   Chapter  4                                                   [DHC04]
   Chapter  5                                                   [DHC05]
   Chapter  6                                                   [DHC06]
   Chapter  7                                                   [DHC07]
   Chapter  8                                                   [DHC08]
   Chapter  9                                                   [DHC09]
   Chapter 10                                                   [DHC10]
   Chapter 11                                                   [DHC11]
   Chapter 12                                                   [DHC12]
   Chapter 13                                                   [DHC13]
   Chapter 14                                                   [DHC14]
5. Version History                                              [DHVer]
6. Credits                                                      [DHCre]

I. INTRODUCTION                                                 [DHInt]
Disgaea is a great SRPG that has some unique gameplay ideas and
some great characters. Its release on PSP means that it can now be
played on the go, which is great because it's an excellent game.
I noticed a dearth of Disgaea PSP FAQs so I decided to contribute my
own version.

II. GAMEPLAY MECHANICS                                          [DHMec]

Disgaea is a grid based SRPG. It's much like a RPG game crossed with a
chess board. Each character can be controlled and placed on a square
and be ordered to attack enemies (or allies if desired) on another
square within their range. However, Disgaea has a few different ideas.

First is the Geo Panel system. In many stages there will be colored
squares on the field, allowing for a multitude of different effects,
such as recovery (which will heal any unit on the corresponding square)
or damage (which is the opposite). These squares will help or harm
your battles and are pivotal in order to achieve success.

III. CHARACTERS/CLASSES                                         [DHCha]


The main character of Disgaea, he has great all around stats and high
proficiency in Swords. He has quite a few powerful attacks and he'll
serve as your primary attacker for most of the game. His unique skills
are as follows:

Level 5: Blazing Knuckle
Deals powerful fire damage to units around Laharl.

Level 20: Overlord's Wrath
Deals powerful non elemental damage in a plus shape in front of Laharl.

Level 50: Meteor Impact
Powerful damage for two panels in front of Laharl.


A decent unit who has a great proficiency in spears. She has some
decent unit specific attacks, but for the most part you'll be utilizing
her spear attacks as much as possible.

Level 5: Prinny Raid
Decent damage, ranged attack.

Level 20: Sexy beam
Hits the area surrounding Etna for minimal damage

Level 50: Chaos Impact
Hits a unit in front of Etna for decent damage. Ranged attack.


Flonne is great with a bow or a staff, with mages under her tutelage,
mainly so she can leech spells from them. If you input the time
required, Flonne can be an unstoppable unit. Though she lacks excellent
proficiency in any one area, she has great proficiency in many
different things, so she's quite a versatile character.

Level 5: Power of Love
Incredibly useful, this heals all units surrounding Flonne. Excellent
for regrouping after a particularly tough skirmish.

Level 20: Holy Arrows
Decent ranged damage, but nothing that can dwarf Laharls abilities.

Level 50: Divine Ray
Again, nothing too special, but a plus shaped attack in any direction
has its uses, and it does great damage, too. Sucks SP a bit too much
for its output though.

IV. WALKTHROUGH                                                 [DHWlk]

Chapter 1                                                       [DHC01]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 1 Ghost x 3

You have Prinny helpers for this battle, so you shouldn't be in any
danger of losing. However, I would advise you to use Laharl and Etna
as much as possible because they'll make up the bulk of your offensive
force for much of the later game. The Ghosts are easily dispatched,
so you should be able to get through by just using Laharl and Etna.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 2 Hobbit x 1
         Lv. 1 Ghost  x 4

This level explains how to lift and toss characters and enemies, which
is a valuable tactic to use at certain points in the game. Again, the
enemies here are pushovers so you should have no real problems here.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 2 Habbit x 1
         Lv. 1 Ghost  x 5

In this map you'll learn about Geo Panels. It is rather easy here to
kill all the enemies quickly and efficiently, so I'd recommend strongly
to do some training and level up once or twice here with numerous
replays. In addition to this, using the Geo Panels to defeat the
enemies garners you small bonuses after battle. In the long run, this
is a negligible reward but for this chapter, it's invaluable in the
maintenance and upkeep for your party.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 2 Red Skull x 1
         Lv. 2 Hobbit    x 2
         Lv. 1 Ghost     x 6

There are now two Geo Symbols. One with Enemy Boost x 3, and one with
EXP + 50%. You'll want to destroy the Enemy Boost x 3, because this
will damage the enemies standing on the respective panels. Afterwards,
throw the EXP + 50% onto the remaining geo panel so that enemies you
kill that are standing on the respective panels will give you a 1.5x
experience boost.

Hopefully you have created some characters by now because you'll want
to send them in to hammer the Ghosts that are coming out of the
castle. With Laharl and Etna acting as support, have them clear out
the Ghosts, then the Hobbits, then the Red Skulls. Hopefully you'll
be able to do this quickly and efficiently, as you'll want to spend a
bit of time here leveling your characters (preferably to around level
4 or so).

Battle 5

Enemies: Lv. 3 Brawler x1
         Lv. 3 Warrior x1
         Lv. 2 Hobbit  x4
         Lv. 1 Ghost   x4

The Geo Panels here give a bonus of DEF + 50% and Attack + 1,
respectively. Do everything you can to lure enemies away from these
panels - if you're worried about your main fighters taking a beating,
have your prinnies lure the enemies off of the panels you want then
plant your characters onto them so that when the prinnies die, your
characters can remain stationary and let the enemies come to them.
The biggest threats here are obviously the brawler and warrior, as
they have more powerful attack capabilities than the Hobbits and Ghosts
put together. As a result you'll want to focus most of your attacks on
them to get them out of the way before turning your attention to the
monsters. Because your characters only gain experience for actively
killing an enemy, your Cleric (or healer) character will need to
participate in combination attacks with other characters to defeat
the enemies, otherwise they'll end up horribly underleveled.

You'll want to level up a bit more here, I leveled up to around level
8 for Laharl and Etna, and about level 5 - 6 for my generic soldier
characters, but that took a while, so having levels 5 - 6 for all your
main fighters should be the least you aim for, as the following battles
wil be incredibly difficult, especially the final battle for Chapter 1.

Battle 6

Enemies: Lv. 4 Red Mage x1
         Lv. 4 Warrior  x1
         Lv. 4 Archer   x2
         Lv. 3 Boggart  x5
         Lv. 2 Ghost    x1

Because of their long range, the Archers are probably the strongest
and most dangerous opponents here, with the Red Mage as a near second.
Start by killing the Boggarts near you after destroying the Geo Crystal
as the 40% recovery will most likely end up benefiting your enemies
much more than yourself. The archers may start to notice you while you
are hammering the Boggarts, so send out some prinnies while your main
fighters retreat to draw the archer's fire. If you can manage to get
the archers within movement range of your normal fighters, gang up
on them and start focusing all your attacks on them. Doing so will
most likely eliminate the threat they pose and most likely assure you
victory, assuming your characters are leveled adequately. Doing so will
still not leave you out of the woods yet, as you still have the Red
Mage to deal with. Focus your attention on the mage first, then turn
to the lone Warrior, and this map will be over.

Battle 7

Enemies: Lv. 6 Mid-Boss   x1
         Lv. 4 Warrior    x2
         Lv. 4 Archer     x1
         Lv. 4 Green Mage x1
         Lv. 3 Boggart    x5

This is an incredibly difficult fight, even when you're over leveled.
I hope you have trained your party well (mine was at an average level
of 9 - 10), because this battle will be sure to test your patience.
First of all, destroy the nearby Geo Crystals because they have effects
of Enemy Boost x 6 (!!!) and Attack + 1, which will make your day
incredibly unpleasant if they're allowed to be used by the enemy. For
this battle a luring strategy is needed - this entails luring enemies
one by one to your entourage of fighters to kill them, one by one. This
may take a while, but it is safe. Thankfully, you can do this without
too much trouble; stick to normal attacks for the normal enemies and
don't try to blitzkreig your way into the fight.

Once the normal enemies are gone it's time to take on Mid-Boss. What
you want to do here is to use exclusively special attacks while trying
to lure him into attacking your more useless characters (like Prinnies)
with his powerful attacks. Refrain from lining up your characters or he
will also use his special attack, which WILL kill someone. The reason
you need to use special attacks is because he has the ability to
counterattack, potentially killing your characters with a reprisal;
this is incredibly bad, obviously. Have your characters use their
weapon skills (Hurricane Slash is an invaluable tool in this).

Hopefully Mid-boss will be unable to defend against your onslaught. If
not it just means you have to grind a bit more. With his defeat the
battle (and chapter) will end.

Chapter 2                                                       [DHC02]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 4 Cleric x1
         Lv. 4 Archer x2
         Lv. 4 Zombie x5

This is an incredibly easy battle, compared to the previous one, and
also very, very easy to gain exp, which is good. Start by slaughtering
the zombies, which give a great amount of experience for a miniscule
amount of work.

The problem is the three soldier units on the pillars, which you'll
want to throw your characters onto in order to kill them. If you have
archers or mages, you can just stand at the bottom and hurl spells and/
or arrows at them, but it's much easier to just pummel them.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 4 Zombie x9

With no real threatening enemies here, this battle is incredibly easy
and you can reliably kill off all the enemies here, very easily, and
earn quite a few levelws in the process. To make the process go faster
you can use fire spells against the zombies; all the enemies in this
chapter are weak to fire, so you can rely on fire spells and lay waste
to almost all the battles here.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 7 Gremlin x1
         Lv. 6 Imp     x4
         Lv. 4 Zombie  x6

Again, the enemies here are pretty much pushovers; most monsters are
generally completely useless, with a few exceptions, and thankfully
none of those exceptions are here. You can kill off the zombies first
and by the time you've finished them off the Imps will be in range.
The one enemy here that may give you the slightest amount of trouble
is the Gremlin, and even then it's not too bad. Again, you can level
quite a bit here, but the enemies that give you experience won't be
too numerous by now.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 8 Dragon  x1
         Lv. 7 Gremlin x2
         Lv. 6 Imp     x3
         Lv. 5 Angel   x1

Why is Flonne (NIN NIN! <3) the weakest of the enemies if she's the
one who summoned them? Weird. Anyway, this is nowhere near as difficult
as the Mid-boss fight.

You'll want to bum rush the 3 imps and 2 gremlins near your deployment
panel. Strike from various sides and destroy them quickly. You'll want
to minimize your special attack use, as the dragon will become your
main focus after offing the imps and gremlins.

Once the imps and gremlins are out of the way, run up and hit Flonne
with your strongest attack (preferably hurricane blade, if you can
get the dragon in the field of effect it'll be even better). Flonne
should go down with one strike, while the dragon will get all pissy
and start coming after you. It is at this point you'll want to gang
up on the dragon with all your fighters and use all your strongest
attacks to take him down.

This fight shouldn't pose too much of a problem, especially if you
have a fire spell-capable mage in your party.

Chapter 3                                                       [DHC03]

Before you can start this chapter you'll need to fight through the item
world until your equipped item is at least level 10. In any case,
since the item world is composed of entirely random layouts and enemies
there's no real strategy I can give you. However, you should be able to
get through ten levels (the requirement for the chapter) fairly easily.

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 7 Pugilist x1
         Lv. 6 Pugilist x1
         Lv. 5 Brawler  x7

Some of the brawlers here are fighting with bows. This is unwise. In
any case, this battle is incredibly easy. Your characters are rather
beefed up (plus you have a level 10 item on Laharl), so you can make
short work of these enemies.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 9 Priest    x1
         Lv. 8 Manticore x1
         Lv. 6 Pugilist  x8

I hope you have a scout by now, because there is a line in the middle
of the battlefield that won't let you cross it until you destroy the
Geo Crystal. With a scout you can shoot across and damage the enemies
on the other side, who also have projectile attacks. First though, you
will want to kill off the Pugilists near your Deployment Panel. They're
just pugilists and they're rather weak, so you can make short work of

After you've taken care of them have your fighters make their way to
the Geo Crystal, while your Scout takes pot shots at the enemies on the
other side. Once the crystal has been destroyed, have your other
fighters run to the other side and bum rush the remaining enemies.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 10 Pugilist x1
         Lv.  7 Pugilist x4
         Lv.  6 Brawler  x1
         Lv.  4 Brawler  x15 

Considering your current level, it shouldn't matter how many low level
Brawlers the game throws at you; you should be able to deal with them
incredibly easily. Lots of these brawlers come in groups or lines, so
you should be able to take multiple units out with a single attack.
With your first turn you should be able to off anywhere from six to
nine brawlers, and by now the others will have noticed your presence,
so they'll start moving forward. When they're in range, crush the rest
of the brawlers and move forward to kill the Pugilists. All in all, it
should be no real problem.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 12 Rich Demon   x1
         Lv. 10 Pugilist     x2
         Lv. 6  Wall of Meat x6

Right at the start you'll want to send out your heavy hitters and start
making short work of the Walls of Meat. Within your first turn they
should be dead. Next you'll want to work on the Pugilists and try to
conserve some energy for your abilities. once the Pugilists are out of
the way, it's time to start on the section boss. He has rather high
attack and a generous amount of special attacks.

Start a dogpile on him and don't stop. Considering he has one move per
turn just like every other unit, worst case scenario he can only off
one character per turn. With a constant barrage of your strongest
attacks, he should last more than three or four turns, tops. With his
defeat the chapter ends and you gain a new ally.

Chapter 4                                                       [DHC04]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 12 Killer Armor x1
         Lv. 11 Decoy        x2
         Lv. 9  Pumpkin      x4

Considering the last chapter had you fighting through actual units, the
return to fighting monsters again is nice. One thing to note, every
enemy in this chapter is weak against ice. Another thing to note, there
are experience x 100% squares on this map, so if you can lure the
enemies here, especially the Killer Armor, it'll be a nice bonus to
your characters' growth. Because the enemies in this chapter aren't too
strong, it shouldn't be too difficult, and you can get some very nice
experience with this stage.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 12 Killer Armor x2
         Lv. 11 Decoy        x2
         Lv. 9  Pumpkin      x7

The same as the last map, only with more enemies. The pumpkins will be
grouped around you at the start, so begin by massacring them. Regroup
and heal, then move forward and take out the decoys, which should pose
no real threat. By this point the Killer Armors will be moving toward
you but they can't move very far at once so let them move into range
then start pummeling them. They have pretty strong special attacks so
don't waste any time throwing everything you have at them.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 14 Nightmare    x1
         Lv. 12 Killer Armor x2
         Lv. 11 Decoy        x5
         Lv. 9  Pumpkin      x5

Okay, there's a Enemy Boost +50% here, which can make things terribly
unpleasant. What you want to do is block the enemies from moving toward
your position as you throw one of your units over to where the crystal
is. Now, you can either destroy the crystal (keep clear of its effect!)
or you can throw the other crystal down and it'll take off 20% of max
HP from every unit per turn. Obviously using the damage crystal is the
quicker method, but killing the enemies yourself nets you experience.

Either way, this battle isn't too hard anyway. The Decoys and Pumpkins
should be lambs coming to the slaughter by now anyway, and you already
know how to deal with the Killer Armors. They pose a bigger threat than
the Nightmare, arguably, mainly because there are two, which can 
overwhelm you if you aren't careful. Just take them out one at a time,
and focus your attention on the Nightmare.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 17 Mid-Boss     x1
         Lv. 15 Mandrake     x1
         Lv. 14 Nightmare    x2
         Lv. 12 Killer Armor x4

Every time this guy shows up, the battle gets hard. Anyway, you'll
want to, like the first encounter, ignore Mid-Boss completely until
the other enemies are dead. This area has a whopping FOUR Killer Armors
which can make your day really, really bad. Lure them in one at a time
and clobber them with some powerful attacks. Following this you should
attack the Mandrake, as it can do more damage than both the Nightmares
combined! AFterwards, you can take out the stragglers.

Now, while you're doing this you'll notice that Mid-Boss will start
moving towards you. Try to move away from him (or lure him into
attacking a weaker unit as your sacrificial lamb while you regroup),
and when you're healthy and able, start kicking his ass with everything
you have. YOu'll want a safety margin for this battle: if any unit
goes anywhere near 1/2 HP (start keeping tabs on your HP once it goes
down to 3/4) you'll want to heal them quickly.

With that, the chapter ends.

Chapter 5                                                       [DHC05]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 12 Imp x9

Okay, you see the effects here? The one you want to take notice of is
Ally Damage x 20%. This is crippling. As a result, you'll want to start
by sending characters over to the crystal that has the effect. There
will be three imps guarding it, so throw everything you've got into
killing the enemies and destroying the crystal. Once that is gone, you
will be pretty much set; the battle is basically a fight of attrition,
and in order to negate that you'll need to take out one or both of the
remaining crystals, as their combined effects are cutting damage output
to 1/4. The enemies aren't that hard; the worst enemies here are the
geo panel effects.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 15 Ninja x1
         Lv. 15 Scout x2
         Lv. 12 Puck  x7

Good lord.

Now, you'll want to take out the Scouts as fast as possible so you have
some time to set up your battle party. Have Etna and Laharl come out
and start stomping on them with your strongest attacks. By the first
or second turn you should have killed at least five of them, and you'll
want to keep your characters away from the Scouts, because they have
guns. Not cool. The Ninja will make its way toward you throughout the
battle, and you should be able to kill it fairly easily. After it's
gone you'll want to heal up and bum rush the Scouts with your stronger
characters, quickly and efficiently.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 14 Nekomata x3
         Lv. 14 Empusa   x5

This map renders every character invincible, meaning you'll have to run
over to the Geo Crystal and throw it off of the area. Before you do so
though, try wasting the enemy SP by making them do special attacks, so
they won't be able to use them against you later. Also, try to get some
of them to surround your characters who can do area attacks. Once you
toss the invincibility panel off, throw everything you have at them.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 19 Demon Sire x1
         Lv. 16 Golem      x1
         Lv. 15 Lilim      x2
         Lv. 14 Empusa     x4

Like most battles before this you'll want to wait and let some enemies
come to you. First will be the Empusas and then the Lilims, and you'll
be able to take them out with very ltitle effort. The main problem in
this battle won't be the boss, but rather the Golem, who has some nasty
attacks up its sleeve. The boss, to its credit, will be taking a long
way towards your party and you can probably be able to off him with a
variety of ranged attacks. Focus your heavy hitters on the Golem and
the battle will be over before you know it, ending this chapter.

Chapter 6                                                       [DHC06]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 12 Boggart      x2
         Lv. 12 Dark Knight  x1
         Lv. 12 Decoy        x1
         Lv. 12 Gargoyle     x2
         Lv. 12 Ghost        x2
         Lv. 12 Golem        x2
         Lv. 12 Gremlin      x2
         Lv. 12 Hobbit       x2
         Lv. 12 Imp          x2
         Lv. 12 Killer Armor x2
         Lv. 12 Nightmare    x2
         Lv. 12 Man-Eater    x2
         Lv. 12 Puck         x1
         Lv. 12 Pumpkin      x2
         Lv. 12 Zombie       x2

This battle is unbelievably easy; if you can't win this you shouldn't
be playing the game anyway. The weak enemies will all bottleneck toward
you, and you can pick them off at your leisure.

Battle 2

Enemy: Lv. 24 Demonslayer x1

This battle is rather hard. First off, you'll want to upgrade your
weapons and items before coming here. Then, as soon as the battle
begins, have all your units blitzkreig her while your healers and
Flonne support you. The enemy has a whopping 1300 HP and deals absurd
amounts of damage, so you really need to throw everything you have at
her; if you have a Star Skull, be sure to abuse it relentlessly.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 16 Private Prinny x2
         Lv. 15 Private Prinny x3
         Lv. 12 Private Prinny x2
         Lv. 11 Private Prinny x1
         Lv. 10 Private Prinny x1

This battle is a joke; just pick them up and throw them, and they'll
all die. Yay, fireworks!

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 75 Alt. Overlord x10

Unless you've cheated, you stand no chance. Let yourself wipe, and then
your "friends" will take care of the overlords.

Battle 5

Enemies: Lv. 20 Prism Ranger x1
         Lv. 17 Man-Eater    x4
         Lv. 17 Puck         x4
         Lv. 17 Specter      x4


Anyway, this map is probably the most infuriating map in the game, bar
none. The reason for this is simple, and singular: Warp. The whole map
is covered by a warp geo panel effect that teleports every unit to a
random location every turn. As a result, whatever kind of formation
you get will be a crapshoot. The enemies by themselves aren't too bad
but considering you have gotten here by strategic planning, having your
formation disrupted is a horrible thing.

The individual enemies are rather easy so try focusing on one at a time
(or as close as you can get to one at a time). When you've finished
them off, the stage boss will be waiting, and he'll probably have
messed you up during the battle somewhat fierce. Throw everything you
have at him and hope you come out on the other side whole. Good luck,
you'll need it.

Battle 6

Enemies: Lv. 22 Mid-Boss x1
         Lv. 20 Gargoyle x2
         Lv. 17 Puck    x10

A Mid-Boss battle again? Jesus. Thankfully, this battle isn't as hard
as previous encounters with him, though it'll still give you a run for
your money. When the battle starts you'll want to throw everything you
have at the Pucks around your deployment panel. You'll want to take out
at least six or seven of them by the end of the first turn, so that you
won't get overwhelmed when Mid-Boss and the Gargoyles start coming
after you.

The gargoyles will go down rather easily so long as you use area of
effect attacks to damage both. Either way, once the normal enemies are
gone it should be smooth sailing; Mid-Boss is actually a fair bit
easier than he was in his previous incarnations. Once you finish him
off, the chapter will end.

Chapter 7                                                       [DHC07]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 23 Ghoul   x1
         Lv. 20 Zombie x13

This battle is incredibly easy; the enemies are weak and you get a
copious amount of bonuses for killing them on Geo Effect panels. Use
this stage as an opportunity to level up and gain some money.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 26 Corpse x1
         Lv. 23 Ghoul  x2
         Lv. 20 Zombie x7

Gah, I hate Enemy Boost panels. You'l have to go after the Null Symbol
first, which is behind some enemies, so this will be difficult. Start
throwing everything you have at it; if you're strong enough you'll be
able to outlast the enemies and destroy the symbol, at which point you
can take out the enemies at your leisure. Before you do, though, it's
a difficult way and luck has to be on your side. Either that or you
have to be absurdly strong.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 20 Zombie x6

Another really easy battle, although you have a hugely detrimental
effect on your side and geo panels blocking your way with No Entry. So
you'll need characters able to hit from long range to take out the geo
crystals with the effects. Once you do the enemies will quickly follow.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 26 Corpse x2
         Lv. 23 Ghoul  x5
         Lv. 20 Zombie x4

You will see four single panels with beneficial effects. Park some long
range characters onto these panels and go crazy; the enemies will
likely wander into the panels with the detrimental effects and you'll
end up slaughtering them.

Battle 5

Enemies: Lv. 27 Zombie x1
         Lv. 26 Corpse x3
         Lv. 23 Ghoul  x4
         Lv. 20 Zombie x4

Not too bad of a map, IMO. You'll want to go in the general direction
of where the enemies are gathered, and then form a wall with your
strong characters while your weaker characters sit in the back to fling
spells, bullets, arrows, and healing abilities. The zombies will mob
you relentlessly but you should be able to take them out fairly easily.

This map isn't too challenging, but it's still not a pushover. However,
as the final map of a chapter, it's not too difficult at all.

Chapter 8                                                       [DHC08]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 27 Cyclops    x2
         Lv. 24 Man-Eater x10

This battle is difficult as hell, mainly due to the DEF-50% added with
the Enemy Boost x 3. Each wouldn't be so bad on its own but the two
combined are brutal and effective in decimating your party. In any case
don't even try to slug it out with the enemies until the Enemy Boost
crystal is gone. In order to get to the crystals you'll need to stack
up your characters in a sort of 'throw chain' so that you can get them
to the crystals. You'll likely take a bit of time to destroy the 
crystals so some of your units will inevitably get their asses kicked.

Once the enemy boost effect is gone though, the battle becomes much
more managable. Hopefully you still have a sizeable party left which
you can use to defeat the enemies; without the enemy boost they're
pretty wimpy, though the DEF-50% might still dog you.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 32 Treant    x1
         Lv. 32 Oakrot    x1
         Lv. 32 Man-Eater x1
         Lv. 16 Treant    x1
         Lv. 16 Oakrot    x1
         Lv. 16 Man-Eater x1
         Lv. 8  Treant    x1
         Lv. 8  Oakrot    x1
         Lv. 8  Man-Eater x1
         Lv. 4  Treant    x1
         Lv. 4  Oakrot    x1
         Lv. 4  Man-Eater x1
         Lv. 2  Treant    x1
         Lv. 2  Oakrot    x1
         Lv. 2  Man-Eater x1
         Lv. 1  Treant    x1
         Lv. 1  Oakrot    x1
         Lv. 1  Man-Eater x1

Thank God, this chapter doesn't get any harder. This battle is very
easy, and you can probably chop your way through it without fail.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 28 Battler   x14
         Lv. 28 Blue Mage  x2

This place looks worse than it is. You have a huge number of battler
units with a variety of weapons, but all in all they're actually
pretty weak outside of the ones that wield axes, because they can
use skull splitter, which is absolutely devastating.

There will be a group of enemies that never move, so you can use
some long range attacks to take them out easily.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 33 Chernobog x1
         Lv. 30 Shade     x2
         Lv. 27 Nightmare x6

This battle is pretty easy; the msot annoying part are the Nightmares
which will start using long range attacks on your characters; keep
them spread out and take care of the Nightmares. They're generally
pretty weak, but they can be really annoying when you give them a
chance to hit you with their long range attacks.

The Chernobog and Shades are less annoying but can take a while to
kill because of their high HP. Regardless, this fight isn't hard at
all and you can probably manage it easily.

Chapter 9                                                       [DHC09]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 33 Dullahan x1
         Lv. 30 Nekomata x8

This is a really easy map; as long as you have an ability that hits a 
3x3 square grid, you can easily defeat most or all the enemies in one
or two turns, and the exp they give aren't bad at all, so you can gain
quite a bit of experience and some levels easily here.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 33 Dullahan  x4
         Lv. 30 Nekomata x11

The first thing you want to do is throw a No Entry Geo Symbol into the
surrounding green area so you won't be attacked, otherwise the various
enemies outside the area will ravage you. Now, you'll want to focus on
the enemies inside this area while staying away from the outside
enemies, because they have distance attacks. Once the enemies inside
the area are gone, you'll need to attack the enemies outside the No
Entry area with distance attacks. If you're feeling up to it you can
try venturing outside and attack all of the enemies to finish the
battle quickly.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 36 Black Belt  x3
         Lv. 32 Pugilist   x10

As the battle starts you'll want to get your units on top of the
enhancement panels. Once you do it should be a simple matter because
the various enemies are rather pathetic stats wise, especially after
you've parked your units on enhacement panels. This battle mainly
serves as a 'checkpoint' of sorts; if you can't win this battle rather
easily it may be in your best interests to do some grinding so your
characters are up to snuff.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 34 Wraith x11

This battle is rather easy. The wraiths are kind of stong magically but
they crumble like paper in the face of powerful physical brawlers. So
just take out your physical attackers and hammer them to oblivion.

Battle 5

Enemies: Lv. 38 Defender    x1
         Lv. 38 Super Robot x1

This battle is really easy. The last one was easy, but this one is
pathetic. Gordon is easy to take down; he has high HP but rather
limited defenses. Thursday on the other hand, has high defense but low
magical resistance, so bust out your magic users and he should go down
with no real trouble. Victory in this battle ends the chapter.

Chapter 10                                                      [DHC10]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 34 Guardian x5

You'll see here that a lot of the map has invincibility effect. However
the bridges in the center are free, so you'll want to lure some enemies
there to take care of them. The rest who won't move will have to be
hit onto the bridges using something like Triple Attack (or
Triple Strike, I forget the name) to hit them onto the bridges so you
can kill them. Because you can't be killed this is mainly a war of
attrition, so just keep at it.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 40 Fafnir  x1
         Lv. 36 Dragon  x2
         Lv. 33 Brownie x1
         Lv. 28 Puck    x2
         Lv. 27 Puck    x3
         Lv. 23 Hobbit  x5

This biggest problem for this fight will be the Dragon and Fafnir team,
so send your strong fighters including Laharl to take them out quickly.
Aside from this the only thing you have to be worried about is the
Brownie, which has an irritating ability. You'll want to keep the
healer of your group away from the enemies so you can heal any status
ailment or HP damage that comes your way.

Other than those points, though, this battle isn't bad at all.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 40 Sentinel x1
         Lv. 33 Brownie  x4

While this battle looks incredibly easy, the Sentinel is on a panel
that basically makes it a huge threat. However, you'll be able to take
out the Brownies in your way rather easily, and you can throw a -50%
DEF crystal onto the panels to take down the Sentinel's high DEF.
However, a better way would be to force him off the panel with an
attack like Triple Strike which will knock it off the panel, then have
one of your other characters stand on the panel and keep the Sentinel
away from the boosting panels. Once this is done you can ravage him
with your multitude of attacks, and it might take a while but you can
take him down rather easily at this point.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 35 Treant x12

This battle is a complete joke. The Treants are wimpy as hell and they
are sitting on EXP + 100% panels, which helps a lot. You can clear out
this map quite easily and rack up some decent experience in the process
too, so go crazy.

Battle 5

Enemies: Lv. 44 Mid-Boss x1
         Lv. 40 Fafnir   x2
         Lv. 31 Puck     x8

The order of threats from smallest to greatest is this: Puck, Mid-Boss,
Fafnir. Yes, the Fafnirs are more problematic than Mid-Boss this time
around, because this is the easiest Mid-Boss battle so far. Don't try
to take on the enemies in different groups, keep your characters in one
large group and mob anything that come within your attack radius. You
will want to focus on the Fafnirs and take them out quickly because the
damage they do can be quite high, to say the least.

While you're taking out the Fafnirs try using area or multihit attacks
to hit the surrounding enemies with splash damage, so you can take out
the Pucks as well. Once the battlefield is sufficiently empty you can
mob Mid-Boss (who isn't that strong anymore) and end the battle, as
well as the chapter.

Chapter 11                                                      [DHC11]

Battle 1
Enemies: Lv. 38 Mandrake   x6
         Lv. 37 Star Skull x6

Normally a battle with enemies like this would be a nightmare, but look
at the formation of the enemies; this is pretty much dead-on for attack
ranges of things like Winged Slayer and Lion's Roar, so take your best
physical attackers and throw your best attacks at them; they should be
gone within the first turn and with the EXP + 100% panels they're on
you should be able to gain a nice amount of experience as well.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 44 Rune Knight x1
         Lv. 41 Red Skull   x1
         Lv. 41 Green Skull x1
         Lv. 41 Blue Skull  x1
         Lv. 40 Scarecrow   x7

The worst enemies here are the Skulls, who have insanely powerful spell
attacks that can absolutely wreck your entire party in no time. As a
result you'll want to approach this battle defensively. For the first
turn have a character move out of the deployment panel so the Skulls
will start coming down. Once they are in attack range, bring out all
your characers and use your strongest attacks to overwhelm them; you
should be able to take out AT LEAST one per turn, otherwise they'll
destroy you.

After the skulls are gone you have the Rune Knight and Scarecrows to
deal with, which are actually rather easy compared to the skulls, so
just throw everything you have at them and you'll come out on top.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 43 Alp x12

This battle has 12 Alps on panels that increase their abilities rather
absurdly. The easiest way to win this battle is to take out one (or
two if you're feeling daring) enemy per turn. The alps will never move
and as such they can't attack you as long as you keep out of their
attack range. This battle isn't actually too difficult, really.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 45 Corpse       x3
         Lv. 43 Alp          x6
         Lv. 40 Scarecrow    x6
         Lv. 35 1st Defender x1

Why is the boss in this level the weakest unit? Anyway, you'll see that
this field is covered by a Enemy Boost x 6 effect (!!!). Because this
effect will literally be the single thing that turns the tables of this
battle, you'll want to get to the geo crystal as quickly as possible.
The good thing about this map is that the Scarecrows can destroy the
geo symbols in one hit when they're thrown at them, so just make a
tower of characters and throw your team over to where the Geo Crystals
are and then toss a scarecrow at the Enemy Boost crystal. This will
destroy it an alleviate many of your problems.

Even after this is done though, you're not out of the woods yet. The
Alps on this map are incredibly powerful. Have the remainder of your
forces go to where the Alps are and start taking them out one by one.
Now, converge your two forces and take out the Corpses and Scarecrows,
which by this point should be child's play. Finally, kill off the boss
and you'll end the battle as well as the chapter.

Chapter 12                                                      [DHC12]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 48 Officer x1
         Lv. 44 Recruit x7

Approaching this battle is really simple; the enemies here don't do
anything special, and they'll just fire their guns at you. The only 
thing that can cause problems is the Ally Damage 20%, which actually
isn't that bad since you can finish this battle quicker than the
damage can actually kill you.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 44 Recruit x11

The battle here is complicated by a Ally Damage 100% effect on some
squares and a silence effect on others. Make a tower of characters and
when you get near the Geo Symbol, throw a Recruit onto the Silence
symbol to take it out immediately. From here on the battle gets rather
simple; don't stand on any Ally Damage tiles and throw out your
strongest attacks, and you should get through this with minimal damage.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 48 Officer x2
         Lv. 44 Recruit x9 

Here you'll have to deal with two different sets of effects, one type
with Invincibility and Ally Damage 20%, and the other with Enemy Boost
50%. You'll want to try getting to the other end and getting rid of the
Geo Symbols, while taking out any enemies that aren't standing on the
Invincibility effects. All in all, this battle isn't too bad, and you
can build up weapon levels by utilizing the invincibility effect.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 52 Rival   x1
         Lv. 48 Officer x2
         Lv. 44 Recruit x7

This map consists of only you and the enemy, no geo symbols or anything
to worry about here. There's nothing clever or strategic you really
need to do here, just go on an all-out offensive and hope you come out
on top. Wall off the enemies from your healers and spellcasters with
your frontline fighters and slowly make your way to the boss. A good
strategy would be to have the enemies come to you on the first turn 
then hammer them when they get into attack range, without any mercy or
hesitation. This battle isn't hard, and when it's finished you'll be
done with the chapter.

Chapter 13                                                      [DHC13]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 100 Big Gun x2
         Lv.  50 Turret  x4

Don't let the huge level of the enemies fool you, this battle is really
easy. All you need to do is make a tower of characters, throw them over
to where the yellow square is, and then have the last character walk
onto the yellow tile to end the battle. Don't try to fight this battle
out, you'll be slaughtered.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 50 Cyborg x6

This stage is really easy; the Cyborgs are somewhat strong but in the
end they'll be no match for your team. Since they're grouped around
each other, you can throw out various area attacks and be rid of them
about two or three turns into the battle.

Battle 3

Enemies: Lv. 55 Psi-Soldier x1
         Lv. 51 Cyborg      x1
         Lv. 50 Cyborg      x1
         Lv. 45 Recruit     x5

The Recruits here are incredibly wimpy and lined in such a way that you
can exploit their formation with line attacks and defeat them within
the first turn. After this you'll have to contend with two Cyborgs and
a Psi-Soldier. However, considering they are a force of three against
your army, you'll be able to bulldoze through them with no trouble.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 60 Rival       x1
         Lv. 55 Psi-Soldier x3
         Lv. 50 Cyborg      x6

This stage is deceptively easy despite having a good amount of absurdly
powerful enemies. What you'll want to do is to throw your characters
over to where the Enemy Boost crystal is and get rid of it. In the
process you'll want to start hammering the Cyborg with characters who
aren't busy with trying to rid your party of the pesky Enemy Boost
ability. You should be able to get rid of a good deal of them (I'd aim
for at least four) before the third turn ends and the boss starts
coming after you. WHile you're doing all this the enemies with guns
(of which there are quite a few) will try to inflict status ailments on
you. Be sure you have a healer AND recovery items to deal with this,
as it is quite annoying.

Eventually you'll be able to clear the field leaving only the boss unit
which is still quite a toughie. He can easily tear through you if the
other units left your fighting force battered, but if you have a good
supply of recovery items and abilities you should be in decent enough
shape after a regroup to hammer him with your strongest attacks. If you
do it's likely you'll outlast him, but if you're too weak after going
through the other enemies you'll probably be tortured to death.

Battle 5

Enemies: Lv. 55 Angel Cadet x2
         Lv. 50 Angel       x8

This battle is a joke after the last one. You'll want to concentrate
the bulk of your forces on the Angels first, as they have incredibly
powerful spear attacks. Once those are gone you'll be able to pick off
the stragglers. Again, keep your healers behind the line of fire, and
you should do fine.

Chapter 14                                                      [DHC14]

Battle 1

Enemies: Lv. 70 Mid-Boss x1
         Lv. 65 Strigoi  x3

This battle is possibly the best place to level up so far; the entire
field has a EXP+100% effect, and Mid-Boss gives a huge amount of exp
to whoever kills him. There are only four enemies here of reasonable
strength, and killing them nets you a healthy amount of experience.

Battle 2

Enemies: Lv. 65 Angel Soldier x1
         Lv. 60 Angel Cadet   x2
         Lv. 55 Angel         x6

Good lord. This map is one of those with warp on the entirety of the
map. This means that your luck in this map is basically a crapshoot,
because your position will be completely random once your characters
are deployed. All I can say is, throw out everything you have and
hammer the enemies with your strongest attacks.

Battle 3
Enemies: Lv. 65 Angel Soldier x1
         Lv. 60 Angel Cadet   x3 
         Lv. 60 Valkyrie      x2
         Lv. 57 Rune Knight   x4
         Lv. 55 Angel         x3

This battle is somewhat hard, but you shouldn't have any problems if
your characters are up to snuff. Get your characters onto the recovery
tiles and allow the enemies to come to you. When they are close enough
start hammering them. Some enemies will not move towards you while you
stand on the recovery tiles though, so once youve properly regrouped,
you can start a full-on assault on the leftovers.

Be careful of the units with swords and spears, because they are quite
dangerous and can cut your characters to ribbons. Long range attacks
work well on this map, and again, keep your healers and spellcasters
away from the frontlines, and you should do fine.

Battle 4

Enemies: Lv. 70 Crusader      x1 
         Lv. 65 Angel Soldier x4
         Lv. 60 Valkyrie      x6

The main problem in this battle is the sheer level of the enemies. This
is one of those 'gate' stages where if you arent past a certain level,
there's nothing you can do to win. However, even if you're slightly
underleveled you can get through this. First of all, what you want to
do is take out a few mages and wall them off with your fighters. At
this point you should kill enemies within range but wait for the bulk
of their forces to come to you. Have your fighters unleash everything
they have and then heal their SP afterwards so you can throw out more
attacks with abandon. If you're strong enough you'll be able to blast
through this stage with some casualties, but you'll still come out
the other side whole.

Battle 5

Enemies: Lv. 75 Azhi Dahaka x1
         Lv. 75 Sea Dragon  x1
         Lv. 75 Balrog      x1
         Lv. 75 Myrmecoleo  x1
         Lv. 75 Neuntoter   x1

This battle is basically five powerful monsters against you. By this
point, however, you can probably handle these guys without much problem
as long as you stocked up on healing items and have a competent party
of healers, fighters, and spellcasters. Throw out everything you have
and you should do fine.

Battle 6

Enemies: Lv. 75 Avenger x3

Compared to the last two battles this is a complete joke. If you got
through the last two, this battle shouldn't even strain you at all.

Battle 7

Enemies: Lv. 80 Archangel     x1
         Lv. 70 Crusader      x4
         Lv. 65 Angel Soldier x5
         Lv. 60 Angel Cadet   x3
         Lv. 55 Angel         x5

The main problem here is the boss, which is okay since we'll be saving
him for last. When the battle begins take out your strongest characters
and kill off any enemies near your deployment panel. This will probably
be the Angels, which should be a total joke. Make your way slowly
through the map, luring the other enemies to you and taking them out
methodically, until only the boss character is left. You'll want to
focus on one unit at a time and take units out in one turn, because
otherwise they might heal. Regroup when only the boss is left.

Anyway, once those pesky enemies are gone, it's time to face the true
enemy here, the Archangel. Whatever you do, do NOT line up your
characters, because one of his special attacks hits a line, and it hits
incredibly hard. By this point you will want to unleash everything you
have on the boss. Only stop to heal if you really need to because he
has 10,000 (!) HP, which is no joke. Even if you suffer heavy losses
you'll want to keep at him. Eventually he'll fall.

Battle 8

Enemies: Lv. 90 Seraph  x1
         Lv. 75 Avenger x5

Fittingly, this battle is possibly the hardest in the story. What you
want to do is setup first; have mages cast buffing spells like
Braveheart on your units. Secondly you'll want to slowly inch forward
and lure in some Avengers. Take them out quickly, then when only the
boss is left, try to regroup and heal up.

If you have a thief I suggest stealing the boss' items to remove the
boosts he gets. Otherwise you can have characters lift him up, which
end up killing the characters but preventing him from moving for one
turn. If you do this continuously for, say, three turns, he should be
close enough to death that your remaining fighters can easily finish
him off. Again, wall off your healers and spellcasters so that he can't
reach them without going through your powerhouse fighters.

Once you finish this map, victory - and the ending - will be yours. Sit
back and enjoy the ending, you deserve it.

V. VERSION HISTORY                                              [DHVer]


-Item lists for weapons/armor/items/etc.

-First Version
-Finished story mode walkthrough

VI. CREDITS                                                     [DHCre]

-GameFAQs, for making this site, which I use a lot.