Game Genie Codes by THedstrom

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  Original Sega Genesis Game Genie codes created by:

        Tony Hedstrom

    These codes are copyright 2001 Tony Hedstrom

NOTE: A few of these codes may be a little buggy, or
may cause the game to glitch after awhile, but they're
very fun to try out and they bring some new life to this
great old game.

     Road Rash

RH9T-R60T  master code (must be entered)

AJPA-BAFG  Sierra Nevada track is 12 miles long,
           & perfectly straight, with no traffic
           on left side of the road! (Perfect for
           testing the experimental bikes below.)
           Remember, stay on the left side!
           Also, Grass Valley is much straighter.

BAPA-AAFG  new level, goes beyond normal end of
           tracks. (only on Sierra Nevada and 
           Pacific Coast).

BAPA-BAFG  can race Palm Desert with no cops, &
           traffic on one side only!

ATPA-BAFG  Sierra Nevada is perfectly straight, 
           and 16 miles long. Left lane is clear
           of traffic.

ANPA-BAFG  Redwood is much straighter

AYPA-BAFG  Palm Desert is almost straight

A2PA-BAFG  Pacific Coast & Sierra Nevada are
           much straighter. (16 miles long)

ANPA-AAZG  Palm Desert is only 2.4 miles long
           (instead of 5.7)

AEPA-BAZG  Redwood is only 2.7 miles long
           (instead of 5.4)

ATPA-AAZG  Sierra Nevada & Grass Valley tracks are 
           straight. And left lane has no cars.

AELA-AAOW  Ride during a thunderstorm

3JPA-AAGW  bike starts out and stays in Overdrive!
           It's slow starting out, but once it gets
           going, watch out! It's much faster than
           most of the other bikes on top end. And 
           it's much easier to control. The only 
           drawback is that the game quits after
           your first wreck. So don't crash. :-)

AEPA-AAG4  finish 1st place on sierra nevada

AEPA-AAHW  finish 1st place on palm desert track

02PA-BH8L  player 1 starts with $623,900

AJPA-BAFG  straight test tracks. This code changes
           Sierra Nevada and Grass Valley tracks,
           from twisty 6 mile long tracks, into
           straight 12 mile long tracks. You
           should use this code when you are trying
           out the experimental bikes below.
           And remember to stay in the left lane,
           because this code also eliminates all
           of the traffic in the left lane.
           Sierra Nevada is the best one to use.

 A quick note about these experimental bikes below:
I know some of these bike codes are not perfect,
but they do work. Some of the bikes will work 
normally (by pressing the "B" button), but some
of them aren't so easy to get them to go. Here's
how: Set your controller so that the "B" button
has turbo on, then hold down the "A" button, and
press "B". As soon as the bike starts to go, let
up on both buttons. You may be asking "if you let
go of both buttons, then how will the bike keep on
going?". Well, some of the bikes accelerate so
fast, and reach speeds so high, that you can easily
pass all of the other riders while coasting! And
sometimes, you can even finish a race by coasting
all the way from the start line! But if you slow
down too much, don't worry, you'll be so far ahead
of everyone else, that you'll have plenty of time
to get the bike going again. And, as I said in my
last posting of Road Rash codes, make sure you 
let the other riders have a big head start. If
you don't, you'll smash into them from behind.

72PA-AAGW  test bike. Almost instant acceleration
           to about 290 MPH. Barely controllable.

ATPA-ANGW  test bike. VERY fast. Top MPH = ???

AEPA-BA0W  test bike. Goes from 0 to 180 MPH in
           less than 1 second. Top MPH = ???

ATPA-AP0W  test bike. Is it fast? Yep.

AEPA-BB0W  test bike. Wanna go fast? Try 280 MPH.

ATPA-AA0W  test bike. This motor will turn about
           20,000 RPM! The regular bikes only 
           turn about 8,000 RPM. Make sure that
           you turn off the music so you can hear
           the engine. Top end = 164 MPH.

AYPA-AA0W  test bike. This motor turns 21,500 RPM
           @ 158 MPH. Turn off the music to hear.

AEPA-AB0W  test bike. The motor turns at 23,000
           RPM (instead of 8,000). 140 MPH.
           Remember, turn off the music.

3JPA-AA0W  test bike. Starts and stays in 3rd gear.
           Best with music off.

7JPA-BAGW  Faster bike (see note below) 

ANPA-ALOW  Super fast bike (see note below)

AEPA-BAGW  Another super fast bike (see note below)

ATPA-ANOW  Nitrous oxide bike! Super fast. (see
           note below)

BJPA-ABGW  NITRO bike! Accelerate instantly to 280 
           MPH.(recommend using straight test track 
           above, & letting other riders have 30 
           second lead so you don't crash into them 
           from behind.) (see note below)

           NOTE: to get these bikes to work right, 
           you have to just "tap" the "B" button  
           while holding down the "A" button, then
           release them both. It takes a little 
           practice. Also, using these bikes can
           sometimes cause the game to quit.

AELA-AAGW  road looks like it's frozen solid.

AELA-AT0W  the road is yellow instead of black.

   NOTE: If you are using these codes with a real 
Sega Genesis (not an emulator), they should work 
fine. If you are using an emulator (like KGEN98),
a few of the codes may cause the game to quit after
awhile, especially if you mix them (ie: if you mix
the "overdrive bike" code with the "12 mile long 
Sierra straight track" code, the emulator may quit
after a couple of miles, but the codes will work
fine by themselves.)

Tony Hedstrom
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