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What is your best setup?

For my solo-run ramza this is my best setup:

Job 1: Dark Knight
Job 2: Martial Arts
Reaction Ability : Critical: Recover HP or Critical: Quick or Soulbind or Shirahadori or First Strike
Support Ability : Dual Wield or Safeguard
Movement Ability : Move+3 or Teleport
Grand Helm
Grand Armor
Gaius Caligae
Brave: 97
Faith: 3

HP: 999
SP: 921
atk: 99
mgc: 5
speed: 50

-Dark knight main job for obvious reasons.
-Monk second for the shockwave skill 'coz with max damage you can kill almost everyone without even moving, cyclone for none hp-sacrificing area damage skill and purification for the very unlikely chance that you will be status effected.
-Critical: HP recovery is for those situations when you spammed unholy sacrifice and abyssal blade then forgot to use sanguine blade to recover hp. Critical: Quick if you want to over extend things a bit. The sucky part of this two skills though is that it does not trigger from your unholy sacrifice and abyssal blade skills even if the sacrifice damage brings you down to critical. Soulbind if you wanna tank it. And finally Shirahadori vs none swords skills users or First Strike for melee enemies.
-Dual wield for boss killing and so you can equip Durandal and Excalibur. Safeguard vs break skill users.
-Move+3 vs flat maps or Teleport vs high maps.

Durandal - for shell and protect
Excalibur - for Haste and holy absorb
Grand Helm - sleep and blind immune (only helm that has an immunity)
Grand Armor - reraise is useless solo but regen in needed here.
Gaius Caligae - move+2
Sage Ring - if you want to tank

Second Fastest solo killng machine in the game (second only to calculator-holy combo). Mobility and Speed is important that's why you need haste and move+ skills. with 50 speed + haste you can move 2-3 times before the fastest enemies in the game so you have to take this time to kill the 100% status effect inflicting enemies like the lucivans and the assassins and then the swords skill users everybody else is no treat.


RevenantThings asked for clarification:

Honestly, I would recommend you deleting this and putting it up on the messageboard. It's far too subjective (and lengthy) for any short responses - people may not be interested in this in the Answers section.

Accepted Answer

RoseofTruth answered:

WARNING: The following answers are for hardcore grinders and perfectionists ONLY. This will take a lot of level-down grinding (See walkthrough by Qu Marsh). DO NOT ATTEMPT UNLESS YOU ARE READY FOR THE GRIND OF YOUR LIFE!

This is my personal opinion, and takes a LOT of work. Like 200 hours literally, and just for one character, but it is SO powerful and SO worth it. The main thing is to make the character master every jobcand has said jpb to lvl. 8, as there are some jobs that can be mastered w/o being level 8 (Exe. Geomancer).

Character: Ramza
Job: Dark Knight
Bravery: 97
Faith: 97

HP: 999
MP: 999 (Irrelevant in this Setup)
Phys. Strength: 50
Mag. Strength: 50
Speed: 50

Action I: Darkness
Action II: Arithmeticks
Reaction: Shirahadori
Support: Safeguard
Movement: Move +3/Teleport

Right Hand: Chaos Blade
Left Hand: Esutcheon (II)*
Head: Grand Helm
Body: Grand Armor
Accessory: Genji Glove/Gaius Caligae

* The Esutcheon II is the best sheild in the game (Other than Onion Sheild, but only Onion Knights can equip those). It's a well hidden secret, and it CANNOT be replaced as far as I know.

Ramza and Ramza ONLY can have his Faith up to 97, so it would be almost irresponsible to not give him as many magicks as possible, i.e. Arithmeticks. The Grand Armor, Genji Glove, and Gaius Caligae can only be obtained through multiplayer mode (See walkthrough by Qu Marsh).
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aes_sedia5 answered:

Agrias and orlandeu darknight and swordplay and holy knight
duel weild
agrias with chaos blade and defender and tynar rouge
orlandeu with excalibur and save the queen
ramze darknight and steal with duel weild and excalibur and save the queen

generic perfect arith and items

i cant play mutiplayer but i wish i could.
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IRawrBReal answered:

i have a perfect team ( i think xD)

Ramza Lv.99 Exp.99(yes i have alot of time on ym hands)

Right: Kaiser Shield
Head: Crystal Helm
Armor: Maximillian
Accessory: Bracer

1st: Darkness(mastered)
2nd: Items(mastered)
Counter: Magic(youd be suprised what he could counter)
4th: Vehemence(It increses your attack by 50% but decreses your defence by 50%)
5th: Jump +3

ima do one more since i don't feel like typing

Nicia: Darknight
lv. 99 Exp. 99
Hp-489 Mp- 125

Left: Excalibur
Right: Crystal Shield
Head:Crystal Helm
Body: Genji Armor
Accessory: Chantage(causes Reraise, Regen (Feamles Only))

1st: Darkness(mastered)
2nd: White Magicks(mastered)
Counter: Critical: Recover HP
3rd: Vehemence
4th: Move +3

If you want em to help you tog et soem of the thing si have conatct me at (or)
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Kwingster answered:

For defensive, a female Dark Knight:

Items (with 99 Elixirs)
Mana Shield

Escutcheon II
Grand Armor
Sage's Ring

For offensive, bring Balthier with as similar a setup as possible. Barrage makes it possible to duke out as much as almost 4000 damage in one attack. Rapha can dish out almost 10k damage, but her abilities are a lot more volatile.
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