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Isthere any cheats for this game?

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From: BledAngelShadow 6 years ago

those who answer saying there are no cheats are misinformed. you can install a cheat program on your PSP called CWcheat which allows you to use various codes, and you can also use LionEditor along with CWcheat. In any event you need custom firmware. I cannot tell you how to do that, so google it yourself. It is well worth the risk!

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Sorry there is no cheats for Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

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Well, you can use your standard cheat devices or save editors. However, there aren't any strange button sequences like the Konami code that you can use or anything else of that sort.

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One word answer: No

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There is no cheats unless you probably did something illegal

Why would you wanna use cheats by the way? It juices out all the fun out of the game

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No, but in the original FFT you could use glitches to cheat.

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There is. It's called CWcheat. Google it.

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Here they are:
Fftpatcher( I don't recommend to use fftpatcher)
You can find them via or on

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if you want to use cheat, use Cheat Master on FFT.
Just go search the value you want to change, and change it.

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There is no cheat for this game,pal.Just play it with ur heart.

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