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Where can I find the Chaos blade?

Where i can find the Chaos blade?

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RoseofTruth answered:

It's never easy to get one if you're not prepared. I know of only three ways to get them.

1.This is the most common way. In Midlight's Deep's last floor, Terminus, there is a small 3 x 3 patch of tlies. The Chaos Blade, Chirijiraeden, and 2 Elixers are in the corners of the 3 x 3 patch, just waiting for a not-so-brave* adventurer with the Treasure Hunter ability assigned. CAN ONLY BE DONE ONCE.

2. This is the easiest way. In Rendezvous multiplayer mode they're abundant, and you can get as many as you need.

3. This is the hardest way. In Araguey Woods there is a 'special battle' with TEN NINJAS! You have to have multiple characters with Sticky Fingers, said characters need high bravery, and at least one character Lvl. 88 or higher, AND THAT'S THE EASY PART! It usually takes a lot of tries to even get the special battle, there's no guarantee that a Lvl. 98-99 Ninja will know Throw Knight's Sword, or if they'll even choose to use Throw Knight's Sword! BUT, if a Lvl. 98-99 Ninja EVER Throws a Knight's Sword It will ALWAYS be a Chaos Blade.

(4). There is a Rendezvous mission, Littering, filled with Ninjas. You will need a higher level yourself (98-99), but with said level and Sticky Fingers with high bravery it's almost impossible to walk out of there without a Chaos Blade.

* The lower your Bravery, the more likely you are to get the rare Treasure Hunter item. If you get the Phoenix Down off of the Chaos Blade tile, that particular Blade is gone for good.

Good Luck! You'll need it for number 3.
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jhoad answered:

You find it by using Treasure Hunter on the last level of Midlight's Deep (Terminus). The exact location is F-11.
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IRawrBReal answered:

The Last levl of Midnight'd Deep here is the link to the gamfaq.....

this will show you everytihng with treasure and midnight's deep map
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pvrhye answered:

You can also get it by having it lugged at you by a ninja. You need high brave and sticky fingers equipped.
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Kwingster answered:

A level 98 or 99 Ninja with the Knight's Sword ability under Throw will throw Chaos Blades at you, and you can catch them using Sticky Fingers from the Thief job. There's also one at the top of Terminus on one of the four corners of the top pedestal. Lastly, you can find them as rewards from Melee and/or Rendez-Vous missions.
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pvrhye answered:

They're actually almost the easiest weapon to get since catching people in the more specific and rare level ranges is harder. The computer also has a tendency to optimize it's damage. So if you want that high end book, good luck. If they know a weapon type that's more dangerous they're likely to chuck that.
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migs_aujero answered:

Somwhere in the last stage of midlight's deep (terminus) or you can get one in rendezvous
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