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Asked: 4 years ago

How come my onion knight won't level up?

When I change my main character's job to onion knight, he no longer receives experience in battles. I defeated many monsters, but he doesn't get any experience. When I change him back to a dragoon, he can level up again. How can I make my onion knight level up?

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Onion Knights don't earn exp. You can level him by raising a LOT of wild boars and using their Beastmaster skill, but that's a lot of work.

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Onion Knights level up in their jobs by mastering 2 other jobs. To achieve a level 8 Onion Knight you need to master every job except one (usually Summoner), with the exception of Onion Knight itself, Mime, Squire, and (I think) Chemist.

And Onion Knights don't level up globally. You have to use Wild Boars to level them up. Then again it's easier to level down as a Bard and up as a Ninja/Black Mage/Mime than to spend the time breeding Wild Boars.

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I have heard it's very useful to make your onion knights the entire team. When they do level up, Through wild boars and stuff. Their stat boost are higher than any job on the circuit, Though you have to have their equipment

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Even level 8 Onion Knights are not great units, since they can't equip abilities.

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If i'm not mistaken, onion knight will level up when u have master a job..except squire, chemist, dark knight and mime..

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