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Asked: 6 years ago

Where or how do you get the onion items? All armor parts and the weapon.

I heard it was online only but I cant get online in order to try and figure out how to get them.

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From: JVTruman 6 years ago

The way to play online is using the 'XLink Kai' software/service, available at:

The game isn't designed to play online, but this software works around that.

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Sorry, it's only Ad hoc via your PSP and some one elses PSP very close by (~10 feet) playing the same game or via a complicated and somewhat expensive set up to play with people far away from you (Which there aren't that many since most haven't done this). Asides from hacking the game or taking one of the savestates on the site. There is no legit way sans multiplayer to get these sorry. This also applies to a lot of the new FFT equipment and the Gengi Shield, Helm and Gloves. Sorry.

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