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Asked: 6 years ago

Onion Knight weapons?

Does Onion Knight work without Onion weapons?
And are there other jobs than those listed in the codes section? I've noticed a few differently named jobs on screenshots, but I don't know if they're actually the same but named different or actual different jobs :S
Help appreciated!!

Accepted Answer

From: PSP7MASTER 6 years ago

1) Yes
2) I think you're talking about special jobs, am I right?

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Yes, Onion Kights work witout Onion Weapons, in fact the can equip ANY weapon, I think an Onion Knight (Male) can equip Female only equips too. Though, they get no abilities. None at all. So take that in mind should you use them.

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Of course you should.

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Do you find it weird that a name like that for a knight.."onion knight"? Then of course a "no skill character..I mean can a char. like that depend only equip weapons or gadgets survive when strike by lightning stab(holy swordsman skill)..

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