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What causes bravery and faith to increase and decrease?


liong777 answered:

As far as i remember:

It is can be manipulated by magic, ex: Beowulf's Chicken decrease brave by 50, or those Oracle's spell which could make bravery/faith up or down.
For every 4 points you increase brave/faith in battle, 1 point will become permanent, so for example: Ramza's "Cheer Up" ability from his Guts skillset leaves 1 point of permanent brave

More details are below,
There are 4 ways to increase brave:
Steel(+5 brave, learned by Ramza in chp 2)
Shout(+10 brave, learned by Ramza in chp 4)
Praise(+4 brave, Orator skill)
Bravery Boost(+3 brave, Reaction skill learned by Dancers)

There are 2 ways to increase faith:
Preach(+4 faith, Orator skill)
Faith Boost(+3 faith, Reaction skill learned by Bards)

Both Preach and Praise are Mod 1 skill with a 50+MA% hit chance.
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