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Player Phase vs Enemy Phase ?

I everyone. I'm a srpg lover, but i hate that "player phase vs enemy phase" feature, that unfortunately seems to be predominant these days. I'm looking for games a la fft, with the turns of the player mixed with those of the cpu: i find it to be more "tactical", correct me if i'm wrong; this feature can really break a game in my eyes, however good it is.

already own/like: fft (my archetype of srpg), fft:a2, to:luct, suikoden tactics, stella deus, hoshigami ds.
dislike: fire emblem franchise, valkyrie profile: cotp, disgaea franchise and all of its evil spawns xD.

I own ps1/2/3, ds, psp, n64,pc but feel free to advice ANY game for ANY platform.
but please no phases ;) ty


DaemMkIV7 answered:

Try Wild Arms XF. It's similar to FFT, with the turns relying on the speed attribute of the characters (called RFX in that game). The story's pretty decent, there's sharp curves in the early game and the first chapters, but after that the game plays nicely.
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TheMagmadiver answered:

Didn't know the wild arms franchise had a tactics game, surely ill check this out. thanks.
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