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Is Blood Sword buyable or just can be get by stealing it from Gaffgarion?

i am confused
is blood sword a Rare sword or just a regular Sword that can we buy?

Accepted Answer

Christianello answered:

It is never available for purchase. The first one possible to obtain can be stolen from Gaffgarion. You can also find one via Treasure Hunter on the map where you fight a certain Zodiac Monster (And previously, his human counterpart) at Eagrose in Chapter IV, or on Floor 2 of The Midlight's Deep.

Alternatively, you can find them in Multiplayer, Melee Mode I think.

The easiest way to get one is to poach Hydras, as they're a common poaching item from them, but as with the Treasure Hunting ways, they have to wait until Chapter IV.

Gaffgarion is by far the quickest (Though not necessarily easiest) way to getting one...and if you want to get any use out of them, it's probably best to try then, since by Chapter IV their lower weapon strength may make them more of a nuisance than a boon even with the HP drain, especially since you may have a Dark Knight or two by then who can drain HP anyways with any sword.
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