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Asked: 2 years ago

Why can't I enter Nelveska Temple?

I have obtained the flower from Aerith, permanently got Beowulf, Reis(dragon) and Worker 8. I read the rumour "cursed island", unlocking Nelveska temple, but whenever I go there, no battle triggers. I think this may be because I haven't seen the scene in Goug with a machine which has a cancer sign on it. Only problem is whenever I go to Goug that scene doesn't trigger. :(

Does anybody know how to solve this problem or how to trigger the scene in Goug, thanks in advance. :)

Additional details - 2 years ago

I have finished mullonde cathedral and checked in chronicle but no scene there :/

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You can view your previous events in the Chronicles section of the main menu on the world map. That way you can see if you've already seen the Goug cutscene.

Otherwise, you need to advance the story (complete Fort Besselat) before the battle opens. It may be orange on the map before, though it's inactive for now.

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Then you're obviously missing a step in the quest. Go back to Goug and see if another scene occurs. Go to Nelveska. Go to the town below Nelveska, read all rumors, then go back to the Temple.

Do you still have Mustadio?

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