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Player Phase vs Enemy Phase ? 0
About chocobo? 1
Any save file? 1
Anyway to make this team work? 2
Battle System? 2
Better version? 4
Can they die? 1
Completed the game but unable to go world map? 1
Control Character?? 1
Cursed ring + dragoon heart ? 2
Desertion Threat? 2
Desertion? 1
Does level affect % for obtaining a Wild boar? 1
Errand? 2
Game Save Editor two? 2
Guest monsters/units? 3
How can I get Luso and Balthier? 2
How can I get the poached animals in the poachers den? 7
How come my onion knight won't level up? 5
how do i get Byblos? 5
How do I transfer items from one FFT file from another PSP? 4
How do you get a good team? 2
How do you get reaction and support abilites? 2
How in the world do I get a monster in my team? 3
How many characters are used in battle? 2
How To Avoid Traps? 3
I use a save by natuka956 before and i tried to use it again but this time it did not ask me the question? 1
Is "Dark Knight" as unnecessary as it seems? 2
Is there any way to get orran>? 1
JP and/or ablitiy help? 1
Loyalty? 1
Luso's attack power?? 1
Mount a chocobo? 1
Red Chocobo Help ?? 1
Save Problems On The Final Fantasy Tactics War Of Tthe Lion? 1
Should spend my time getting a 2nd darknight? 8
So is there anywhere else to learn ultima other than the story battles? 5
someone help me create Character for Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions? 1
Special Knights ??? 2
Stronger Monsters On Your Team? 2
Strongest bose in the game...? 8
What is bravery for? 1
What Should I Get? 3
What The!? 4
when you get a game save, does it delete ANYTHING else? 5
Where and when can I find a dragon to tame? 3
Where Can I Find These Swines?! 5
Where did the clear data go? 7
Why can't I enter Nelveska Temple? 2
Why does it seem that the European version has fewer cutscenes than the American version? 1
Why my Wizards Deals much more physical damage than my Warrior? 3

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