PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File08/07/07dided21542K
File1:knight, knight, ninja, red wizard at lv 99 right before chaos/File2:Clear Game Data 100% everything unlocked
Save Game File08/05/07sasquatch126542K
lv. 61-62 chaos shrine, knight, red, white, black.
Save Game File07/18/07Fragnarok542K
Slot 1: lvl 42 Red Wizard, Knight, White Wizard, and Ninja outside Chaos Shrine with no bonus dungeons completed; Slot 2: lvl 44 near final boss with Masamune and Excalibur; Slot 3: Cleared Game Data
Save Game File06/30/07notcheatmaster542K
Super save/game almost beat max money Ultima Weapon,The Excalibur good items around level 57-58 beat Omega

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File06/10/07Kyleandreala547K
100% save file (100% gallery , 100% Monsters , All of 30 Floors in Time Chamber, All of equipment and Level 99)
Save Game File04/24/07Bakke97543K
All Extras Unlocked: Gallery, Music Room and Time Chamber / File 1: Final Boss / File 2: Clear Save Data / File 3: Entrance to Chaos Shine with Bonus Dungeon Cleared once. / Characters at Level 80-90
Save Game File06/22/07FishSquared543K
Game Time 00.00, Max Gil, Warrior, Red Mage, Black Mage, and White Mage. Great for speed runs.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File07/08/13SNKXT553K
Cleared game, Excalibur crafted.
Save Game File09/29/09Tehppyd553K
File 1: Game Cleared Bestiary 88%. File 2: Chaos Shrine to fight Chaos. Knight, Black W., White W., Ninja Lv. 79. All Weapons, but not all Equipments. All dungeons clear except Time Chamber.

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