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Has anyone tried this before?

I love final fantasy! Have forever now and I've been bored and decided to try something: playing with 4 warriors. Taking a non magic route. I've made it to the final dungeon. Tiamat damn near killed me. I was lucky to finish him off before he killed my last fighter. Has anyone ventured into the chaos dungeon and beat the game with four warriors? Any reccomendations? My only plan is to level up using the lich?marlith encounter spots

hawkk138 provided additional details:

Well I've made it to chaos but he's a pain. I was able to go 15 or so rounds then he used curaja, cheater. I don't know if this can be done with a few megalixers. If I pummel him I could win but I need a quick way to recover from his hits


Zythis answered:

It can be done the Key is patience hard work and a LARGE stock of Megaelixirs, Giant Potions and Hermes Sandals.... Damn I wish they kept the old glitch.... :(..... And BTW Chaos himself is easier with a Master Team than a Warrior Team..... Since You're going for no Magic..... You used to be able to one shot him in the original with a Hasted Monk, But they fixed that, and they suck for a fair while.... And look up which status effects he's vulnerable too.... I don't remember if He was immune to Silence or not...
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