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How to save the game in Final Fantasy 1 for PSP?

This week I played "Final Fantasy I Anniversary Edition" especially for PSP, but to my surprise instead of that game for Playstation 1, when I put my group to sleep did not appear the option to save the game and also could not see another way to save it and every time I restart the game appears only the "new game, ie not saved alone.
Anyone who has played this game for PSP could tell me how to save?


RevenantThings answered:

The option to save is found in the menu. You can save any time, anywhere.
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dibbion answered:

Yeah, just head into the menu and select save near the bottom. However, you can NOT save when you're inside the Labyrinth of Time.
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ultimate46 answered:

What they said open the menu select save and than select the file you wanna safe (think there are 22 save slots)
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