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"Seriously underrated."

Everyone remembers Final Fantasy I because it's the first Final Fantasy game, they remember all the 3D FFs too because they're new. No one talks about this game, though, I'm pretty sure that more than 95% of Final Fantasy "fans" these days have never played this game.

Gameplay 7/10
Perhaps it's the gameplay that people complain about, they took out the experience point system and put in a different system where you gain stats depending on the actions you do in battle. I would actually say that this system is quite effective and much more realistic than the experience point system. There's no reason you should be gaining intellect from killing a monster with melee.

Story 8/10
The story is good for its time and is much better than other games that cost $10 these days, you start off with 4 orphans fleeing from the wrath of the empire. Although there's not many plot twists and the emotional scenes aren't as emotional as, say, FF6 or so, but it's a game made back in 1988 so you can't expect it to have the best story ever.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics aren't bad for a game back then, and the PSP version improves on the graphics by a bit. There's a few 3D FMV's and other nice improvements for the graphics in this version. Although the graphics aren't the best for PSP, I had never seen myself complaining about them in this game.

Sound 9/10
The music is what you'd hear from a present day Final Fantasy game, the quality is great and the tunes are very nice. I had never seen myself turning down the music from the time I started this game. The sound effects are average, but no one cares about the sound effects in an RPG anyway.

Replay value 7/10
The replay value is fair, you'll be spending a good 30 hours on it plus an optional 10 hour Soul of Rebirth quest, that's not a lot for an RPG these days but that's a ton of playtime back in the NES ages (minus the Soul of Rebirth quest).

Overall 7.8/10
Final Fantasy 2 is the black sheep of the series, it's actually a decent RPG if you're willing to spend the $10 on it. The different level up system is actually much more enjoyable than the standard experience point system. Although FF2 isn't the best of the series, it certainly deserves more respect than it gets.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/03/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy II (US, 07/24/07)

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