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How to I get Sound Test Item #44?

In Stage 7 of The Dracula X Chronicles, Sound Test Item #44 lies behind a series of gates which close too fast for either Richter or Maria to get through in time. This seems like an impossible task to me... How do I get the Sound Test Item?


DocLithius answered:

Despite what a number of people have said, there are actually two ways to get the item!

You have to have rescued Iris, Tera, and Annette as well as at least 30 hearts for this first method to work, but it's by far the easiest of the two methods. Simply play through Stage 7 again, collecting as many hearts as possible, and return to where you rescued Annette. Within that room should be a Stopwatch item. Grab that and head to the area with the Sword Lords and Werejaguars. Up top is the area with the four gates. Use the Stopwatch Item Crash and activate the gate button. Walk through the gates as fast as you can, ignoring the first candle. When you reach the end, the candle there will reveal Sound Test Item #44 to you! You can then push the button in that area and play through the rest of the level if you want to.

The other method is pretty much the exact same idea, but a little harder. You don't have to rescue any of the maidens this time around, but rather you grab the Stopwatch in Stage 5 or Stage 5' and play through the game normally. The difficulty of this task comes from playing through Stage 5 or Stage 5' then fighting six consecutive bosses without dying, but it CAN be done. Using/abusing the Quick Save function when you're really low on health helps.
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