Question from tsinelas07

why cant i play SOTN on my psp?

i just unlocked SOTN from dracula x chronicles, but when i try to play it my psp shuts off.. please help..


hahastupid answered:

If you're playing the game from a "downloaded game" mem. stick and not from the umd then that's one factor. Some games which comes from downloads usually does that (hangs/error/shuts down). That happens when you play the game from a download. Sometimes the game does that, maybe its because the copy of the game you got wasn't a good copy or the downloaded game you got has some errors. But if you're playing it from a umd, then that shouldn't happen......well mine didn't. Try to fine a better copy, all copies aren't the same you know, they come from different sources, so they shouldn't be the same. :D
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