Question from virtualong

How is that i only get 99% out of this game if i have already unlocked everything?

I collected all soundtrack items, unlocked all routes, saved all maidens & still can't get 100% i already have the 50, 51, 52 tracks that supposedly appears when you reach 100% but with only 99%. The weirdest thing is that i had a previous 100% game data that went corrupted and because of that i deleted it, but now that i played it again, this happened! So... What the heck happened?! Is there anything left to do or to find? I certainly don't remember!!


Kwingster answered:

I have something like this with my Rondo of Blood save, and I believe it's because there's a boss you still have to beat. Have you beaten every boss with both players? Did you unlock Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night, and Dracula Peke?
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