Question from Raidenx789

How do i get rondo of blood?

Ive gotten SOTN but i cant find rondo of blood?

Accepted Answer

Vorlanthir answered:

This one's a little tricky and I found it on accident. You're going to need to play Stage 4. go through the level until you get to one of the final areas where you find the platform and spiked ball both attached to a chain. use it to cross over to the wall and destroy the wall next to the ground, you'll find three skull heads piled up on top of each other, it's actually a bomb. hit it and the entire will will collapse. once you do that, just go straight and destroy the three axe armors to be safe (two blue, one gold) then heads back and jump onto the lowering spike trap to get onto the column platforms. jump across them to the end and there you will find Rondo of Blood.

Hope this helps!
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