Question from illegalcheez

Anyway to undo the cheats?

I was wondering is there any way to undo any cheat codes in the game without starting the game over? Per say the godmode cheat code is there any way to undo the cheat. Help would be obliged.

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dante8900 answered:

Just rest the game or go to the main menu and its disabled
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alan311 answered:

No i dont think u can but try re enterying the cheat again maybye that will work.
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Madsoldie44 answered:

just press the home button on your psp and click "YES" then start your game up again and all cheats will be gone.
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JEDI_MASTER_5 answered:

I know all u have to do is type the cheat again I tryed it before it works
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naruto9838 answered:

Maybe you should try to retype the cheats u don't need????
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